Ok here's the dilemma.  I don't need harsh words of judgement. I'm going to just put this out there and see what happens.
 I've always been a dominate person. I'm not loud , mean , outspoken ( ok well sometime :)) person.
 I know a lot about several subjects, whats important and going on in this day and age.
 My dilemma is I'm struggling with low self esteem. It wasn't always this way. When I was younger I had a much thinner body and life was grand.
 I had a certain surgery and started gaining quite a bit of weight. I'm now 250, have been for years, and am 5 foot tall.
 Like I said I don't need someone to tell me, oh don't worry about your weight. Many men love bbw. It's really not about that. It's about Me and how I feel about Myself.
 Ok here's the bottom line. I'm looking for someone that has an open mind and heart to help Me out with a certain surgery to change things. I never in My wildest dreams thought I'd be putting this out there. I'm not a money Domme, please don't mistake Me for that. I've been on My own since I was 17 and put Myself through college. Worked all My life and am a very hard worker. I take care of Myself and have helped out many people in My life.
 Long and short of it. I'd love to find someone that would get to know Me on a personal level and see where it will go...
 Age: 29
 Lone Tree, Colorado