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Please note if you cant comprehend that in this day and age a proper introductory meet n greet is required dont bother messaging me. I will not be going to someones home as our first meeting. Not an option. I am strong on in person vibes and need to meet casually to get a feel and sense of who I may or may not be dealing with. Non-negotiable

Ebony Goddess looking for a boy to control! Im experienced and enjoy Total Power Exchange. I am demanding, love to be spoiled and pampered and have no problem reminding you whos the Ebony Queen you serve. I am NOT looking for a boyfriend in the vanilla sense here. We will not be dating in the traditional sense so when I mention what I enjoy outside of BDSM it would still be in the D/s mindset. Ultimately want a cuckold.

Some of my likes include


Golden Showers

Puppy Play

Corporal Punishment

And much more.....

I do enjoy your non bdsm activities like fine dining, dancing, travel, concerts, movies, cooking, reading,plays etc...

I desire a slave who can hold a conversation over drinks other than just BDSM topics.

Please refrain from messaging me about sex. It's a HUGE turn-off for that to be the initial message offering oral or to be a sex slave. I was being polite even responding with a not interested however moving forward, respectfully I'm just deleting

I think I need a quick getaway 

Birthday is June 3 and still no slave.

It has been a trying few months. I'm thinking I need to give CS a break and see what other places and sites have to offer.

Your profile is like a resume you should really take advantage of it and actually put something there. I go to profiles often and when I don't see anything I just move on. Then when I am messaged by someone and go to their profile and again nothing there it's a turn off to me for some reason. Like you couldn't take the time to write a quick summary about yourself 

I am not even sure how I have now entered 2024 w/ no slaves smh

Making me rethink giving a second chance to one or two ....but not quite there yet. 

Listen if you're looking for a Domme to be lovey dovey with you and then add in bdsm as a kink I'm not her. If you want children with your Domme still not her. If all you can offer is being an oral service slave yeah definitely not her that absolutely adds no value to my everyday life and not really beneficial as that can easily be had in a vanilla relationship.

A lot of you are using this site to fulfill your loneliness and date please note they actually have sites for those just wanting the occasional bdsm play time.

If you are overseas please just pass my profile by. I'm not interested in penpals and endless messaging on here. I demand real time. Cyber play does nothing for me so no I will not cam 2 cam with you. I understand video chatting in the process of getting to know each other but that's not the relationship I will consider.

I'm convinced there is someone for everyone here provided you put in effort, are honest, and just be transparent about the kind of D/s life you want to live.

I want to end the year off strong and with those who are truly intentional.

So if we've chatted but you've been an off again on again message flake more than likely going to just block you. I don't have time for those who practice disappearing acts then try and pop back up like "Whats new?" Clearly you're not serious and I don't have time to waste.

I dont mind messaging off here however I'm not exchanging numbers immediately. Kik or Skype are preferred. You'd think for some of you geniuses you'd want that too as those are easier to do video calls on as well.....


Options are getting worse with each message I receive here lately lol

I'm starting to see why colleges and universities charge an application fee lmao Need some kind of system to weed out the time wasters. Like a SubFax aka CarFax for you all 

Just an FYI making an assumption based off past experiences is a MAJOR turn off like instant.

Also, a lot of you are concerned that Dommes want you for money you don't have. Simmer down about that.

Think I need to find other sites to try slim pickings here


If I ask you "How do you present yourself on your initial meeting with a Domme.? It's not a rocket science question. If you need amity just ask but don't just start assuming. Just went through this with a so called sub who clearly has very literal experience in communication when trying to see who they are. I expect any potential meets to seriously want to impress me first "date" Be well groomed, take pride in how you present yourself. Remember you never get a second chance to make a first impression. No, I'm not talking designer or flashy wear but look like you care (which you should already). I've met some potentials who literally show up looking like they rolled out of bed so I tend to compare it to a first date like is this how you would come? This is your representation of yourself? That only means we would not be a match. You should also have some conversation topics remember it's basically a meet and greet so show your intelligence and personality off a little it's your true time to shine.


So yes, present yourself well.



Thinking what should do for my upcoming Birthday. Last year didn't go as planned.


With that being said I'll be in the Norwalk, CT area June 5-9 might be interested in meeting a submissive during that time who is in area. Hopefully one that can also travel to ATL area sometime see what we can build.

Finally got my KIK messenger app to start working again. Probably the best way to communicate or at least my initial fav then Skype.


Been a pretty hectic week and of course you so called potential slaves didn't make it any better. I didn't realize how needy some of you are even in the just beginning "chatting, getting to know you phase." I have to see true value to become so invested into one person. It's almost like an interview process and there are several applicants so remember that too.

I get it you all can clean and some can cook. Outside of these basic bare minimum things what do you have to offer a Domme? How would a Domme benefit from having you in her life? 

What skills do you have? 

Some of you neglect to remember that we still have lives outside of all of this and may need assistance in those areas so brag a little if you're good at working on cars, maybe research work, technical things like building a website, or creative services like writing or graphic design. Fully share just who you are and all areas you're good at ...stand out from the norm of cleaning 

I've been messaged by a lot of potential submissives and slaves out of state. I can be open to that kind of relationship ...Long Distance within reason.

First within your message I want some details on how you have served in that capacity before. Being that I would look at that as temporary at some point relocation would be expected. Have you considered what that would look like? 

For the time being if we entered into a long distance relationship what are some of your skills? Like research...editing i.e proofreading, proposal writing etc I need to know what value a potential would have for me doing some tasks virtually.

Why is communication so hard? I have many talents mind reading isn't one of them so when I ask questions for clarity it is to get a communication style going. Seems like people are begging to find their match but can't do the simplest things to maintain one..


This search is becoming exhausting 

In need of loyal and obedient slaves

In ATL all weekend available for some fun sessions Sunday
FYI I am usually on my mobile device so I will not accept chat requests
So finally on Skype. Now I may allow some of you to chat with me and if you're real good maybe a video chat 😎
Wow you so called slaves have a lot to learn. Just because you claim to be a slave doesn't mean you are the slave EVERY mistress would desire to own.
Ask me about how you can get access to some pretty hot pics and items from yours truly 😎🖤
And so it begins. Just had to block an anxious loser on my phone. Sometimes I really regret even allowing such cocksuckers in my space
Looking for slaves who are available to travel and meet my needs to have fun. Currently working from a different location about 4 hours from Atlanta in MS. Birmingham and Memphis are close to me as well. My whips need to get put to good use