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The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet

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Hetero Female Submissive, 53,  California
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I love to see a smile on your face...
As early as I can remember, this has always been a part of me. Drawn to ways to care for, help and make others happy and in turn I found that it made me happy as well. Touch me and you will find my inner child....she keeps me young...playful...

We are not all cut from the same stone. Our desires vary,and mine is not for sadistic pleasures but more for a loving firm hand to please.
litte girl who seeks friendship first, understanding and trust.

The chat feature on this website does not seem to work for me...i find myself alone in there.










 Submissive Female


 5' 6"






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Dominant male


Online Romance

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Journal Entries:
1/23/2008 1:09:22 PM
For those that this does not apply to, please disregard.  I did not want to make mention of this, but feel I need to.  My being on here is to talk with others, make friends and learn.  It is not to give anyone a cheap thrill.  Please do not write to me and ask that I send you things to make points...or to please a person I do not even know.  Please respect me as I respect you.
For those who do respect...thank you.  Sorry you had to read this.

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