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Just as a pre-amble, I know this site doesn't normally have a great success rate, but if you are looking to just chat, happy to do that, and also meet up at fetish events.

Here is my bullet point list of stuff, I work in software it's the only way I know how to let people know things.

  • so not new to this at all, had a few experiences and D/s relationships over the years, but equally in no way experienced in the myriad ways in which I can be, hopefully of service to someone.

  • I'm at a point in my life where I'm happy with myself and now just looking to enjoy some good times with fun interesting people.

  • I am super submissive, I love to please, I love new experiences.

  • I love assertive, confident, persuasive Dominants, they make make me feel all... I don't know how to describe it...

  • I drive so can travel most places if not too far

I’m in the pub with a group of people, I’m sitting chatting and having a drink, after a short while I need the toilet and get up to go, one of the girls at the table also decides that she also needs to go.

I can hear her behind me as we ascend the stairs to the toilets and open the door to the space where they are. I head into the first stall and turn to close the door, the girl is standing in the doorway and pushes past me,  and turns and says “close the door”.

I close the door and she steps back to me nudging me against the wall and pressing herself against me, she leans in and whispers in my ear “take off your clothes and put them in a neat pile on the toilet seat”.

She moves back to give me room, without thinking about it I do as she says and am now standing there naked in front of her.

“Good boy” she says, “now turn and face the wall”, I do as she says.  She grabs my hair with her left hand and pulls my head back, I feel her right hand grip my now hard cock tight.

“You’re such an easy little slut aren’t you” she says, “yes” I reply, “that’s yes Miss, you little bitch” she says.

“Yes Miss” I say quietly, we both talk in hushed voices so as not to attract attention from other patrons waiting for the toilets.

She starts to rub my cock slowly and firmly, “you like me don’t you” she says, “yes Miss”, “I bet you thought about me doing this to you, treating you like a little slut, didn’t you”, “yes Miss”.

“Are you a dirty slut for me”, “yes Miss”, “say it” she says and her grip on my hair is tighter.

“I’m your dirty slut Miss” I say.  

“And I can do this to you whenever I want”, “yes Miss”.

She rubs my cock faster, feeling me squirm and start to tense, “are you close you fucking slut”, “yes Miss” I just manage to say the words as my heart is beating faster.

“How do you feel”, I felt so exposed, so submissive, so easy.  I tell her, she laughs quietly in my ear, “good, I want you  to always feel like this around me, to always know I can make you feel this way”

I’m so close, on the edge, she lets go, “no, sluts don’t get to cum”, I’m panting quietly, my cock throbbing.  She moves away and sits on the toilet seat on top of my clothes.

“Go to the door and kneel down in front of me with your hands behind your back”, “yes Miss” I say and do as I am told.

She takes out her phone, and tells me she’s going to take a picture of me to remember this, I hear the shutter sound on her phone.

“I’m horny now” she says, she stands up and lifts up her skirt.  She pulls down her underwear, slips out one leg then the other.

“Open your mouth”, I open my mouth wide as she stuffs her knickers into my mouth, and she sits with her legs spread on the toilet seat.  I can see her wet cunt as she moves two fingers to her clit and starts to rub herself.  I can hear her soft, quiet moans as she gets close, she stops and beckons me to her with her finger.

I move forward on my knees, she takes the knickers out of my mouth, and grabs my hair again, “now how about you get the slutty tongue to work”.

She pulls my mouth up against her, and pushes my head in tight, I take her clit in my mouth and start to lick and suck, I feel her grip tightening on my hair as you writhes and holds in her moans, quietly breathing heavily.  I feel another firm push into her, as she spasms, a small whimper, and heavy breath as she cums hard, my mouth drenched in her cum.

She holds me there for a few seconds whilst her orgasm subsides.  She pushes me back, stands and grabs my clothes and hands them to me, she lifts the toilet seat and sits down and starts to pee. When she’s finished she makes me get some paper and tells me to wipe her.  I do this without hesitation. She puts her knickers on again, stands and fixes her skirt.  

“I’m going back down, I want you know how easy it for me to do this to you, in fact for anyone to do this to you, I might tell my friends how easy you are, and show them the picture of you so they know”, “ how does that make you feel?”.

“It makes me feel like the slut I am Miss”, “good, this is how you should always feel”.

She makes me stand up and pushes past me, “get dressed and come back down after me”.  She opens the door, and slips out, I close the door and lock it again.

I take a few moments to process what happened, I feel happy.

I started to get dressed, when she came, she didn’t just cum on my mouth, but also my underwear was soaked in her, I can smell her.  I get dressed, go to the toilet, and head down stairs.