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Sissy fagot sex slave shemale seeking chubby Master chubby or overweight or fat that is a requirement for what Im looking for number one requirement the other requirement is Im looking for some little whore me out turn me out whatever you want to call it share me out those are the two important things Im looking for of course the man who gives me the things I need I will do everything to do and within my power to give him what he needs . Looking for a test drive to turn into 247 365 with the right master they ask me some chemistry my burger to the arts of love all of them and Im very freaky sexy and ideally and this may not have because you dont really get what you dream of but I dream of being a Muslim mans an Arab mans man wife or black mans sissy fagot wife both those terms just me I live in whore but I would be interesting to talk to anyone until my search is over

I can not quit looking for a Chubby/fat/overweight Master I've cum reallyy close, and one would think that at some point I'd  just give up. But I I can't I can't quit looking and I shall not.  I know he's out there I know he is and it won't be everything I dreamed of but it'll be dream-ee nonetheless.

And I I know that the reason I can't quit looking is because I have a NEED for this type of relationship as opposed to want.  it's not a want or desire --it's it's a basic core need deep in my heart and in  my soul.  As is the attraction to chubby men is deep in my soul I've had that since I can remember that that I've been drawn to those men .


Although it's not used all that much in this sphere... I know that when I do find the right man that eventually probably sooner rather than later I'll fall in love with him which is exactly what I want.  The longest time I was over that past that l word but now I realize I'm not I don't want to be