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Female 21, looking for Dom, close in general age and location..    -If this profil
Female Submissive, 21,  Houston, Texas











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 Submissive Female



 5' 0"

 146 lbs





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Dominant Male

Female 21, looking for Dom, close in general age and location.. 


-If this profile is here then I'm still searching!-


I've never been in an established dom/sub (or "ddlg") relationship, but the idea sounds very much like something I'd like.  I've been  into this for awhile so I'm not questioning what I know I want. For ddlg I more like the acts of affection and care rather than anything to do with age play..but I do want to use the word daddy

I may act young at times but that's just my nature and part of being a submissive for me.

I want to be able to show the person that I trust in their complete control and I enjoy it as well. I want to be collared and controlled, and I believe almost everything is worth a try. I want to know that I can give my trust, affection, and worship without question one day.


My goal is to find someone I can see in person.  I want to find a dom/daddy I can cherish and maybe eventually love just as much as he loves me. I crave knowing I can please him and finding someone who is open to exploring things we can agree on is always a yes. I want to explore and push limits knowing that at the end of the day I was a good girl.  Lastly I'm a pretty athletic person, I'm not in perfect shape but I'd like to have someone else just as motivated and stronger than me. I'm not all about how someone looks though.


If you are wondering what I look like the first thing that comes to mind is blonde hair and blue eyes...and short.  I also have fair skin and a muscular body type with some curves. 


Never be afraid to say hi, cause I'm shy when it comes to meeting someone new.


I'd love to develop this side of me because I know its what I crave. I know that when it came down to committing to my dom and growing the bond of trust I will become the true submissive I need to be. 


---- If you don't have a picture on your profile I'm already a little skeptical so please don't make me question if your real or not, that's not fun for anyone! If your open to showing what you look like through a private message that is welcomed. As far as messages go please understand that sometimes the amount can be overwhelming.. and while I can try to go through all of them, some of these messages just do not deserve or intrigue me to respond. I will try to reply with simple Thank you and/or refusal...but with those who live very far away or those who inbox me with offers the complete opposite of what my profile states.. I just don't see how you can become my dom if you won't simply read what I have taken the time to write down.... To others I apologize, sometimes my schedule can become very busy or I simply got pulled away and I will get back on soon!--- 

ok stern time over (/.\)



Again I am open to trying new blood, anything to do with urine, and the age difference cannot be too great.

(the cut off I would say is around upper 30's but its flexible... like a bendy straw hehe)

I want to be able to develop a possible relationship in everyday life, as well as live this life style with a Dom. 


Ask me questions and come get to know me!.. If anything tell me how cute I am :P 

ooh and I love sentimental things like forehead kisses, pats on the head, and general adorable things. I want this to become a real experience. :)


~Outside of my kink I'm a pretty normal girl, I'm in college (hence why I cant relocate and location is important), I live in my own house, I have summer jobs, I love to read and watch Netflix during my free time, although I like to be social and go out on the occasion. I stay pretty active in sports and in general cardio workouts...but that's not to say that I don't love food. I'm flexible as to how much this lifestyle can become apart of my daily life, it just depends on who I end up with and what he wants...after all, I try to be a good submissive little girl. 


If you made it this far feel free to message me

~ Little Princess H <3




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