Vertical Line


I do hate writing a profile. Trying to be creatively interesting while not sounding conceited can be a difficult task. No matter how much time or effort I put into one, it always seems as though I AM a conceited ass just sounding my own horn. So I will give it my best go, and let responses be the judge.

I have been involved in the lifestyle for some 30 odd years, and I do believe I have a fair grasp the mechanics. I was trained by an old school Ms couple, so my system of beliefs run to that vein. That education was quite intense and lasted just over 2 years, so if you decide to drop me a line, you have an idea of where I am with protocol. Now thats not saying I have not evolved and grown within my experiences. I certainly do not expect honorifics as I believe those need be earned, but I do expect respect. That, is just good manners. Being polite never hurts!

Who is it I am seeking? Now that is quite the question indeed! I love Sins of the flesh...those quiet, deviant perversions lurking just beneath the surface of our conscious minds we so desperately try to hide from the normal, vanilla world. Then when we are alone, we allow them to surface and take hold, driving our existence into the depths of the depravity we so cherish. Well, I guess that last is quite a subjective statement. One mans depravity is anothers, well, vanilla really.

I wont delve into the likes and dislikes, you can always scroll down to view those. I believe in honesty, communication, respect. These are the cornerstones of any relationship, Ds or otherwise. I believe in no judgments. People are who they are for a reason, and it is not my place to judge them on their beliefs, kinks, orientation or gender identity.

In a perfect world I am looking for friends first and foremost. However, should the right girl come across my path, a long term relationship isnt out of the question. She would be someone who delights in the edgier, seedier side of life as I can at times be quite sadistic, both physically and sexually. She is ideally a submissive with slave tendencies, exceedingly nonjudgmental and between 40 and 60. If you are under 40, you had better be something incredibly special indeed and be able to pique my interest immediately. If you are out of state it probably wont work for a relationship, but everything is open for negotiation.

I believe those to be the basics, or at least enough to begin a conversation. I am not looking for a long term relationship right off the bat, but should it evolve...well, never say never. I do ask that you be within driving distance in case we decide to meet but will always return messages regardless.