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To save some time and wasted page views, *no single guys*.  i'm sure you think you have s
Sub/Switch Couple, 38/41,  Maryland
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 Sub/Switch Couple




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 5' 11"

 140 lbs



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 5' 8"

 175 lbs



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Dominant Female

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To save some time and wasted page views, *no single guys*.  i'm sure you think you have something special to offer that the other dozens and dozens don't, if only we'd give you a chance to prove it, but we have neither the time nor inclination to sort through and find the diamond in the rough.  at least not until we become independently wealthy.  so, if you want to contribute to that, hey, far be it from me to stop you.  i'll give you a paypal link.  otherwise, you may just want to move on.  :D

i don't care whatever it is you think i am, i assure you that you are incorrect.  you may have your preconceptions, but if you let those cloud either your judgement or your interest in knowing me (or lack thereof), the loss is mutual, not just my own.  

we're a married couple consisting of a wife who has since lost interest in the lifestyle but was until recently a primarily domme switch and a genderfluid subby, who is the one you see in all the pictures.  if that term confuses you, please feel free to ask about it.  i continue to define myself day by day, and i know what i like being today.  quite frankly, i'm a subby who should probably bite the bullet and go domme, but am unfortunately not so wired.

We're not looking for flash-in-the-pan sexual flings, one night stands, or having other subbies serve us. We're much more casual and put our interest in friendships first, followed by shared events.  If you're looking for immediate play partners, kindly look elsewhere.


just to save some sorts of people some time, please do consult my journal.  regarding pics, guys including sexually explicit pics have an express to the deleted items bin.  people with no pics might get a cursory glance over their message, but for the most part it won't be read, either.  if you're not comfortable with being open, you're probably not for us.

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Journal Entries:
7/18/2011 7:30:27 AM

On manners-I just feel this needs saying, given my CM experiences.

Men/self-identified Doms-You may like to think that you are The Shit(tm), but you're not my top.  Approaching me as if you are gets you a quick route to the ignore list.  Maybe you're the best dom ever in person.  If that's not conveyed via other means before we get to meet you, I could care less.  Have manners, be polite and respectful in your approach to us, and not expect one or the other of us to simper immediately, and we'll return the favour.  We're a friends first kinda couple, you see.  In the long run, you get the kind of quality from that sort of approach that you'd expect.  If you like simpering doormats, have a ball.  That's not me.  Regardless, as far as I'm concerned, it's your loss, not mine.  I'm not seeking YOU out.  We're just here to meet like minded folks, and if more happens from there, who am I to argue?


Women/Dommes-subbie types, particularly the desperate subbie types, are a particularly easy demographic to a)take advantage of and b)be easily annoyed by.  I know and understand this.  I am certainly not one of the first group, and I try very very hard to not be one of the second group.  Any generalizations you make about me based on a class of demographic into which you believe I fit I can almost guarantee you will be incorrect.  Perhaps you might try asking a bit about me before deciding you know what to expect from me based solely on the profile.  If your profile comes off as well written and genuine, open and friendly, I may send you a polite note consisting of more than just a misspelled word or sentence to break the ice.  I don't look for anything in return, though a polite reply is always welcome.  If I've mailed someone inadvertently, or who doesn't welcome a polite message from what they view as a certain sort of person I do my best to apologize.  As with the note on men, we're just here to meet like minded folks, and if more happens from there, who am I to argue?


Subby trans folks-You like the way you are, and I'm fine with that.  you're fully entitled.  We may have entirely different outlooks, some have different comfort levels of exposure and experience.  I'm fine with that, too.  However, I do not much like the cartoonish representation of women some subby transgender types like to present.  Maybe you enjoy it, but it makes me uncomfortable.  I'm a strong and independent person who happens to feel more comfortable in herself presenting as a female, and that female happens to enjoy being submissive to the right partner.  Not to anyone, nor in any situation.  Nor can I teach others to be like me.  I'm like me.  I can provide pointers and advice on being nice and polite and well rounded, and I'm happy to talk about my experiences if it will help, but just know that some people might take offense to the presumption that "getting girly" means opening up yourself to debasement and degradation.  There's too much psychology going on there, and differing from person to person in so many ways I don't even know where to begin.  For gods sake, just be nice and be yourselves when chatting, don't just be a needy doormat.  


Random Others-I know people that are intimidated by me in girl mode, and I like that.  I know that I look in the mirror in boy mode and hate what I see.  I know I'm stuck with what I have, and I'm happier forgetting about that fact, thank you.  if me being a girl with boy parts interests you, I'd be happy to point you the way of others, but it's something I'm not comfortable with myself.  I'm not here for a wank and a climax, I'm here to find people around whom I'm comfortable in my skin.  Quite frankly, I'd just as soon like to forget that particular bit existed, hard as it may be to hide.  If me being a girl with boy parts puts you of, I'm sorry, and can wholeheartedly commiserate.  If you think of me that way, you'll be just as disappointed as I am.  :)

There's a reason my friends list is so short in places like this.  Probably because things like this make me come off as a bit of a bitch.  But if you've taken the time to chat with me over the course of a few messages, I hope that's not the case, and that you've enjoyed the conversation.  :)

4/24/2011 9:46:05 AM

While I understand that there may be people out there who are thrilled by receiving pictures of cock in their CM inbox, rest assured that I am not one of them. Do you introduce yourself in polite society in person by whipping your business out and showing it to people? I should think not. You deserve the quality of people you DO get when you do that. Thus it's your loss, not ours.

4/8/2011 6:11:38 PM

i am sorry if i'm slow in replying to people.  we've just moved, and my computer, with all its associated accoutrements (web cam, full keyboard) is still all disconnected in boxes and a tangle of wires.  its desk isn't even put together yet.  so until i get established, my typing on the cell phone keyboard is a little slow.  please have patience!  :)  

3/30/2011 3:30:32 PM

Just for interested people, I've also got profiles under the same name at alt and FL.  It's hard to keep up with all three, but I try my best.  :)  Also, I suppose I should also add in the addendum that one-word, short, or horribly-typed (e.g., txt typing), I can't say I'll be spending much time on your message, though I appreciate the expression of interest.

9/1/2010 12:13:48 PM

So, just to clarify some things for people... i don't count myself a sissy. There's nothing wrong with the sissy sort, and it's not a hard limit if someone wants to play like that, but it's not me. As i've recently had it described to me, i'm the girl who likes to play in the mud, take things apart, build things, and do it all in stilettos and a miniskirt...i just go with "i'm a girl" and everyone seems satisfied. i'm not looking to serve a guy. however, if my honey, to whom i am wed, wishes to watch me play with guys, i don't count myself above that. :) it's her that would have to be convinced, not me...and since she hasn't an account on here, it's gotta go filtered through me, so text speak and one word messages won't get you terribly far. that said, if she were to be convinced, i would certainly do my best to make it worth your while! i find myself to be a willing and ready object of pleasure to either team, though i tend only to be attracted to women. if i'm tasked with pleasing others, though, it's seldom that -my- attraction for them has any bearing. though i've also never been the sort to "get girlie" with others of the tv/ts/tg persuasion (see paragraph one), they're still fun to play with. not because they're tv/ts/tg, but because they can be fun as individuals. i like or dislike them as much as any other demographic... all that said, i'll freely admit that i'm dirty...i have a huge likes list, and a relatively diminutive limits list.if our likes coincide, it can be fantabulous. :)

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