Male Dominant, 61, Prescott Valley, Arizona 

I am a white collar professional, intelligent, educated, and self-employed in the field of my doctorate. Chivalrous and gentlemanly in social contexts, I am balanced, non-arbitrary, and fair. I can be as stern a control figure as you need or desire for your particular preferred level of management, discipline, and control. Whether D/s for its symbiotic partnership or M/s with its more rigorous TPE and chattellization, my own style of ambience is for a more relaxed and easy-going manner based on dignity, respect, trust, and genuine affection. You get as much or as little structure as you need from me.


Whether D/s or M/s, my aspiration ideal -- if I could secure the "perfect" solution -- would be for 24/7 LTR fidelity on a live-in basis for all domestic and intimate needs, under my roof, under my Protection and Control. Such may not be a realistic goal. Whether LTR or otherwise (part-time, long-distance, online only, whatever) I expect a standard of excellence in devotion and commitment. While experience has shown that I am better matched and more amenable to someone closer to my own age and experience level, I welcome legitimate contact and approach from any woman possessing intelligence and maturity and proper attitude, regardless of physical age; I attach no significance or assumption whatsoever that it might be you, rather than I, who initiates dialogue between us exploring possibilities. Should I approach you, I would appreciate the courtesy of a reply of some kind. Rejection is one thing; silence is maddening.


If you have reservations about my not having posted a photo from which I can be identified, I understand completely. I have professional concerns about avoiding public display that threatens my need to retain anonymity unless and until I know you better and have confidence I can do so without risking professional collateral damage if "outed" as alternate lifestyler. For what it might be worth, I am neither an Adonis nor a Troll. On some occasions, I have had women tell me I am handsome. I make no claims, but I am reasonably fit and not someone you would be embarrassed to be seen with. Yes, the pic is me.


Intelligence, Wisdom, Submission, and Beauty are what I seek. Your definition of "Beauty" is likely not mine, so do not prejudge me as superficial. And I am hugely impressed by any gal willing to match my sense of humor with complementary wit of your own. I look forward to hearing from you, so that we may end this seemingly endless quest. If LTR is not within your ambit, I nevertheless would discuss options and possibilities that could provide us with mutual satisfactions. -MMD


P.S.: If you bother to read this Profile at all, and can not read between the lines above, try this: Wanted: female for 24/7 kept servitude for all domestic and sexual needs as may be desired. The ideal candidate will crave fair but stern discipline to be administered when needed, but rarely required, because she is eager to serve in any capacity – other than Hard Limits to be settled prior to acceptance and applicable safeword invocation as may arise. Replies sincerely and promptly to email contact and communications to discuss entering indenture to a Master of no little experience. Fakers, pretenders, and scammers need not bother to reply, for such noxious interlopers are easily identifiable by their amateurish ploys. And my tobacco addiction is not currently in remission, so if smoking is a deal-breaker for you, nevermind. –MMD

Nothing to do with anything, but I thought I'd offer this -- which I'll likely never get to experience: Owning one who will consent to have not only her nipples pierced and ringed, but also her clitoral hood and labia. Small, delicate silver rings, all. Why? One, I just like the way it looks. It's jewelry. But just for me (or is that 'us?'). But, second, a 'Y' shaped delicate chain from nipples to clit ring worn under clothes would cause incessant tugging and pulling on all three. I would think that would make just about normal 's' crazy wet, having to endure that non-stop. Add a Princess Jewel plug, and she'd go insane from the 'squirmies' after about an hour. Lovely. And finally, if the labial rings are located correctly, a very small, ornamental padlock interconnecting all three rings would be a very effective chastity device barring entry, while, at the same time, would provide constant reminder and arousal input. And no, you are _not_ allowed to cum, my dear. So, you can't get anything in your wet cunt, because it's mine, and I've locked you out. But you're being constantly clit-fondled and stroked and nipple-teased because of my padlock and chain, which is exciting you physically and emotionally, but you face the internal struggle of complying with the command not to climax and release. Exquisite torment and delightful exercise in self-discipline, is it not? But no one on this site seems to be able to read between the lines of my profile and see what magnificent delights might await if they are patient enough to reply and endure consideration. I wonder if this scenario would interfere unduly with her appetite and demeanor when I take her out for dinner and then to the opera next Friday night in the new formal dress I bought her? Sadly, neither of us will likely ever find that out, either, since she suddenly and inexplicable quit responding to contact. So impatient and short-sighted you all are! --MMD

More 'no limits' nonsense offers. Tired of explaining, so will do so here, once and for all. Why do I insist on Hard Limits and Safewords? It’s simple, really. I want to hear you scream because it turns you on to hear yourself let go. I want to listen to you beg me to stop, when you don’t really want me to. I want your throat to be raw from moaning and whimpering and sobbing (and use) when we’re done. I want to watch as you thrash about in your bonds or jump from impact. But most importantly, I want you to be safe, to have an 'out,' and that I know, in any instant or event, that nothing has gone wrong, that I have no gone too far, that no matter what sounds or cries or tears or screams I may evoke, that your consent is intact and that you revel from my attentions. No, we will not engage without Safewords, you silly girl. I may earn your praise, but I will incur no risk of guilt.

The 'canned' responses and solicitations from 'slaves' continue to amuse me. The assertions of total obedience. Always 'well-trained,' of course, but then include a laundry list of sexual prowess. If you’re so well-trained, sweetie, you’d know better than to offer such, since your fuck-holes and the rest of you will be used as your Master – not you – sees fit, anyway, you silly thing. But I guess that parade of skills snags the unthinking or ignorant wannabees, even though it’s just so obvious! So I’ve penned one of my own canned responses, and included it here, since none of the pretenders ever reads a Profile to see just who their future Owner is all about -- another obvious failure on their part to make even the slightest attempt at appearing genuine. Maybe if one reads this, she’ll actually be inclined to think – which I doubt. More likely she’ll pass me by completely – which is just fine with me. My retort goes like this: 'Thank you for your kind offer of enslavement and the many delightful examples of your sexual prowess and assertions of obedience. I will not advance you funds to secure you. I will however, make you the following counter-offer: 1. I will reimburse your request for travel expenses for you to arrive here for a 'probationary trial run' of your indenture to me, at the rate of $10.00 per day of servitude, until reimbursed in full. 2. You will be chained upon your arrival, either about your neck or ankle, permitting a fifty foot radius of movement about the house. You will be otherwise naked, except as I might direct in specific instances. 3. You will begin immediately to demonstrate your obedience, service commitment, and eagerness to please by complying with whatever directives or commands you receive (subject only to Hard Limits and safewords). 4. Your (and my) Hard Limits will be scrupulously observed and will not be breached. 5. Safeword invocation will be likewise scrupulously observed; however, repeated invocation of safeword protocol without just cause may, in my discretion, be construed as manifesting a disobedient attitude so as to avoid compliance via artifice. Should I determine that you are insincere in your commitment, I reserve the right to terminate your probation and send you on your way with sincere 'Good Luck With That' wishes as you seek to trade up to a more benevolent, fair, honorable, and caring Master elsewhere. Should such termination ensue for your attempted manipulative ploy, you will, of course, forfeit any claim for further reimbursement. 6. You are free to cancel, revoke, or rescind your probationary term at any time, with or without cause, immediately secure your release from enfetterment, and be permitted to depart immediately, unharmed and unimpeded. Should you do so, however, you will forfeit any claim for further reimbursement. Let me know if/when you are ready to stop 'playing games' and get serious about your desires. I suspect I will hear nothing further from you. Since you, not I, are the supplicant, that’s fine, too; it’s completely your choice as to how you wish to proceed, if at all. I await your reply, if any. –MMD

Today’s hilarity goes like this: (1) send overture to initiate dialogue. (2) in the rare case that it’s not peremptorily ignored or 'Deleted Unread,' and a reply actually is made, it’s generic and full of canned promises of undying devotion and commitment, blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda, from one who has not even bothered to read my profile, to see what kind of person to whom she’s offering herself to be invasively used, controlled, and managed. (3) Sure, hun; that makes sense – if you’re an idiot, in which case I’m not interested. But, more likely, you’re just another scammer simply trying to redirect me to your Pay-to-View webcam site or some other phishing expedition. I mean, really, does that actually work on anyone? Must be an awful lot of chumps out there for you to prey on. (4) Just on the what-if, though, and 'benefit-of-the-doubt' theory, I send a reply that asks for actual response to my initial query. (5) If any reply comes, it’s another canned obfuscation. I guess that kind of bait must work, or you’d desist doing so, but, sheesh; could it be any more obvious to anyone with half a brain that you're a fake? (6) Block another pretender, and try again.

Two items of curiosity: (1) I wonder why so many Profiles show vital stats that either do not include body weight or contain information that is patently impossible? A woman of 5'7' can not weigh 48 lbs. Based on the number of women with two-digit weight figures, CS must be a haven for chronic anorexics. If you’re sensitive about your weight, why engage in such outrageous fabrication as to be an alert to the very aspect you’re trying to avoid? Seems counter-productive. (2) I can find no discernible reason to account for the fact that the most attractively presenting Profiles are disproportionately sourced from women in the U.K. It can’t be coincidence. But you sure do seem to have your shit together, Miss Brits!

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