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Hetero Transgender Switch, 59,  Rock Springs, Wyoming
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kristyTs - Rock Springs, Wyoming

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WARNING: Any institutions or individuals using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects - You DO NOT have permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice to this or you may copy and paste this one. I think I'm looking for a friend who would put up with me dressing up in my female lingerie, and playing bondage and other bdsm games. Someone to watch TV with, to exercise with, to enjoy the outdoors with, to grow old together with. Someone to click with and have a purpose to be alive for. I think I step up on a soapbox now….. Playing the game, "Eve Online", one quickly learns that Life is a “Gamble.” Recall the odds of a coin flip? 50 percent chance for heads, 50 percent chance for tails. When I die in the game “Eve Online” my “spirit, my “self” my “personality” and all my skills are injected into a new clone body that was waiting for the transfer in a stasis cell. I think I’ll buy a brunette clone for the next time. Five feet ten inches tall and 36”, 24”, 36” measurements. Those measurements seem to be the most pleasing in this universe. Energy they say can not be destroyed – only changed. So in “Real Life” my spirit, my self, and maybe my experiences will be transferred into an Angelic body / clone. It has been computed that there is a 50-50 chance that there is existence after death of this carnal body. How was this computed? Well there IS or there is NOT an after-life; thus 50 percent change for each option, coin toss. The Darwinist Idea that nature Gambled DNA into a Cell Membrane is bogus, for such suggest that life came from non-life, that a Hard Drive could be stored with programs -DNA- without the need of a Programmer. And where did the Hard Drive “Builder” materialize from? One has a better chance to win the MegaBall lottery five times in a row. No where in nature do we see inorganic matter suddenly getting smarter by chance. “Nature” is only a word to describe an aspect of this game world. Nature is not an entity, not a free agent, not a being, not a builder, or dice tosser, or chemist. Oh some scientist have put a few chemicals together and bombarded it with electric pulses and attempted to duplicate a time some million years ago, yet such experiments are only experiments that proves nothing about a time no one can timemachine back to verify. It’s all speculation and not real science. Fifty percent chance that I will step out of my Carnal Earthly body and into an angelic body that will be put in a place where self destruction was not an option, where I had to endure the shame for not Giving Jesus a chance to speak to me, where my works will be judged. It might only be worth, say “enternity” to ask God, to ask Jesus to teach me, to guide me how to play this game of life. I’ve spent many a dollars for toys and books of this world, oh the bdsm books and toys, of this world, all the fem clothing I’ve purged to re-buy. Have I invested in a good place for your angelic body to trek. ??? The Hell Fire teachings of many is bogus, for fire will not effect an Angelic body. Godly fire will turn one to ashes/ smoke forever. I recommend you get a study Bible, The Companion Study Bible and a Strongs Concordance” Give the game Master of the Universe a chance to touch your mind and Soul and a honest analysis. Just Call 800-643-4645 or] and request the new student study kit. It’s free. Or study a few hours a week online. It is worth the investment for If Jesus really is the Way and I failed to accept him I will miss out on a great place for my Angelic body to trek. If Jesus is not the way, I will not be out all that much. Best to be safe and have a Good Clone and to be based with that Clone in a Good star system then to awaken in a System of darkness and no Light. Stepping off soap box and now a little Kristy Ts, aka kwyo history: Flash back to the age of 4 and see a young boy tied up while wearing tights and skirt and blouse. The baby sitters’ 11 year old daughter would do that to me. Let me be one of the girls until I pestered her to play kidnap games. I think that’s when my mind was permanently programmed. At 10 I began to play with self –bondage while wearing nylons or something else I took from my mom’s or sister’s closet. At 17 I find a Fredricks of Hollywood catalog and hundreds dollars later I’m in the full dress with wig, corset, garter belt and high heels. What a rush. Later I’m hogtied by my own hands- the damsel-in-destress. Back then I knew nothing about ice timer release systems for self bondage. I became addicted. At 22 got into married. A few years later our son was born and she no longer wanted to play dress up or bondage games. I can understand that. As Transvestite or TG or TS I don’t feel I’m man enough for most women nor woman enough for most men; I’ve been single ever since. And I also have religious convictions. Due to religious beliefs I can’t be with a man, even while in drag. So you can see, I’m all messed up. So I didn’t give myself to Jesus “Yeshua” - He already owns me. During those Seven years of marriage a psychologist tells me that I answered the test question 77 % of the time as the control group of women did. So I think like a women most of the time? Huh…….. At 37 I get hooked up with a Cding support group in Salt Lake City, Utah and I convince two doctors I need a sex change. During the six months before my appointment I had toned body. I exercised and fasted till I was down from 200 to 150 pounds with a 28” waist. I Showed up in his office in a mini denim skirt, black sheer energy nylons, 5” hells, makeup, wig blue blouse. Maybe my outfit convinced the psychologist that I was TS? I’ve been on “hrt” hormone sex-change treatments off and on. I also did some 50 hours of painful electrolysis, but then that money ran out. I also lost the desire to finish the transformation. Maybe I’m too old now at 60 to do the male to female Sex change. Would need to get a facelift and loose 50 more pounds. Lost count of all the times I’ve got depressed at my cross dressing and bondage desires to purge (through away) my collection of clothing and bondage stuffs – Just to buy a new supply a few months or a year later. I think I’m looking for someone to play with. How with my Christian convictions do I play? I would also like to go camping, hiking, and do other activities with the right group or mate. I also would like to relax at home after a good dinner and cuddle and watch a movie. So I’m a bit over-weight Transsexual who’s back on a diet and exercise program. Who wears panties all the time and into self-bondage. I have a homemade leather and steel bondage restraint collections. I enjoy building bondage gear and reading bondage stories and indulging in bondage porn. I’m so attracted to the female form, I want to change my body to match such. Other than a few kinks I’m a very normal human being who would just like to find some friends. Fet Life k w y o












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Journal Entries:
9/25/2016 11:48:15 AM
I'm down to 195 pounds from 235 or so. I'm trying to workout various mussel group and aerobics 60 minutes a day.
I Got really horny this morning wearing my white bra and panties. Suddenly I'm inserting my new vibrating toy. So far with only limited use I give it 5 stars. Google "Utimi 10 Speed Silicone USB Charging Vibrating Butt Anal Plug Prostate Vibrator "
Then I set up the ice anchor, See my photos, and before I could get fully bound and anchored I had one major orgasm. And I then proceeded to remove Elbow cuff, leather hood, penis gag, body briefer and waist cincher, granny boots, 2 pair of nylons. Down to just knee high nylons bra and panties I made breakfast. It took 3 hours and 15 minutes for just one ice cube per side to melt enough to release. Glad I didn't go for it. Oh, it might have been the combo of the vibration and nipple clamps. Only had them on for maybe 5 minutes and hours later they still are tender. I wonder if I'll ever pierce them. I have the kit to do it just don't know if I want the month of heal time needed. Remember in Self bondage to test and test and test setup again before clicking that last lock.
I Confess, I don't know if I'm TG , TS , TV.  The clothes do make me horny, and so does an image of a woman in bondage; I so want to be her, not only the bondage but the body. I'm a sinner .. I covet bodies of pretty women.  
     Maybe it's a Moon thing that changes my chemistry. Or upping the Prem doesage is playing with my Hormone levels (ya think?) .    I want companionship yet I so afraid of offending a prospect or hooking up with someone who puts me in the hospital.  Safe Journeys

7/1/2010 7:20:06 PM

July 1, 2010

Because of fear the landlord might see me I drove out into the wyoming desert and layed out a cut to size carboard mat to lay out on. Switching out of my work clothes I put on a black bra and panty and did some more tanning. My sides were still very white but now I'm nicely red except for the out line of the panties and bra. Sheesh I'm kinky just seeing the tan line above my behind got me horny. What's wrong with me?

6/27/2010 8:51:13 PM

With much trepidation and heart pounding so hard kristy could feel it she put on a ball cap, sunglasses and in his/her black bra and panties stepped out the back door and into the sun shine. No fence to provide any privacy and a neighbor to the west only a stone through away and another a tad bit further to the south, kristy laid out on a board under the noon sun.
   "Why do I need a bikini suntan lines this summer," she asked her/his self.  If someone walked by they'd see a wide shouldered shaved body bald guy with a cap on wearing a black bra and panties cooking under the sun. Slut 
   Heart continued to pound and kristy's watch shown that she had done 30 minutes taning / buring her back, now the front needs some 30 minutes of uv radiation. 15 minutes laying head towards the north and 15 minutes with head towards the south under the noon sun. She is so red now with very nice bra outline on her / his chest. "Need to do my sides, maybe tomorrow. But I’ll drive to a spot out in the parry of Wyoming and hope some four wheeler doesn’t surprise him.

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