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Meet....Madame Roxxie...but you can call her Lady R, or Lady Roxx

subs.....come and kneel before her.

She's a no drama, well balanced...super bad.. physically strong.... dominant curvaceous bbw with a sultry...erotic side. The caribbean breeze of fresh air with full energy and positive vibes that many seek and crave after a long hectic vanilla day. Let her revive you.

A playful....seductive...caring...compassionate Domme that loves delivering seductive dominance....while teasing and denying you all at the same time. You will be put on a wild roller coaster ride for her enjoyment. Having you crawl around on all fours by the side of this gorgeous, thick, amazonian ebony goddess is def her idea of entertainment.

She does not smoke and prefers to be in the company of someone who doesn't. She will occasionally enjoy her wines, champagnes, or creamy liquor for her sweet palate. She seeks true genuine servitude and devotion from someone who enjoys the pleasure of being submissive while catering to her needs. One who will add joy and value to her hectic life and make her happy. He knows his place and practices chivalry without question. His core values and lifestyle align well with hers. In return... her attention and direction. She's not here for games or having her time wasted by those who are comitted to sending repetitive pointless and endless messages. She enjoys going out with subs who are independent in their vanilla lives, self sufficient and in general supportive to his Domme such as making sure her appearances and maintainance is in check, making sure she looks, feels good for events and in public. They must possess the traits and qualities of a high value man and share knowledge to their domme that would help to and benefit her life.. enrich her life, fulfill her life. After all, intellect is sexy and those who poseess this attribute is highly preferred.

She enjoys attending munches... meeting new people from different backgrounds in new places. Her careers allows for travel and is ALWAYS spotted in the Northeast areas such as Long Island, NJ, CT, Rhode Island etc.

Although you may reference your past experiences with other Dommes, please note that all are unique in their own way. Your experiences together should be enjoyable....not miserable. What she likes and enjoys must equal to the type of service you are willing to offer and that's final. She is always learning new concepts, skills, and ideas and ways to improve her structure to be a better Domme.

She's looking to invest her time and attention into someone who truly wants to get to know her and can get to the point knowing exactly what they want. Think carefully about what you wish to send. A proper greeting with a profile with pics will grab her attention indefinitely.

Serious inquiries only.