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When messaging me, for the first time, please make sure you tell me where you are located. If your profile says Grand Rapids or Detroit, or you are from Grand Rapids or Detroit, don't even bother talking to me. Do not address me as Mistress, Goddess, or anything else other than Miss or CC without permission, those are reserved for my subs only. Distance willing to travel: No farther than 30 to 45 minutes from Coloma, Michigan. I have a bad car and I refuse to go further. Deal Breaker: No facial hair nor hair in private area. Must be clean shaven. I am not interested in couples or married men. I am not interested in threesomes. I am not interested in penetrating sex of any kind. I am not a switch. I am not a submissive. DO NOT ASK. Must be older than 30. Must be younger than 40. I am not interested in anyone older than 45, if you are older, don't even bother to contact me. Yuck!! If you send me a friend request and we have never spoken before, and you have never asked for permission to send a request, expect me to either block you or message you with my "Learn how to read jerk." response. Do not message me if: All you can say is hi or hello. You are telling me what you want to do to me. You are from Grand Rapids. You are from Detroit. You are married. You are part of a couple/partnership. Please: Tell me about you. Tell me your interests. Tell me your likes or dislikes. Put something meaningful in your message. Ask me questions. The following Fetishes are what I'm into, curious about or are hard limits (where I draw the line.): ***Into:*** ball gags, bare bottom spanking, bare handed spanking, bdsm, begging, blindfolds, bondage, breath play, butt plugs, caging/confinement, chains, chastity, chastity devices, choking play, clamps and clips, cocksucking (watching), collar and lead/leash, corsets, cosplay, cuddling, D/s, dildos, discipline, edge play, face fucking, face sitting/smothering, flirting, gags, hairbrush spanking, handcuffs, kissing, leather, male submission, masks, massages, Mistress/slave, neck kissing/touching, oral sex (receiving), orgasm control and denial, pegging (giving), pet play, pussy worship (receiving), restraints, role play, rope bondage, sensory deprivation, service-oriented submission, snuggling, spanking, strap-ons, submission, teasing, toys, vibrators, whips. ***For sissies only***: cross-dressing, sissification ***Curious about:*** belt spanking, obedience training, posture collars, remote-control devices, saran wrap, spreader bars, squirting, the no panties rule, urethral sounds, electro play, impact play ***Hard limits:*** age play, enemas, sex (penetration of any kind on self), threesomes, ass worship, toilet play of any kind, Married Men == Results from Updated 7/28/2022== 100% Dominant 97% Owner 96% Master/Mistress 92% Rigger 87% Brat tamer 83% Sadist 50% Degrader 48% Experimentalist 47% Voyeur 43% Vanilla 35% Non-monogamist 11% Primal (Hunter) 7% Exhibitionist 0% Ageplayer 0% Daddy/Mommy 0% Switch

5/30/2023 4:59:22 AM

Let me be more specific. I want a sub who lives within 30-45 minutes from me. This sub will be my fuck toy, my pain slut, my rope bunny. It will get ass fucked, throat fucked, and I will be doing CBT on it.

5/29/2023 2:09:12 PM




5/27/2023 8:28:35 PM


5/25/2023 3:40:08 PM

I wish this site would update peoples ages.

5/24/2023 1:10:11 AM

One word? Seriously? If there is nothing meaningful in your message to me, then don't ever expect an answer back. I don't reply to one word messages. It's A total waste of my time.

5/23/2023 2:36:07 PM

I don't have any of those chat apps.

5/16/2023 6:20:33 PM

Sometimes I wish I had someone to call my own.

5/16/2023 5:19:30 PM

Why do people not bother to read a damn profile? I mean, hell. It specifically says to say more than hi. And it says to tell me about yourself. Yet someone just sent me a message that said only "Hi" WTF learn how to fucking read bitch.

5/15/2023 12:05:21 AM

I need something real, something I can touch. *Sigh* Oh the pains of not having anyone to take my frustration out on...

5/12/2023 9:53:45 PM

Things are hard right now. I feel so alone, so unloved. I need a forever sub.

5/7/2023 1:36:44 AM

I need a play thing. A toy. A dolly.

5/4/2023 4:58:16 AM

I hate when people don't actually read your profile. I have things on there for a reason. 

Yes, I am a Mistress, BUT I am NOT your Mistress. Do NOT address me as such without my permission. Miss or CC is fine, just don't call me Mistress. I will block you the moment you do.

I am NOT interested in a long distance relationship. I don't want an online relationship. I have NO interest I speaking to people from other states. Just leave me alone.

5/3/2023 4:34:50 AM

@submaleMI smile, could be worse. 


Princesscrystal319 pound 3058

5/2/2023 8:28:59 PM

@submaleMI I added a picture to my profile, stupid thing is recertifing my profile.

5/2/2023 7:47:00 PM

Add a picture, account on hold. Shit

5/2/2023 11:02:15 AM

I don't know how many times I've had to say it. I'm not interested in online, I'm not interested in long distance. I need someone close to me, I need to physically be able to touch them.

4/30/2023 4:12:18 PM

I'M NOT INTERESTED IN ANY PERSON FROM OHIO. I've been hurt to much to go there.

4/30/2023 11:05:45 AM

I wish, with all of my heart, that people would learn how to read and accept MY preference rather that degrade me for them.

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