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Hetero Female Submissive, 41,  Michigan
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 Submissive Female


 5' 5"






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interested in subliminals and hypnosis to make myslef into a slave slut some people have contacted me and asked me for more into. i am very shy so being here is hard butg know inside its what i desire and need to do more within mylife.  i am new to all this i am looking for hypnosis and more so subliminals to reprogram myself and become more submissive , make myself have a need to dress to please and always look good and make sure i always keep myself in shape for others to look at and make myself more sexual and more agressive in wanting sex but still knowing my place , so things like being oral to the person i am with while he watches tv or whatever and askling for sex everynight or day. I am very shy and dress down right now like wear baggy clothes and dont go wout alot, things i want to do but being shy keeps me from doing many things I am interested in subliminals and silent subliminals so i can play them  and loop them all day/night i am not sure what i am looking for a dom just yest as i am very shy but with subliminal files i am looking for the need to dress to please in clothes that make others stair and desire to touch me, want to need to make sure i keep myself in shape and look good at all times, want to become a sex toy but want to make sure and ask if i can prefome sexual things to the person i am with and alway orgasm from pleasing them and having their um cum in me or whatever, like to enjoy wearing heels (hate wearing them now because they hurt my feet wish i would find pleasure in wearing them) I am student in school and live with some othergirls and they only know me as a shy person and friend. they dont know about me being on this site or wanting anything like this. I am sure i have lmimits and woudl like to find out what they are and have them pushed, like to become more open about talling whomever i am with about any fantasy i have and have the will to let them happen no mater what they are as long as i trust the person/dom. i know this is not written well i aunt putting down my thoughts as they come to me. I am sure there is more i desire from the subliminals in programming but that is a good start right now, like i said not looking for anyone right now but maybe in future, hope this helps you whom are looking at profile, and hope i am able to find the right subliminals.I am am married an not he dose not know i am posting this on here. he is back home with the kids if anyone has such things i would like to talk more about this with people am am married an not he dose not know i am posting this on here. he is back home with the kids

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