I have lots of experience and I would love to live as a maid or a pet and am completely a service person and love to please. I can cook and clean and I would give anything to be put on female hormones. Kris
9/8/2022 11:09:07 AM

Good afternoon to all,


The more I read about pegging the more I want to experience it and I would love to find a woman who shares this interest and meet up.

6/2/2022 8:40:21 AM

I am going to start a journal and see where it takes me. It is my birthday today and there is nothing more I would desire then to be on my knees serving someone special or as someonea pet at their feet. My dream would be to be owned completely and to be wearing a permanent collar and to be on female hormones changing my mind and body foreve.

 Age: 19
 Cincinnati, Ohio