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Pan Transgender Slave, 32,  San Diego, California
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makeMEurSHEMALE - photo 2

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I long to be the ultimate shemale fuck toy. Every part of my personality dismantled and every physical attribute rebuilt by someone who wants me as a lusty shemale fuck pet with an oversized, non-functional clitty that hangs lifeless and flops about as I am fucked and used mercilessly.

Steal me from my life as it is now, and don't allow me to ever look back. Force me on hormones, remove every hair from my body, and tattoo permanent makeup on me so that I may not leave. I need to feel forced and helpless even if you have my consent.

I want to live in solitude for you, away from the world save for you, my owner(s), and the select few people you choose to share me with and give access to me. Off of the map completely, living nameless and never having an identity outside of that which you give me. Forever.

From there, the possibilities are limitless. Hormones, piercings, tattoos (feminine and girly or vulgar and graphic), castration, permanent chastity, heels 24/7, cages, breast implants, nipple enlargements, serving as a full toilet (ws and scat), dilation of my shemale pussy (permanent dilation even?), gangbangs, and permanent, life-changing alterations and modifications for your pleasure and to mold me as your perfect shemale companion / slave / fuck toy / trophy / piece of meat.

I am open to anything and everything. Nothing is off limits.

Contact me if you're serious and interested. I want to disappear.













 Transgender Slave

 San Diego 


 Willing to Relocate

 6' 0"

 190 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Transgender

Dominant Female

Dominant Male

Domme/Dom Couples

Female Led Couples

Male Dom Couples

A Poly Household

 Lives For:







 G-spot Stimulation

 Rear End Play

 Erotic touch

 Foot Worship



 Rubber Fetish






 Body Worship

 Breast Play

 Canes and Crops


 Genital Punishment


 Hair Pulling



 Mental Bondage

 Obedience Training

 Orgasm Control

 Maid / Butler Service

 Oral Service

 Outdoor Bondage

 Plastic Wrap Bondage

 Sensory Play



 Vacuum Stimulation

 Wax Play


 Female Sovereignty

 Lifestyle BDSM





 Sensation Play





 Curious About:

 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Local BDSM Community

 Erotic Hypnosis

 Gas Masks

 Medical fetish play

 Clothing Selection

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Public Play

 Role Playing




 Electrical Play

 Modern Primitivism

 Suspension Bondage


 Fire Play


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Journal Entries:
11/26/2017 3:58:20 AM
Havent posted in a while. I stopped looking for a long time and started to accept that what I want might not be attainable. I don't have much money or any assets and am not on hormones. I'm a 30-something sissy who longs to be deeply and permanently feminized and used for the deepest, dirtiest, most taboo kink there is. No limits, no taboos, just deep immersion into a fucked up world of kink and transformation. I wish I knew what to offer anyone.

12/14/2013 6:43:34 AM
Still seeking that permanent home full of humiliation and life-altering changes.

2/24/2013 3:48:51 AM
Anyone actually willing to remove me from my current life to become a feminized shemale fuck toy? I will do anything to become one.

2/7/2013 4:32:47 AM

I'm more than willing to become a BBW shemale slut with giant udders if it makes finding a permanent owner any easier. Turn me into a big gurl trap. Just know that I want to be transformed more than anything in my life and I am willing to give up everything to become a tranny slave.

8/18/2012 5:44:17 AM
With every passing day, I am less the person I was before, and more a desperate and broken soul that needs to be permanently feminized and controlled. Someone please take me from this life. Turn me into an ultra feminine shemale slave. I will do anything now. Zero limits or inhibitions. Please.

6/27/2012 5:29:06 AM
Absolutely anyone who offers to feminize me and has the ability to do so can have me. I am desperate to become a feminized shemale fuck toy. The urges are uncontrollable now and my daily life suffers because of it.

1/3/2012 4:26:46 AM

It's now 2012. I will do absolutely anything to become a cute shemale or trap this year. Anything. Help me become who I was meant to be. A forever enslaved shemale toy.

12/1/2011 5:50:14 PM
Was just told by someone that my rejection of their smoking fetish, in which they would be forcing me to smoke cigarettes, that I was topping from the bottom and that it was unacceptable. Future reference: drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol are not fetishes and they are among my only limits. That shouldn't really be an issue.

11/7/2011 6:54:10 AM

From this point forward, messages from anyone under the age of 32 are sent to bulk. You generally are not serious and cannot provide the lifestyle and permanence that I need in what I am seeking. Also, if you cannot read, we will never meet.

10/19/2011 7:08:07 AM
I want nothing more in life than to be transformed into a trashy shemale fuck doll. Tattoos, piercings, wrecked holes, and zero limits. Is that really so bad?

7/22/2011 2:24:50 AM

Being whored out as a tranny escort or simply offered up for free to men in any scenario would be pure bliss. Would love to be taken in and forced to be a shemale escort. I don't care where the money goes! Just need to be forced to become a shemale slut!

1/21/2011 5:25:15 PM

Added a picture of my freshly shaved legs in fishnets to my profile. It's now the last photo. :)

1/8/2011 4:08:26 AM

I spend more time thinking about being a shemale and watching shemale videos, and obsessing over being transformed into one than I do living my normal life. I feel you should all know that.

10/29/2010 5:50:47 AM

For everyone who is interested, the last picture on my profile is a picture of me 10 months ago dressed in what little femme clothing I have. Sorry, it doesn't have more than a slight glimpse of my face. Yes, it's really me. I just don't want to show my face on my profile.

10/26/2010 6:37:43 AM

100% serious and willing to become your live-in shemale slut as soon as possible. Let's make this happen so I can forget about normal life forever!

9/20/2010 4:55:44 AM
Please actually read my profile and be sure that we're looking for the same things before messaging me. If you message me and ask a question I've answered in my profile, I'm simply not going to reply.

9/13/2010 3:33:15 AM
A domme mentioned that not all of my photos were showing. I've fixed that now! I want to become this for myself and for whoever my new owner(s) will be! Please help me! I am extremely serious!

9/12/2010 6:11:46 AM
For those who are inquiring: I have no problems with the law, have no drug addictions, and zero alcohol issues. I am not running from anything but normal life. I am not meant for a normal life.

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