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I have done this my whole life .... Every relationship I have ever had has involved some level of D/s ... I had a long detailed profile here but I deleted it all .... I am simply interested in talking to people that are serious about whatever form of D/s they have interest in and not playing games .... I have had enough of peoples games ... I would not rule out someone 18 to say 22-23 but they would have to be an exceptional find ... I don't think most women know what they really want before their mid twenties and I'm really more interested in someone that does, and isn't afraid of it ...

8/29/2017 12:56:38 PM
I can get laid. I am single, dress well, drive an expensive car, have an expensive boat, am older and not hard to look at ... I can go to clubs in St Louis or Chicago or anywhere else I choose to go and leave in a couple of hours with a 20 something hot chic that wants a date to be more than a drive through and playing video games in their friends parents basement getting drunk and high. And most of those girls are sub in one way or another.

I don't come HERE to get laid ... I come here to find the RIGHT one, one that understands submission and D/s and is SERIOUS about it in some form ... If this isn't you then you should waste someone else's time please ....

7/24/2017 9:59:11 PM
You know sometimes I read something in someones profile and will send them a message and make a comment about it ... But I was thinking, I probably don't even remember what most of my profile says and I never go back and look at it ... So I wonder if sometimes people get a comment I have sent them and are like "wtf is that about" :)

7/23/2014 1:16:16 PM
99.8 % of the people here are not who or what they claim to be ... It's that simple

If the word "session" is part of your D/s vocabulary, we are not a fit .... I quit pretending in 3rd grade

And on a side note ... If any of your pictures include you flipping off the camera, you probably should not email me because you are obviously waaaaaay to classy for me .... Just sayin

2/22/2014 7:14:59 PM

I just read a profile that said "tell me why I should choose you over the 300 others that emailed me" .....


I can say that I don't want anyone to "choose" me over 300 or 3000 other emails .. I am not filling out an application ... When you have been here long enough to not get 300 messages a day, and you would like to have a normal conversation to see if we have any chemistry then I would be happy to talk to you ... Until then ... I will be content not to "compete" for anyone ...

6/24/2013 9:11:02 PM

If you have had your sense of humor surgically removed, and you can't at least pretend to hold up one end, or even the middle, of a conversation ... Please just pass Me by

10/23/2012 10:45:07 AM

Ok I suppose I will put a little something here ... I have been here for a while and just come and go and mostly look through the profiles for the entertainment value (although I have made some good friends here)  ... But recently I have thought I would put a little more time into seeing what is here and if there may be someone that is a good fit ...


First off let Me say I am not desperate, I will not “take” someone just because they are willing … I am well set in life, comfortable with Myself and happy to be alone and will not accept just anyone because I can't get laid … I can, and do, date very attractive vanilla, and sub women on a regular basis, but I am looking more for someone that is looking for more … I am in no hurry, and am perfectly content to find no one and just continue life as is, rather than settle …


That said, I would like to find someone that is a good fit …. So what is a good fit ??? …. I do not have a template that you must, “fit” in order to be what I am interested in … I have lived more and experienced more than most people, and I am not bragging or  exaggerating, I am simply stating fact. I have traveled the world, been involved with high level military and government operations, owned several businesses, been wildly successful  and failed miserably and taken big risks ....... I have had sex in ways that most dream and fantasize about …. In doing these things I have found that there is no ONE thing that I want, nothing that I obsess over because I have never had the opportunity to experience it …


What I do “want” is someone that is committed to, and understands what it is, to serve … Or at minimum wants to explore the issue of service. Being a slave has nothing to do with being tied up, spanked, sweeping the floor, humiliated, displayed, or any other specific act …. If you have some act that you MUST have included in your “service” then you have a fetish and though I would be happy to talk to you and even meet and be friends, but you are not the thing that most interests Me right now. …


What interests Me is someone that is committed to, or at least wants to honestly explore the issue of slavery and submission .... Someone that wants to find an Owner that values them, while at the same time He pushes them to serve at the deepest levels …. someone who will submit to her Owners every wish because she knows she is His prized possession and He values her above all other possessions and will keep her safe from all that come from the world … Someone that would be ferocious if anyone tried to come between her and her owner  ….


So as you can see I have not listed one specific thing I “expect” or want …. This site asks for a list, this list does not allow for many options …. Just because something is in My list that you may or may not like does not mean I expect that particular thing with someone … What I have in that list means that I have experience with it in the past and nothing there is a deal breaker; just like most things that someone may have a true desire to experience is not a deal breaker … It does not mean I will expect those things from someone …. As I said … I am not obsessed with any fetish …. that is all trappings and extraneous noise …


When I was in the military I was taught that when you are in the dark and there may be someone out there that would prefer to end your existence that you do not look directly where you think they may be because the center of your eye does not work as well at night as your peripheral vision …. Therefore if you wanted to find a potential foe in the dark you didn't “look” for them, but rather forced yourself to look away and “see” what is out there and not “look” for it … That is in essence what I am engaged in, I am not “looking” for anyone, or anything in particular, but I am pretty certain there is someone out there that I would like to see ….


P.S. .... for the very few that take the time to read my drivel put the words "not looking" in your message for extra points :)

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 Age: 20
 Worcester, Massachusetts