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Sometimes it is okay to read the profile.. sometimes not always :P   If you are still r
Male Submissive, 30,  France











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 Submissive Male


 Willing to Relocate

 5' 9"

 75 lbs





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Dominant Female

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Dominant Transgender

Sometimes it is okay to read the profile.. sometimes not always :P

If you are still reading, then unfortunately I don't have much choice but unleash my wrath upon you..
Body Sats:
CS: height?
Me: 5' 9"
CS: weight?
Me: 75 kg
CS: Do you go to gym?
Me: EVERYDAY!! I have 6 pack abs..
CS: *Rolling over the floor laughing*
Me: *crying in the corner*
OK.. let's get down to business.. I am an Indian currently living in France and working as a computer engineer. I am curios and friendly by nature.
I am a good listener and like to know people.
I consider myself sapiosexual and it doesn't take much to melt me to my knees if encountered with intelligence. (it anyways doesn't take much to melt me to my knees :P)
I like to read almost everything except books.. I just can't handle books. Books scare the shit out of me.
I like to walk.. walk with some conversation is one of my favorites.
Apart from that, I like to play computer games, table tennis and badminton..
NOT finished yet.. I am a big fan of board games too..
CS: For Fuck sake, it is CollarSpace not Tinder or Facebook. Would you say something about your interest in BDSM or not?
Me: Ok ok..
*After taking a breath*
Me: I like BDSM.
CS: That's it?
Me: :P
CS (screaming): Somebody give me my cane..
Me: I love bondage. It could be physical bondage with ropes etc or it could be mental bondage with commitment and words. The aspect of helplessness behind bondage is something which excites me.
When you have all the ability in the world to do whatever you want but you still choose to surrender yourself and give control over you to someone else you trust, it is just beautiful. It is difficult to explain that feeling in words.
CS: hmmm.. Finally something.. Anyways what is your orientation?
Me: I consider myself a submissive and a little bit of brat.
CS: Anything you would like to say about D/S relationship?
Me: Please check my journal entry regarding the same.
CS: Interesting.. You like to write?
Me: Yeah, sometimes. I have written couple of short femdom stories which you can check here.
CS: Sure, I will check them. Are these real life experiences or just stories?
Me: Well, these are stories written based on my imagination.
CS: Ahaan. Do you have any hard limits?
Me: Well, I am still exploring myself. But I do have identified few. I am not into scat, blood play or needle play.
CS: I could have asked you about your fetish but I am not gonna ask.
Me: B-b-but why?? I have fetish and you should ask me about it.
CS: Well, I am not gonna ask you. After all, you are a submissive. Why should I ask you?
Me: This isn't fair. :'(
CS: Who said it should be? I like it this way.
Me: I hate you. It was going so smoothly. You had to ruin it. Didn't you?
CS: :D :P

Journal Entries:
9/21/2017 6:51:33 AM

Fantasy vs Reality

I always read that there is a difference between fantasy and reality when it comes to BDSM at least. Sometimes we end up getting more than what we bargained for and it is indeed true. At least I can confirm it now. :P

I have done sessions in the past as well and those went well. But last weekend, I got more than I asked for. I love nipple torture or I should say I “used to” love nipple torture. :P Pain on my nipples arouse me and that’s what I was hoping for in the session also but it didn’t really go as planned. It’s not that she played with my nipples too much but after a point, I couldn’t even bear a touch on my nipples. Just a slight touch on my nipples and I was almost ready to spit out safe word. At one point, it was hurting so much that I literally broke the handcuffs to stop her.

It’s been more than 24 hours but my nipples are still sore. I think I need to add one more item to my hard limits category for next 1-2 months at least.. :P

9/7/2017 8:21:02 AM

The Exhibition - I (Punishment)


We went to a play party last night to have some fun but it turned out to be a disaster for me. We found a private room to play with each other. Around 15 minutes later, my Mistress was dragging me from the private room to the common area where most of the people were socializing. I was completely naked except for my chastity device, ball gagged, handcuffed, collared and leashed. I was literally begging for mercy through my gag although nothing sensible was coming out of my mouth. The thought of being exhibited like this was dreading me. But my Mistress was furious and she didn't listen or pay attention to any of my pleas.

We finally reached the common area and she pulled me to the center of the room. Everybody present there weren't really surprised to see us like this as it is very common thing there but not for me as I am not an exhibitionist and I don't like to be paraded like this at all.
At least my hands were cuffed at the front so I could cover my genitals. When we reached there, my Mistress made an announcement to have everybody's attention. I was literally blushing like anything and probably wanted to run from there but was completely helpless to do so. Even there, I tried to plead her to forgive me but as I was gagged, nothing sensible came out of my mouth and few people did understand from that I wasn't really doing it voluntarily.

She announced to everybody that she was exhibiting me as a punishment. She tortured my nipples and caned my butt in front of everybody while keeping me on leash. I had no choice but to bear all this. People there were curiously looking at us because it was involuntary. She then ordered me remove my hand from my genitals so that everybody could take a look but I didn't comply and begged her through my eyes but she was adamant. She hit at my butt and asked me to remove my hands from there. Almost everybody present there laughed at this. I had no choice but to remove my hands and show my locked penis. I was so embarrassed and humiliated that I had tears in my eyes.

She then announced to people over there, "You must be wondering that why I am punishing him like this. Well, many of you already know me and those who don't; let me tell you something, I don't like being tickled. You tickle me and consider yourself dead. And he (looking at me) tickled me for like half a minute when we went to the play room (saying this, she hit me again at my butt. I could see few giggling faces again). He is my sub and he knows very well that how badly I hate being tickled but he still did it. He was probably thinking that as it is a club, I won't create much drama here and he would probably get away with this. Well he is wrong. And it is fair that I should return the favor. So, we are here."

She asked me, "Are you sorry for your actions slave?"
I immediately nodded.
She then asked, "Have you learnt your lesson?"
I again nodded instantly.

Seeing me this nervous, she laughed a little and announced, "You know, he doesn't really mean anything he just said. He isn't sorry and he definitely hasn't learnt his lesson. And he is probably gonna do it again because he is a fucking brat (saying this, she hit me again at my butt). Brats never learn their lesson."
She then looked at me and pulled me towards her by the leash and said, "Well, let me tell you my boy; consider this just a trailer. You do something like this again; believe me this punishment would seem like a blessing to you. You understand?"
I gulped in fear as I could sense how serious she was when she said that. I immediately knelt before her, nodded and lowered my head in submission.

She smiled at this, kissed me at my forehead and pulled me back to the private room.

6/9/2017 6:29:53 AM

Aren't Black holes just sexy?

I remember I once watched an episode of series Cosmos in which Neil deGrasse Tyson (Astrophysicist) quoted "Even light bows down to Black holes".

I was watching a documentary about Black holes today and that quote came to my mind and I pictured Black holes as dominants.. not just dominants but ultimate dominants.. no one escapes from their wrath and nobody can escape from their trap.. I imagined light (photons) as a submissive which is trying to escape from Black hole and Black hole keeping light also on a light leash and not letting it leave from its grip and declaring "thou shalt not pass".. what else a submissive need? ;)

It's one way road to them.. you can go there but can never return.. they just won't let you go.. even Physics go crazy there when it meets the Black holes.. quantum physics, general theory of relativity all go insane beyond event horizon.. that's the effect of black holes' love.. even time slows down as one approaches black holes.. doesn't it happen with love birds?

Whole universe love them.. they are the ultimate creation of universe.. even universe celebrates their births with a bang called Supernova.. take any object in the universe.. all are circling and roaming around black holes.. even our galaxy "Milky Way" has black hole in the center and everything including our solar system is revolving around it..

You can hardly imagine what happens when two of these magnificent creatures meet each other.. when they make love with each other, whole space time fabric gets ripped apart.. and one can feel the intensity of their love even trillions of kilometers away..

On top of everything, they are black.. my favorite color.. <3 They are full of mystery.. nobody knows what's beyond "event horizon".. how can one not fall in love with them?

4/10/2017 1:50:32 AM

What is a D/S relationship?

Many people here have a very wrong perception of it. They think that D/S relationship is all about kinky sex. Well it is a lot more than that.

First of all, D/S relationship is like any other relationship. It's a RELATIONSHIP. You can't just build a relationship within seconds. Like every other relationship, this also takes time.. a hell lot of time to build..

Second, just because you are a submissive and you find somebody who is a dominant it doesn't mean that you can get into a D/S relationship with that person and vice versa. It's like getting into a relationship with a girl you just met just because you are a boy and looking for a girl. It doesn't work like that. You need to know that person first.. and let that person know about you.. build trust because it needs a huge amount of trust on each other to get into D/S relationship.. check if you click with each other and then decide to get into relationship..

Just because you like to take lead in sexual activities or shout orders or slap it doesn't mean that you are a dominant. You may be a top which is good but a dominant.. that is much more than being a top..

      • Being a dominant means taking responsibility of the welfare of your sub and his/her health.
      • It's dominant's responsibility to take care of his/her submissive's "needs".
      • Being a dominant doesn't mean that you are superior to your submissive. Dominant and submissive both complement each other.
      • Being a dominant doesn't mean that you are free to do anything with your submissive. His/her health comes first. You are supposed to take care of his/her limits. 

When it comes to being submissive, it is not that easy either. Just because you like to act as a bottom or like to be humiliated it doesn't mean that you are a submissive. Being a submissive is quite different.

      • Being a submissive doesn't mean that the dominant would just fulfill all your fetish and you would get to enjoy. No, that's a very wrong perception. Being a submissive means being of service. It's your duty to take care of your dominant's "wishes". It's your duty to take care of your dominant's fetish. Whether your fetish would be taken care or not, that solely depends on your dominant. Your dominant in no way is bound to take care of your fetish.
      • Being a submissive means giving up your freedom, your will to do anything on your own and submit it to your dom(me) to assume control over you. Giving up your freedom doesn't mean just giving up freedom of your orgasm.. it is lot more than that.. it could be freedom to wear clothes of your choice.. it could be freedom to eat food of your choice.. it could be anything.. it is up-to your dominant to decide which freedom of yours he/she wants to take away.

Also in D/S relationship, love and respect for each other is very important otherwise it won't be there for long. It's the love and respect for each other which helps you keep yourself in your boundaries otherwise boundaries get to start breached unknowingly or unintentionally..

4/10/2017 1:48:31 AM


We were playing chess.. I was trying my best to win this one as was she..
Its not that I like to defeat her.. I love to let her win always because the smile on her face when she defeats me is far more precious to me..
But this time, situation was different..I badly wanted a sexual release which she hasn't given me from past 2 weeks..from past 2 weeks, everyday she brought me to the edge but didn't let me release.. if i win this game, i will finally get the release which i desperately want and she was trying everything to not to let it happen..
Suddenly she made a bad move and she was one move away from the defeat.. I couldn't stop my smile and she noticed her mistake.. I was about to play that move to finish the game so that i could have my release after 2 weeks of wait but suddenly she interrupted.

She said in a cute way, "So now, you will defeat your Mistress."
I replied, "dear, you know very well how badly i want the release."

She said, "I know, that's why just to get that, you will defeat me now. Huh!"
I replied, "baby, this is not fair. its just a game and its because of your fault only, i need it so badly."

She said emotionally, "If you didn't want to submit to me then why did you let me take control over you"
I replied, "its not like that honey. i love to submit to you but i need to have release now. please don't blackmail me emotionally now!!"

I was now puzzled and couldn't decide what to do now. She noticed this struggle on my face and smiled cunningly.

She said, "alright. go ahead and defeat me JUST to get your release."
I was completely helpless at that moment and placed my king at the target of her queen and replied, "at your mercy Mistress!!" and she grinned.

I am her submissive..
She owns me..only She..
I am completely hers..

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