How can i be of use to You? 64 yo hi, live a plain vanilla suburban life. There was a time that I was involved in the scene. Was a regular at DFP and the Vault back in the 80s and early 90s. Professionally employed college educated and looking forward to retirement within the next year. Travel now and then, but will travel extensively in retirement. Would love to meet for a coffee or a drink and verify compatibility. i was born with the heart and soul of a submissiv.
1/8/2023 12:47:59 AM

== Results from == 

100% Degradee 

98% Submissive 

94% Masochist 

92% Voyeur 

91% Rope bunny 

91% Exhibitionist 

73% Experimentalist 

67% Non-monogamist 

62% Primal (Prey) 

61% Slave 

50% Brat 

46% Pet 


 Age: 21