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im an intelligent successful male who believes very strongly in Female Supremacy. Women are m
Bisexual Male Slave, 40,  Elkhart, Indiana
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im an intelligent successful male who believes very strongly in Female Supremacy. Women are more beautiful, powerful, intelligent beings than men will ever be, and the world would be (and soon will be...) much better off in their able hands.

im looking for a dominant Female partner who feels the same way. Someone who knows its my place to serve my Betters. ive come to the realization that i can only be happy in life when serving or worshipping another when my body and my thoughts are owned by Her, and when my sole reason for being alive is to please Her.

My greatest fantasy in life is to become a completely obedient slave husband to a Female Supremacist Woman, who wants to live life Her way and expects men to cater to Her every wish.

i hope to find someone who knows Shes above me and has every right to claim and own me as property, with no rights and no escape. To belong to Her in every way possible, so that She can do what She wants with me. So that i can trust all the decisions to Her as all the unimportant things in my life fall away and i can focus only on serving my Better.Sincerely Yours,a slave

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Journal Entries:
5/25/2017 5:00:43 PM
This is not a fetish for me.  i'm looking for a Dominant Woman to whom this is a way of life, not just a temporary kink.  i'm sincere and looking for someone i can look up to and please, putting Her well-being above my own.

10/7/2015 6:42:03 PM
i promise to answer all emails from Females, always.

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