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What more is there in life than pleasure.

Your tight bondage and fighting against your bonds in my pleasure. Your pleasure is being there for my enjoyment and the infinite amounts of pleasure you can generate. My desire is to guide you into the infinate pleasures you can obtain while giving pleasure. Remember, what you give sometimes you get back ten fold. I'm open to a cup of coffee and a meet. I'm not much for munches as I am more of a one on one person. You never know what you or I will find I'm interested in women only! Sorry, my gaite only goes one way.

I look at profiles because if I just browse, I see all the HTML code in the profile so I click and read. (Interesting concept I know).

If you are only into sex, GO AWAY!. If you send me messages about some sex site, ILL BLOCK YOU IMMEDIATELY. If youre serious, please continue

7/27/2023 12:14:47 PM

It took me a long time to determine that things haven't changed, they're just different.  The losses we incurr are part of life but life goes on regardless. 


It seems as though, even with the prolonged vacation from the lifestyle, it's time to get back into things once again.  There's been some repair work from illness and the baggage is hopefully packed up and put away.  It's time to start all over again.  Things won't be the way they were, there's going to be different and hopefully an enjoyable journey

3/29/2022 3:59:04 PM

Play parties bore me as I am a one on one person.  I'm still working out things but am open to good conversation or kinky conversation. (grin).  Tell me what you're looking for and maybe .....

12/29/2021 10:30:42 PM

I like a little dinge.  Not looking for perfect, just looking beyond the stereotype of what some think the lifestyle is all about.  I told somebody recently that I'm "old school" and got silence.  There is much more than just one specific thing like sex, bondage, etc.  It's the dance that makes the lifestyle something special.  If you know what I'm talking about, then let's talk.  What do you have to lose?

12/11/2021 1:53:26 PM

Damn collarspace took down all my art and pics.  Oh well, if you want to know what I look like, just ask.  Begging gets faster results though (lol)

12/10/2021 1:01:31 PM

I guess now is the time to keep moving forward.  It's been awhile being alone and sometimes I like it but other times I want to hear the muffled screams and the music of a chained submissive next to me.  I love watching the shiver as my finger follows her spine knowing she's there for the taking.  Sometimes, it's not the end, it's the long journey of "uncomfortable."

4/14/2017 4:27:44 PM
After some repair work... everything is back to normal.  The more I hear ... the louder I laugh.
3/17/2017 10:53:18 AM
There is a big difference between words... and actions.  Some people live by their word and some use them as a punchline.  Some even sleep through everything without a care in the world.  Some break rules, some live by rules.  Some are honest and some who make accusations.  There are some that are genuinely interested in another's well being.  And there are others who only care about themselves.  Of course there are also some out there that think nothing is their fault.  Those are the ones that live in delusion. 
3/16/2017 11:36:03 AM
There have been quite a few asking me about certain things that happened in the past few months.  Those that know me know that I stay silent and let everyone outside my circle talk.
3/11/2017 3:24:48 PM
I want it to be fun again.  Hasn't been fun in a long time and I miss that
12/3/2016 1:41:10 PM
I have this sudden urge to negotiate.  I do love a spirited negotiation :)
11/28/2016 1:54:45 AM
I do love the handles that start with txt (then the phone number).  Today alone, I could have had four, yes four brand new slaves for the bargain price of $250.00 each.  All I had to do was to Western Union or Money Gram the money to various <cough> slaves around the country and they would come to me.

When I said I wanted an "iron clad contract", they just repeated where to send the money.  This site is becoming a joke.  Some of the stories I've heard make me shake my head and for a cool grand, I could have had a harem.

Position available... inquire within.
11/25/2016 12:05:52 AM
Is there one person out there with about 100 profiles?  This is about the 7th time I've gotten this.

Hello How are you?I'm Janet by name,just 32 years of age,i live here in California,in my Dom owner dungeon where i do get all my training from,I'm a full time submissive girl that serve masters both sexually and domestically in masters home,i do have high sex drive ,what about you? i will love to meet my kind of honest person on here .i need a very good and caring master that we will both be happy together,i offer both long and short term services. i love to please my master.Looking to give full and total control..You want us to take this further?

There are many fakes out there that make it difficult for those who are genuine.  So yes ladies, the fakes are on both sides of the coin.
11/21/2016 9:30:13 PM
Walking out from dinner tonight, I saw a Master working with his slave.  She stopped, her eyes cast downward with a small smile on her face.  I sat at a slot machine to watch them for a couple of minutes thinking about what was a long time ago. 

Everyone around them went about their business, pretty much oblivious to what they were doing but I did enjoy the show :)
11/20/2016 2:35:34 PM
It's amazing that people out there can't figure out how to read.  I think I have a pretty firm grasp on the English language but still, many insist on blanket messaging.  The block list keeps growing....
10/26/2016 5:44:31 PM
My quite a few out there that failed at reading.  I guess I should have put in "cut and paste" crap too but I had more faith in the intelligence of some here.
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