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Pan Male Master, 35,  GUANGZHOU, China
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Hello Slaves. I moved in Guangzhou. I am living in guangzhou. I am single. I am looking male, female and trans slaves to do session and she can live with me. 305n my house and serve to me.

Im seeking sincere 247 tpe slaves. Individuals who seek self-actualization through service and humility and therefore have little need for self-determination knowing its a general impediment. Nothing about this process will be instantaneous -I thoroughly do my due diligence - but it will be direct, genuine and straightforward with the ultimate goal of taking on promising candidates. Step one is to engage in constructive dialogue. For those worthy enough, distance is no obstacle. Ive been involved in this for quite a while. Philosophically and temperamentally I am well-suited for this. Im not interested in sentimental attachments or emotional fulfillment. I have little concern for a slaves back story, tastes, interests, etc except for their practical applications as carrot and stick tools for shaping behavior and usefulness. A good slave is a projection and extension of a Masters will and vision, the same as His own right arm, and just as responsive. Its the difference between owned property and a prized possession. Clearly Im not interested in a sub bf just hard working, service-oriented, character building, kinky as hell, bornslaves. To others sincerely living the life style, I welcome communication and community. To those who are feeling the pull of servitude but arent sure enough or able to get there fully, I offer the opportunity to gain real life experience for whatever duration possible an hour a day a weekend a week a month or a periodic commitment such as once a month.

Lets keep this simple. I am currently seeking the following

Female Sexual Sub, or Slave
Lady by Day, Slut Whore by Night
Full body control (tattoos, branding, piercings, etc.)
High Heel, Stockings, Boot Whore
Breast Play
Obedient and Respectful of others
If your a Bi-Sexual Female, you will be allowed to play with other women or a gf
No freeloaders. I am not rich and you should not be looking for a sugar daddy

The goal here is to turn you a trophy on my arm, but a total slutwhore at night. I have so many plans for you.

I am also into into kidnapping abduction, and rape fantasy play. I have prior experience in this type of play.

Female requirements. I like all women. Shapes, sizes, different races, various heights, does not matter to me. I am a sucker for a lady in stockings, high heel shoes and or boots, Big hoop earrings, smells wonderful, acts shy or is a complete flirt.

But should we do meet even if it is just for play, I would need a few most recent pictures of you and I will do the same.

I know my pictures of my toys are weak, and i plan to expand on this listing as time goes on. I also enjoy just using items I find around the house. For instance using wire ties, duct tape, electrical tape, rope, bungie cords, shirt ties, etc.

Let me know your limits. What you will and will not do? You can ask me anything. I am a pretty open book and will tell it like it is.

write me your wechat. qq. whats app. mobile number. 305 will contact with you immediately










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Actively Seeking:

Submissive Transgender

Submissive Female

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Sub/Sub Couples

Online Romance


A Poly Household

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