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ok, i have been gone from here for some time, but i am still looking, i want to give who i am to someone who will realize what i am is great, i have lived, i love who and what i am, maybe there is someone here who will understand that, i am also seeking a long term relationship, someone who can and will take care of me an update, smiling, i do still hope to find a true, real time D/s relationship, but i will not do this with a married man \ they cannot give me all i would need, including realtime, and they cannot lie to their wives and yet demand trust from me, it is a contradiction,

ok, so now a new beginning, i will not waste my time and energy on one who is not worth my love, i am excited to begin a new journey, blessed be to A/all

lol, ok, the juvenile delequent is still deleting me, so once again i am recreating my account, i will put more information here soon, blessed be, mLady

i think the problem with my account is resolved as i have not had any problems recently, smiling,

i am still working my way around the united states, i love this country, amazing people, places and food, lol, so unique everywhere i go, please read my journal i keep updates there as to where i am and what is happening, smiling, blessed be to A/all, mLady

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6/9/2009 12:38:23 PM
hello, i found a trainer, i am learning how to exercise properly, smiling, 

5/19/2009 8:55:51 PM
hello, i am seeking a Dom who knows anything about being a personal trainer, i need one, lol, please contact me if you can help, thank you, blessed be

5/4/2009 8:34:20 AM
sigh, life is wonderful, i have a beautiful new granddaughter, lol, blessed be to all

4/6/2009 5:44:42 AM
a few months again since i wrote here, lol, had to go see my girls, they miss their momme, smiling, have to more grandchildren on the way, i am so excited, lol, this will be a very busy year for me, blessed be to all 

2/13/2009 9:35:40 PM
a wonderful friday the 13th, smiling, a lucky day for me, and for many i hope, blessed be

2/7/2009 5:40:50 AM
hello to all, i have decided to put some of my wiccan education to work for me, smiling, i have been creating lotions, oils, bath salts, for some friends, to enhance, to sooth, to heal, lol, especially for some aftercare, let me know if you need anything, blessed be

1/19/2009 3:05:04 PM
ok, so he is a wonderful man, but it does not look like it will work for us, dang, lol, very sad,

blessed be to everyone

1/18/2009 6:33:04 PM
a beautiful day, smiling, i agreed to meet with a Dom today, for lunch, it turned out to be a wonderful afternoon, i like him, not sure yet where this will go, but i think it is worth a try, good night all, blessed be

12/31/2008 5:48:34 PM
hello , just wanted to put a quick note here to say goodbye to the old year and welcome to the new, happy new year to everyone, lol, blessed be

12/24/2008 8:41:44 PM

happy holidays to all, hugs, blessed be

11/26/2008 5:48:18 AM
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, lol, blessed be

11/13/2008 1:58:28 PM
life is so good, just got my new furniture, ummm, i love it, lol,

blessed be

9/21/2008 5:44:44 PM
hello, i am not just here to find a playmate, but to find a D/s relationship, if you are married, please do not contact me for any thing more than friends, i will not play with you, ever.

thank you, blessed be,

9/15/2008 7:40:20 PM
i loved san antonio, wonderful place , the river walk is amazing, beautiful, the alamo is educational, and holds its own beauty, i had fun, blessed be

9/10/2008 12:51:53 PM
ok, i am finally going to get to san antonio to see the alamo, lol, i cannot wait, will be there the 11th thru the 13th, blessed be

9/3/2008 6:22:04 PM
hello, so i went to mississippi, saw some friends, visited the hospital in mendenhal and then jackson, lol, not because i wished to, lol, i am better now, less a gall bladder, healing, hugs, not sure i will go back to mississippi, lol, blessed be , mLady

8/17/2008 8:46:47 PM
thinking i will make dallas my home, i love it here still, smiling,

going to a gathering in mississippi, very excited to see some good friends and learn more about the lifestyle,

blessed be to A/all, mLady

7/9/2008 7:48:22 AM
hello again, i am in dallas still, have not yet met the One, still searching, but have pretty much given up hope, so i look for friends now, i still love dallas, and so far have been here longer than i have anywhere in the last year, blessed be, mLady

5/1/2008 10:00:05 AM
ok, someone hacked into my yahoo account and changed the password on me, so i no longer have access to mladydraconas, at least not right now, i created a new account and you can message me here if you would like my new yahoo im , blessed be

4/22/2008 9:49:39 AM
i had a wonderful weekend in AR, meet some of the best people, smiling, so a big thank you to Master Horseman, Master Darkside, little mekka and Slam, blessed be, mLady

4/1/2008 2:07:16 AM
smiling, in texas, safe, thank you to A/all those who have worried or helped, blessed be, 

3/20/2008 6:36:25 AM
dallas is wonderful, everyone i meet is so nice, welcoming, i love it, a new beginning, smiling, blessed be to A/all, mLady

3/13/2008 12:29:35 PM
i do not hurt any longer, now i am just mad, i gave everything, he chose to throw it away, his loss,
i am moving on, maybe texas, i still have not been there except to drive through, i can get lost there, lol, for a time, blessed be, mLady

2/22/2008 7:52:22 AM
my heart hurts, i do not want another Dom right now, please understand, i want friends, i want to stop crying, blessed be, mLady

2/21/2008 4:21:52 AM
He has changed his mind, He no longer wants me, i am not sure yet where i am going. blessed be, mLady

1/2/2008 11:22:55 AM
Happy New Year to A/all, blessed be, mLady

12/24/2007 5:08:08 AM
i had a wonderful yule and now it is christmas eve, merry christmas to A/all, blessed be,  mLady

12/17/2007 5:02:12 PM
hello to A/all, well  i have met someone, someone i feel safe with, someone who i believe can teach me or help me with all i wish to know, (providing i do not drive him insane first, lol) -- he is amazing to me and offers me so much, i have only myself to give in return , i hope it is enough, wish me luck, blessed be, mLady

12/13/2007 10:21:21 AM
i just realized i had not posted here yet where i am now, i am in kansas, lol, it is a pretty state with wonderful people, i was here once before but north, now i am in southern kansas, we have been having ice storms instead of the snow i wished for, lol, maybe i concentrated too much on the cold, lol, blessed be to A/all, mLady

12/10/2007 8:53:16 PM
ok, back, i thought to quit here and give up, but a friend talked me into staying and keeping my search going, in kansas now, lol, loving the ice storms, lol, blessed be to A/all, mLady

11/5/2007 11:37:56 AM
wonderful morning, lol, hunting was good, i finally saw real live alligators!!!!!! amazing creatures, have a blessed day to A/all, mLady

11/3/2007 9:14:38 AM
ok, i search, i chat, with more than one, so that i can find the right one for me, why is this wrong?, if i only talk to one at a time , i may never find the right one, how do i know by just a few conversations, if i am talking with one and i feel a connection, do i end all other conversations? before i know if it will work with the one to whom i feel a connection? or do i be polite and put the others on hold until i know? so many make offers or ask me to come visit, to meet, not to play, but to meet, i do not see this as wrong. i do not go to them all, i do not play with all the ones i do meet, 5, i have learned from 5 , why is this wrong?

10/20/2007 6:01:29 AM
hello, i have another job, tending bar, so now i will be working in new orleans only one or two days a week, thinking to stay here until after mardi gras, per request from my daughters, lol, they want to come visit here, smiling, but i do not know and they understand, however it would be fun to work mardi gras, then i can say i have, lol, blessed be to A/all, mLady

10/10/2007 6:04:18 PM
hello, i went to lafayette today, beautiful town, so much history, i learned many things today, it was fun, and the food!!!!!!!! lol, soooo good, lol - so now i have explored new orleans, baton rouge and lafayette and a few small towns here as well, i love louisiana, i will be sad to leave, i think texas is next, a lot to explore in texas, lol, blessed be, mLady

9/30/2007 7:47:44 PM
i love my job, lol, it is like going to a party not to work, meeting the people from all over, singing, dancing, lol, the only problem is i cannot leave when i want, lol, i love new orleans, blessed be, mLady

9/27/2007 10:40:02 AM
hello, i got a job on bourbon street, lol, my first day out, wonderful, it is very fun. blessed be, mLady

9/19/2007 8:41:21 AM
ok, new orleans is wonderful!!!! - lol, i had the best time, the building, the history, the food, the people!!!!! - lol, i love it, all of it, blessed be, mLady

9/18/2007 6:36:49 AM
i forget that all my notes are gone, lol.... i am from montana, it is my home, but i have been traveling , working my way around the united states since march , so i am not in montana at the moment , but currently in baton rouge now , it is wonderful here.  i am off to explore new orleans today, smiling, i am very excited, so much history here. blessed be to A/all, mLady

9/16/2007 1:14:13 PM
ok, not deleted yet, lol.
so now i need to restate some things, i do smoke, i will not be with a married man ( i have never married, i believe in the marriage vows and i will not help someone break theirs and betray their wife ), i have very little experience here and very few limits as of now, however, lol, i want to be able to set some as i learn. blessed be, mLady

9/15/2007 9:32:00 PM
-- smiling, ok, once again, lol --
i am near baton rouge now, it is so nice here, i love it and i cannot wait to see new orleans, blessed be to A/all, mLady

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