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redoing my profile deside to come back i had org close my account been lot going with my mother health. i can do live cam here in chat room to prove iam been real some of you know me allready here as mkm7angelo

try to repost my org profile when i return home in Melbourne Fl then i can put my collar back on as some of you remeber me from my photo with it on

still hoping to Make Real True Friends here with No Games
had lot going on still not at home yet that long story as well

4/5/2024 6:03:30 AM

Love me for who iam not juat Love my photo Becouse

you never know the person  is on other side of internet .Might be Like.

Really wanted a Ds Relatioship Seriosly one since my whole life just about .most dont or can't Accept  me For me haveing small Disability Labale As Special Ed seem it Taboo to Them .

Do live alone now my  small ss Benfits i do get have Rules saying i could never have anyone to live with me permently  other wise i loose my benfits this what ss Worker told me at SS office there diffreant classes and types .This puts another Monkey Works for not fineing a Relatioship .it just Sucks

it ok to Visit or i visit them just cant have anyone to live move in with me .

sure make my chance making any Serios Friends or D/S Relatioship .

Not Here for games just be honest and Serios Please with me

am Willing to Seriosly wear Real Chastity or Something els and more if you see fit for me to wear .of course this between you and me one on one of your Personal choosing

Earning your Collar

Maybe you Work Something out with me and show some understaning and compassion what i been going though

chastity device Not a Toy to me it Serios Thing to wear only for someone special

am Rea can do Live web cam in chat room in collarspace

befor we move on to someplace Private get to know each other more better . leave up to you conect me if your Intrested if Not thank you for Reading

am at at Lost for   now not sure what els to say

please Take my Friends thank you


2/29/2024 6:23:55 AM

on a sad note update

thank some of you on my Mother Passing on feb 27 2024

been long procees since aug 2023 with breast removel

and jan 23 2024 haveing long cancer

Will have  wait on re updating my profile

thank you again for Real people reaching out understanding of me and not turn me away for being lable as specail ed Disable

being alone and lonely in house going be big chllange for me

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 Age: 21
 Highland, United Kingdom