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Pan Female Switch, 38,  Sydney, Australia
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Last Online:


 Female Switch



 5' 5"

 242 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Online Romance


 Anal Play


 Canes and Crops



 Orgasm Control

 Role Playing

 Lifestyle BDSM



 Obedience Training



 Curious About:

 Needle Play


My user name is a canard I am ugly and obese. Hopefully that first sentence has weeded out most of the superficial crowd - i.e. all men, and those women who dont know what canard means.Im a married woman, mostly a housewife, but hubby does not fulfill...This necessarily limits interactions to occasional meets, and online relations.So that is two reasons why I dont have a photo here. It certainly isnt because Im ashamed of the lifestyle! Pictures are available to people with whom I connect.It seems that I am a lesbian, which is an awkward position for a married lady. It isnt that I dont like men, I just dont feel attracted to them. Mail from men is sent to bulk, but I do read it from timne to time, but only for the laughs.I switch, but never with the same person. In other words, Ill be your Domme or your slave, but not both. Much in BDSM relationships are about the dynamic, and once I have it with someone, be it dom or sub, I cant turn it around 180 degress.When I submit, I do it deeply. Subspace really exists - I like to spend time there. Subbing is more fulfilling than domming, but good dommes are pretty thin on the ground. Probably, they are all too busy with their many happy slaves.As a domme Im still learning. Its a lot harder than subbing. I get the feeling that the right slave would make all the difference. Right slave, where are you?

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Journal Entries:
11/10/2014 4:15:31 PM
I already have a man at home - not looking for another. What I am looking for is long-term cyber relationships with women, where a rapport is established. Currently the people who would interest me most are: 1) An older woman (45-70) who is sophisticated, intelligent, mature, successful, and needing to be a cyber slave. Someone who I could slowly break in, both of us greatly enjoying the journey. 2) A cruel bitch, preferably much younger than me, who would delight in working me over hard.

12/7/2010 6:07:19 PM
Please give me one cruel bitch to whom I can grovel.
Thank you.

6/24/2010 12:32:45 AM
Perhaps I have a skewed view of the way things work?
It ill-befits a dominant to chase a slave. Words and deeds should show their dominance.
I do not persue submissives; merely interact with them. If someone wants to submit, I will answer any questions and happily negotiate. If someone wants to dom me, they just need to show me. I'm ready to yield to a superior will.

5/10/2010 3:38:15 PM
I can't imagine why many profiles say that mail from men is deleted unread. The blue mails are often hilarious.

5/5/2010 6:43:17 PM
I love it here - I've been learning a great deal.
One thing I've learned is that I am not a Domme. I switch, but not with the same person, if that makes sense.

I now have a prospective slave - we will see where that goes.

Still interested in subbing...

2/10/2010 7:32:29 PM
There is fantasy, and there is reality, and I am aware of the difference. I'm not looking to harm someone (unless they really want it). Just hurt them...

2/8/2010 2:18:17 AM
I get a lot of chat requests from people who have never even messaged me. They are always sub males. They are always denied.

2/3/2010 12:25:28 AM
I had an unsolicited friend request from someone who has, quite literally, hundreds of friends. A 'friend collector'? One cannot possibly interact sensibly with that many people, so what is the point?

2/2/2010 5:30:32 PM
I am open to an online relationship - indeed I would like to try it. But 'relationship' does not mean casual play.

1/31/2010 7:33:46 PM
I saw this in a blog and I don't know if its true. A slave was so under her Domme's control that the Domme was pimping her out; making her service clients in degrading ways. The slave had to tell her all about what was done to her.
Am I odd to find this a beautiful idea?

1/31/2010 5:34:54 PM
I have very dark thoughts. They involve hurting a girl so much, she begs for mercy. Then hurting her some more.

11/8/2008 4:37:49 AM
God has it been ten months since my last entry? I've had a good time since then but I'm also sadder and wiser.

11/10/2007 2:48:20 PM
One can learn a great deal in a week!

11/5/2007 8:05:52 PM

It looks like I'm going to need some help. I would like to talk to a girl or two about their experiences.

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