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The parcel


She didn’t often get the house to herself this early in the day.  The kids had been collected by their father at 3pm and her Friday evening and the weekend stretched before her.  Pub with friends tomorrow night, she thought. But this afternoon she had planned to masturbate herself stupid.  She ignored the usual, quieter, stick vibe in her bedside drawer.  Instead she slid the innocuous-looking brown box from under her bed.  It was covered in dust but, inside, her large black mains wand was pristine.  She stripped off, put some lube onto the large head and lay on her bed; legs spread wide.


Something was waking her up.  She had brought herself to orgasm 3 times before having to stop because her clit was too sensitive for her to make herself hold the wand there any longer, and she must have dozed off.  The light through her curtains had dimmed considerably and she guessed it was about 6pm.  What the hell had woken her?  Then she heard the knocking at her front door and realized that someone was outside.  Shit!  The new set of butt plugs she had ordered.  She didn’t want to miss the delivery; not when she had the whole weekend in front of her to try them out.  Worried about how long the delivery person had already been stood on her front doorstep, she threw on the closest thing to hand - an oversize jumper - and started down the stairs.


As she approached her front door she shrugged irritably at the jumper, which was far too large and kept slipping off one shoulder.  She paused for a moment when she saw the large shape through the frosted pane of glass in her door.  Whoever was out there was enormous and she was wearing nothing but a jumper.  Quickly she reminded herself that she lived on a main road, surrounded by neighbours, and that she really wanted those butt plugs.  She opened the door.


He had been about to push a card through the letterbox and go back to his van, kind of annoyed that the last delivery of the day was out and he would have to return the parcel to the depot, when the door suddenly opened.  His eyes widened in surprise and he lowered the parcel to waist level when he saw what stood in the doorway.  The woman’s long blonde hair looked delightfully tousled, like she had just got out of bed and her green eyes looked very dark.  Her exact shape was difficult to see in the shapeless jumper she wore but, as it stopped high on her thighs, he could guess that she was plump and curvy in all the right places underneath it. One of her shoulders was bare and he could see that the last of her summer tan hadn’t quite faded from it.  The woman quickly folded her arms.  He thought she looked a little embarrassed to be standing there in just a jumper.  Didn’t she realize that folding her arms pushed her very large breasts together and increased the amount of cleavage he could see?  “Lovehoney delivery for you,” he said, instantly realising that he had let slip the fact that he knew what was inside the ‘discreet’ brown box he carried.  The sight of her had obviously driven that knowledge to the forefront of his mind.


Her mouth opened and she felt her cheeks turn crimson when she heard the words from the tall stranger.  Her arms unfolded and fell to her sides and, for a moment, an image of this hazel-eyed stranger pushing one of her new butt plugs into her arse as she held it open for him flashed across her mind.  She blinked and the image was gone, but she wondered how long she had stood there, staring, before stepping forwards and saying, “Yes, that’s right.”


As she stepped forward he noticed that she hadn’t corrected him about the origin of the parcel.  He also noticed that she was still not quite as tall as he was, even though he was stood on a step below the level of her hallway. God she looked attractive, he thought, like she’d just finished having sex but wanted more.  She probably had her husband upstairs waiting, although he noticed that she wasn’t wearing a wedding ring.  “I hope I wasn’t interrupting anything,” he said, handing the parcel to her.  He watched her flush again and say, “No, no, I’m all alone.”  As she took the parcel he found himself staring straight into her eyes.  They were dark green and seemed to be asking for something that she hadn’t articulated yet.  He couldn’t believe the next words out of his mouth, “Look, I hope you don’t mind, it’s been a really long shift, please could I use your toilet?”


She made a small step back into her hallway and stared at the man in front of her.  Medium build but very tall, he was wearing work boots and jeans; a casual shirt was tucked loosely into the jeans and she could see a t-shirt underneath.  Her eyes lingered on a well-worn, brown leather belt, then they travelled to his face.  His eyes were twinkling mischievously but he also looked a little nervous, like he was about to change his mind about something.  He looked strong and gentle at the same time and she felt her belly warm as she looked at him.  “Of course, the cloakroom’s just behind me.”


He stepped over the threshold and pushed the door closed behind him before saying, “Thank you.”  The hallway was very small and she had stepped back into another doorway, to the left, that looked like it led to the living room.  There was a door in front of him so he took off his muddy boots and stepped through it.  The cloakroom was small; fitted under the staircase.  He suddenly wondered how he was going to urinate when his cock was semi hard.  He would have to wait for a moment to let it go down.


She put the parcel on the kitchen table before returning to the living room and perching on the arm of one of the sofas.  She tried to collect her thoughts.  There was a large, strange man in her house, and she was naked apart from a loose jumper.  She quickly came to the realization that she didn’t care one bit.  In fact, she recognised that she was aroused.  Maybe because she had fallen asleep masturbating, but she suspected it was more to do with the man in her cloakroom.  If someone had stolen knowledge of the physical attributes of her ideal man, they would have created the person in her downstairs cloakroom.  She heard the flush and water running and then realized he was stood in the doorway looking at her again.  Making a decision, she straightened her back and shoulders and confidently asked, “Would you like a nice hot coffee before you head off?”


He had been about to thank her again and say his goodbyes, when the woman with the just fucked hair and bedroom eyes thrust her tits out and invited him to stay for a coffee.  He agreed but, as she asked him to follow her into the kitchen, he realized he was playing with fire here.  He told himself, and by that he meant his cock, to wait for a very clear signal before committing himself to making a move.  After all, perhaps all the 40-something women in this suburb invited delivery men into their homes for coffee, whilst strolling around in next to nothing, just to tease and give themselves something to talk about at the school gates the next morning.


She flicked the kettle on and took milk out of her fridge, noticing that he had leant himself on the back of one of her kitchen chairs.  Watching her.  She could see the parcel containing the butt plugs on the table behind him and her cheeks blushed again.  He had folded his arms across his chest and crossed

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The treat


She popped on a playlist and smiled the whole time she got herself ready for this dinner date.  It was a real treat to be taken out to their favourite foody pub and she was tingling in anticipation of being out and about in public with him.


She left her hair to dry naturally in soft waves and applied minimal makeup as she decided on a rberry plunge bra and matching stretchy lace panties.  She eased them on, over the suspender belt already in place, and then slipped the thin jersey dress over her head.  She looked in the mirror.  “Perfect,” she thought to herself.  The ditsy floral dress clung to her breasts and waist and the v-neck was deep enough to display a good amount of cleavage, before flaring out loosely over her ample hips and arse to stop just above her knee.  She pulled on her leather knee-high boots, grabbed her jacket and bag and skipped downstairs to wait for the door.


He arrived not long after and she let him in.  “I have a surprise for you,” he said with a grin, holding his closed fist out.  She smiled broadly and put out her hand.  When he opened his fist something warm and heavy dropped into her palm.  “Go and put it in,” he ordered quietly.  She looked at the in her hand.  It was a shiny metal sphere, about the size of a large marble.  She let it roll around her palm and felt some kind of weight shift inside the smooth sphere.


A little later, as she climbed into his car, she felt the weight shift inside her cunt and the anticipation of the evening ahead flared in her belly.  Before starting the car she felt him look her over and she became very aware that her breath quickened under his gaze.  He didn’t say anything, but placed his hand on her right knee and let it slide upwards, pushing the fabric of her dress ahead of it.  When her stocking-tops were exposed he briefly traced his finger over the soft flesh of her inner thigh, forcing her to part her knees.  “Hungry?” he asked.  “Very,” she replied, a little breathlessly.  Satisfied, he started the car and they set off.


The pub was located in a small village a short drive from her home.  One or two locals were sat at the bar, but the restaurant area was dimly lit and virtually empty.  He walked her over to the corner end of the bench that ran along one wall - the end nearest to the small fire – and motioned for her to sit at right angles to him at the square table.  He had a good view of the room and the archway to the bar, whilst she was mostly hidden by the wooden dividing panels which were spaced along the length of the bench's back.


She settled onto the cushion covering the wooden bench, removed her jacket and flexed her shoulders against the back rest.  A waitress brought two menus over and took their drinks order from him.  He picked up one of the menus but didn’t pass it to her.  Without thinking she reached out her hand for the other menu, still resting on the edge of the table.  She ged sharply in surprise when his hand flashed across the table and firmly grabbed her wrist, her fingertips still hovering above the menu.  “No choosing for you tonight,” he said.  The waitress had stopped uncertainly a few steps away from the table, holding a tray with their drinks on it.  She seemed unsure about whether to approach or whether she would be intruding.  They both turned to smile at her and he released her wrist, letting her return her hands to her lap.  They both thanked the waitress as she placed the drinks on the table and then she left quickly, without asking if they were ready to order.  Again, he studied the menu, occasionally flicking his eyes over to look at her as if matching the food to how she looked.  She felt her cheeks warm under his gaze and realised she needed to squirm in her seat to release some of the heat she felt in her belly and cunt.  The shifting marble inside her gave her no respite from the arousal that was building; instead she felt her nipples stiffen inside her bra and she had to open her mouth to return her breathing to normal.  He smiled behind the menu before closing it and placing it back on the edge of the table, waiting for the waitress to notice that they were ready to order.


It wasn’t long before the waitress was standing at their table again, small notepad in hand.  She looked directly at the woman and asked, “What would you like?”  The woman blushed and rocked forward on the bench.  Her mouth opened slightly, as if she was about to speak, but she turned her head to the man instead.  The waitress frowned slightly – confused rather than annoyed – and turned to the man as he began to speak.  “We’ll have the sticky barbeque ribs for two, followed by one seabass with new potatoes and green salad, and one ribeye with fries.  MR for the steak and oil and vinegar for the salad please.”


Finally, they were left to talk with no likelihood of interruptions for a while at least.  Their conversation flowed easily.  They spoke about work, friends (mutual and individual) and their plans for the next few weeks.  As they spoke she grew more and more aware of his gaze.  She could almost feel it gliding down her neck, over her collarbone and plunging between her breasts.  Despite their everyday, normal conversation she felt the heat from his eyes as they slid over her breasts, down her belly and she imagined them settling over her clit.  His hands were cled, elbows resting on the table as he spoke to her.  He didn’t touch her throughout their convers ation, yet she still felt her arousal swelling inside her.  Her voice became lower and breathy as she talked to him. She found herself leaning forward and turning towards him as they talked; her neckline gaping for his gaze.  She hadn’t realised, but her knees had spread beneath the table.  An unconscious way of allowing herself to press her clit against the thin cushion as she leant forwards.  All of a sudden, his hand rested warmly just above her knee and patted.  She instantly sat up straight and, moments later, the waitress set a large plate of ribs and two finger bowls on the table.


They ate the sticky ribs without much talking.  The silence and having to eat with her fingers seemed to shrink her world to a private bubble around their table.  She felt primal.  Sucking meat from the bone, sticky juices staining her lips, she was very aware of the fact that her nipples were now hard enough for her to feel them rubbing inside the bra she was wearing and her clit was screaming at her to be rubbed harder and more directly than on a soft seat cushion.  He looked carefully at her as they ate.  Watched her body perform it’s little rocking motions in the seat, watched her green eyes darken and her tongue lick sauce from her lips.  He let her eat two more ribs and then told her to sit back and have a drink.  He finished the remaining ribs while she sat there, almost panting, as she fought to control herself.  He judged that she had got a good handle on herself by the time he had finished eating so he dried her fingers for her, after she had used the finger bowl, sliding the soft napkin along each finger to the tip.  She looked at him as he dried her fingers, the gentle tug of the napkin on each finger sending a shiver to her spine that caused the hair on the back of her neck to rise.  Her eyes pleaded with him, tried to convey to him how close she was to wantonly climbing onto his lap and grinding her cunt ont

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The meal


The table was laid.  It was an important dinner party, but the table wasn’t overly fussy.  It was going to be a simple meal: the steak already in place on warm plates at either end of the six-seater table, wine in the goblets and terrines of buttered vegetables in the middle.  One plate was set between the other two chairs.  Chairs which stood, side by side, along one of the longer sides of the oblong table.  Next to the plate were two glasses of water, a plate of small cubes of fresh bread and crudites and a dish of oily, dark balsamic dressing.  The lighting came mainly from the open door to the kitchen and the two tall candles on the table.


Two women stood, close but not touching, each behind one of the chairs.  They were dressed the same: black heels, black stockings, black suspender belt, but they looked different.  One was significantly taller than the other, and much curvier.  The curvier sub had dark blonde hair which fell in a straight curtain down her back, the other had shiny brown hair which fell in soft curls just past her shoulders.  The brown-haired sub had pubic hair, neatly trimmed very short.  The blonde-haired sub was completely bare.  Both wore a narrow black leather collar around their necks with a metal ring centre front.  And both wore leather cuffs with a similar metal ring around their wrists.


Two men entered the room and both women stiffened.  Each one cling their elbows tighter behind their back pulling their shoulders back and pushing their breasts out; nipples already erect from anticipation and from being exposed.  The older man walked towards the blonde haired sub and turned her collar so that the ring was at the back.  He threaded a chain through the ring and attached it to her cuffs; holding her wrists in place behind her waist.  Each man pulled out a chair and motioned for the women to sit.


Suctioned to the bare wood of each chair seat was a dildo, glistening with a thin coating of lube.  It wasn’t very long, maybe only 4” but it was a little thicker than a standard dildo.  Both subs placed themselves over the dildos and slowly eased themselves into their chairs.  The blonde sub could feel it slowly stretching and invading her cunt and she felt heat spread up her belly.  She turned to the older man and gave a barely noticeable smile.  The older Dom said “You are not to speak unless spoken to.”  “Yes sir,” replied his sub recognising the smile in his eyes behind his stern words.


When both women were seated the two men took a moment to check the state of their sub.  The older Dom placed his hands on his sub’s shoulders.  He gently ran his fingernail down her back.  He heard the intake of breath, saw her breasts rise and felt her rock slightly forward – dildo inside her and clit bumping onto the hard surface of the wooden chair.  He let his hands glide down the swell of her breasts, pinching each nipple between his fingers and using them to lift her heavy breasts; feeling their weight and seeing his sub rock forwards on the seat again.  He gave each nipple a playful, sharp flick and the second Dom said to his sub, “Feed her first.”  Both men sat down and began eating as the brown-haired sub, with her hands still free, turned to the blonde-haired sub and smiled.


The meal continued.  The men and women talked normally to each other.  The shorter sub fed the blonde sub bread and vegetables, dipped into the balsamic dressing.  Whenever a small drop fell onto the lip, chin or breast of the blonde sub, she kissed or licked it off.  After a while the blonde sub began to squirm noticeably in her seat. When the next drop fell onto the top of her breast the brown-haired sub leaned forward and grazed her tongue over her nipple before catching the drip.  The blonde sub squirmed again and moaned aloud, the dildo deep in her cunt, her clit swollen from constant bumping and squirming on the seat.  “I told you not to speak sub.  Are you such a slut that you can’t eat a meal at the table without moaning?”  the older Dom spoke sharply but quietly.  “Over the table now.”


The blonde sub eased herself off the dildo, ging again as it left her cunt.  She walked, wrists still bound, to the empty edge of the table, opposite the other sub, and leaned her body over it, feet shoulder width apart.  Her Dom could see her slightly gaping, wet cunt.  Without warning he stuck two fingers into it and everyone at the table heard how wet it was.  Removing his fingers, he rubbed her juices over her swollen clit and gave a quiet chuckle at the low moans his sub made.  “I think she needs more tonight,” he said to the younger Dom.  From out of his pocket he took a metal butt plug with a flared base.  The blonde sub could see that it was her medium sized one; the one she had been wearing recently for periods of time outside the house.  Her Dom applied a little lube and then she felt it pushing gently but insistently against her arsehole.  As she felt her arse open and suck the metal bulb in, her Dom grabbed her hair, turned her face towards the other Dom and delivered six sharp smacks to her arse.  She felt the heavy metal plug jolt inside her and she closed her eyes and moaned with arousal and embarrassment.  After the sixth smack he pulled her upright by her hair and delivered another six slaps to her breasts, three on each.  She felt them bounce and her hard nipples screamed in pain, making her g and cry out.  “Sit back down and finish your meal,” her Dom said.


On wobbly legs, she returned to her seat.  As she lowered herself back onto the dildo she felt an exquisite fullness as the dildo rubbed past the plug in her arse.  The brown-haired sub had been eating but, at a motion from her Dom, she began to lick and suck the blonde-haired sub’s sore, engorged nipples.  The sensation was arousing and soothing but, desperate to make no sound, the blonde-haired sub closed her eyes and tilted her head back.  Focused on allowing the soothing attention.  She didn’t notice that she was already rocking her clit against the wooden chair seat again, but the two men did…


Mar 28, 2020

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A lesson


I have just emerged, emotionally bruised and exhausted, from three days of chat with a Dom. Three days is the wink of an eye I know, but it was hours and hours of intense chat where I was constantly having to examine my feelings.


I don't mind that. In fact, I like self reflection and I like being honest. I like it when I realise that my attitude is changing as I consider something in depth; when it almost becomes thinking aloud to the questioner.


So, here we are discussing an area of BDSM. He presents a specific scenario to me. This scenario is what I had considered to be a hard limit. But the area appeals to me and I present a scenario that I am more comfortable with. We talk around it for a day. He explored it and engaged with it, seeming to be on the verge of accepting it, but ultimately he rejected it and said that we are better off not exploring this area at all.


I reflect for a while and decide that my hard limit is less important to me than being able to explore in this area. It was a difficult decision to reach but, once I reached it, it was my decision and I owned it. We began to re-examine my scenario as a reward scene. For a whole day we talked about it, he made it clear that it was a possibility. He recognised my compromise and what I needed.


Then, at midnight, when I was emotionally invested, when I had told him how excited I was with the idea of exploring in this area, he began to chisel away at my scenario. Chisel away to the point where I no longer recognised it. Twisted it so that, on the surface, it looked like my scenario but underneath it was basically the same as his. Then he took a key element of my scenario and told me he would not engage with it. Then he told me the only way he would explore this element - this was a change I had already told him was another of my hard limits.


And the penny dropped. The pattern was revealed. This is what this person does. He withholds information about his hard limits until his subject is invested in the scenario. Then he presents the choice: compromise or you will not experience or explore this at all.


I have no problem with people (even Doms lol) having hard limits. I do have a problem with people who do not share them honestly. Who give the impression that something is on the table when it isn't. Who suck you in and then cut you off; dangling a poor imitation of the carrot you desire if you will only give them exactly what they want. Go on, it's your hard limit not mine, you can compromise. Again. And again. And again.


The message is clear: my way only; never what you really desire, or what you really need. That is not my D/s.


Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.


I knew that Abusers do not all shout and beat people into submission. I knew that some Abusers are insidious. But I did not internalise that knowledge until yesterday.

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Skimming Stone


A climb to the sun, carried on a fresh waft of air,
a plunge into cold, sucking water.
Momentum and luck keep the stone dancing on the surface.


False flight in the light versus weak pull to the dark,
the endlessly skimming stone keeps searching.

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Erotica - The river


The sand martins flew back and forth over her prone body, flying in and out of their nests in the sandy bank which rose 4 feet behind her head.  On top of the bank the wheat waved in the light breeze; a small indent of flattened heads showing where she had dropped down onto the pebbles of the river bank.  She lay on her back, naked in the sun. The fluffy beach towel between her back and the pebbles doing nothing to negate their massaging feel as she wriggled her shoulders.


She heard the sand martins, but she knew he would not be coming from above her head; he would be coming from across the river.  From the field of maize.  She raised her knees to the sun and parted them slightly.  It wasn't long before the sound of the water endlessly passing her by was interrupted.  It was a subtle change but something was cutting through the waist high water; resisting the current.


She heard him crunch across the pebbles but drops of cool water were the first thing she felt.  They landed on her knees and ran down her thighs, raising goosebumps on the surface of her warm skin.  Then two firm, wet hands slid between her thighs pushing them wide.  The coldness of his hands and the sun's heat on her cunt made her moan quietly and squirm her shoulders onto the pebbles again.  Warm breath blew onto her clit and she somehow stretched her knees still further apart.  A cool finger pushed into her mouth and she swirled her tongue around it, making it wet but not quite warming it. The finger rested on her clit and gently rubbed in a circular motion, gradually pressing harder. Her shoulders were firmly pressed against the pebbles now and her back arched as his tongue pushed it's way into her cunt.  In and out, he fucked her with his tongue.  She stopped hearing the sand martins and the river, she stopped thinking of fishermen and her father in his tractor somewhere on the land above her head, and her entire being rushed to the place between her legs.


When her moans became louder and she pressed her heels into the hard stones and lifted her hips he knew she was close.  His finger left her clit and two of them replaced his tongue in her cunt; curling round inside her and rubbing firmly in that special place.  Her fingers gripped the beach towel and he sucked her clit into his mouth and flicked it with his tongue.  She started to cum.  Heat radiated down through her body, and her hips froze in the air as she called out loudly.  Her cunt clenched his fingers, soaking them with her wetness.  Her knees squeezed together, locking his head between her thighs, as she rode every last spasm of her orgasm.


She sat up and looked at him.  He was naked except for a pair of shorts and his cock was clearly hard.  Still holding his gaze she reached out one hand and lightly scratched her nails along the length of it, using her other hand to take his and suck her juice off his fingers.
   "I want to suck your cock" she said, squeezing his heavy balls as she said it.  He reached out, surprising her when he gently pinched her nose shut between his thumb and finger.
   "You'd better get into the river then" he replied with a gleam in his eye...

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Erotica - The key


I stepped through the door and felt his hand grab my hair firmly, his fist pressed against my head.  My bag was knocked from my hand and I heard books slither across the floor. I opened my mouth to shout but his hand left my hair and covered my mouth, pulling my body back to his.  As his other hand snaked around and began tearing my shirt open, my mind managed to register the hardness inside his trousers pressing into my ass.  He had been thinking about this for a while; probably long before I texted him to say I was on my way home.  Maybe he had been thinking about it since I gave him my key two weeks ago.  His lips were at my ear, warm breath and a soft voice told me not to make a sound.


My shirt was used to tie my wrists firmly behind my back.  And still he hadn't turned me around.  With my hands secured, he grabbed my hair again pulling my head back onto his shoulder.  I stumbled backwards, my tits thrust out, a groan escaping my lips. The straps of my bra were roughly shoved down and my tits pulled free.  He slapped them, hard, and I squealed and squirmed.  The sudden stab of pain as he twisted one of my nipples made me still and I was forced to silently endure some more slaps and the humiliation of knowing my nipples were hard.  When my eyes closed and my body was squirming again, this time to push my tits into his hand, he stopped and used his grip on my hair to walk me forwards and push me over the back of the sofa.  His hand traced down my hair, spreading it over my back, until his hand met the waistband of my comfortable work trousers.  I felt them and my panties yanked down and his hand briefly rested on my ass.  My head raised in anticipation but he pushed it down into the cushions.  I felt him standing at my left hip, his hand holding my roped wrists firmly and then the spanking began.  Each blow creating a heat that sank into my skin, deeper and deeper, until a burning ball of need churned in my cunt.  My eyes closed again and I knew I was mewling but I was calm and still - nothing in my head but the sound and the hurt and the heat.


Did the sound I was making change?  Did I move in some unconscious subtle way?  I don't know.  I just know the sound and the hurt stopped.  When his foot kicked mine apart, there was only heat.  When one hand rested on my ass and the other guided his cock to the entrance to my cunt, there was only heat.  Without having to think about it I moved, almost imperceptibly, so that the tip of his cock was held.  With one hand holding my wrists and the other pulling my head up by my hair, he pushed into me.  Slowly but deeply, letting me feel the length of him, letting me feel his hips on my ass.  Then, just as suddenly as he had been slow, he pulled out and thrust back in.  Making my body shunt forward; making his hips pound my red ass.  Again and again.


The punishing, bruising force, the hurt in my ass and the heat held in a ball inside me seemed to dance together outside and inside my body.  I thought of nothing; I felt everything.  And then the ball of heat flashed inside me, seared and contracted every muscle in my body.  He thrust a few more times before he exploded inside me and each one sent another wave of heat rippling through my muscles.


I was still bent over the sofa when I heard him place the glass of water on the table, stroke my hair off my face and begin to untie my wrists.

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There was nothing D/s about this, this was a a purely sexual urge.  The need for sex with someone who wasn't going to be afraid to be rough.  I knew that you were too far away; but you were willing to come.  We never said it would be just this once but I knew it, and I hope you did too.  That seemingly endless dance in your hotel room as I let you mistake my desperation as nerves.  My unjustified, can't-believe-I-still-feel-it, shame at needing this holding me back from making the first move.  Standing and being taken by surprise at the sudden pounce of your body, stepping into my personal space, your lips attacking mine.  Your move cutting the ropes holding me back, my hand reaching for and finding your hard cock inside your jeans as I feel my bra unfasten and your hands on my breasts.  When my fingernails scratch your cock through the denim you walk me backwards to the bed and push me onto it.  Pull off my shoes, tear off my jeans and push my panties to the side. I'm wet - you can see - and you pound into me.  You're big and hit deep inside me, again and again.


I don't know how many times I came.  I know that I came at least twice just from your bruising penetration - a rarity for me usually.  I know I came when you folded me over, bit my nipples and slammed into my cunt hard and fast.  I know I came without having to rub my clit when you slammed into me from behind, when you slapped my ass and when you pulled my hair.


I know we lay naked on a rumpled bed and tickled each other with fingernails and laughed.


I know that all that isn't enough.

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I knew this was a mistake.  I knew this was a mistake from the moment he stepped into my car and started talking.  I had a choice now: stop the car and ask him to get out, or continue and see where he could take me in one afternoon.


I weighed up the first choice.  He was not a danger to me.  A week of chatting and two coffees had revealed that he was exactly what he said he was.  My mind leaped to my second choice.  Drive him.  Drive him to where he wanted to take me and see how it felt. Experience, for one afternoon, what I knew I may not experience again.  Trust in this man, this stranger, to cherish my submission and use me - just for one afternoon.


I made my choice and owned it.


We parked next to some common land on the edge of town.  Patches of wood grew densely not far from the paths which ran between two new suburban developments.  A light but clingy drizzle fell as he led me along the path and then into a copse.


He told me that I couldn't look at him now then he dropped to his knees and lifted my skirt.  Rough but careful hands, skilled hands, ran over my arse and circled my thighs - pulling them further apart.  He pressed his thumb onto my clit and pushed two fingers inside me - I could hear and feel that I was wet.  His words confirmed this.


He led me over to a tree and told me to kneel in front of it.  With his back to the grassy pathway into the copse he presented me with his cock and told me to suck it.  It had been so long, I devoured it.  Big enough to tease my gag reflex but small enough for me to truly enjoy; I forgot about where I was.  He didn't cum.


After removing my bra he told me to stand and he led me back to the path.  I watched as he picked a large frond from a patch of stinging nettles.  My mind flashed to the video he had sent me and I failed to recall the last time I had been stung by a nettle.  He led me further along the pathway, to the crest of a slope between the next woody patch, my back to the open meadow.  He told me to lift my top and he pinched my nipples, hard enough to make me gasp.  I didn't squeal until he used my nipples to lift my breasts - that was pain not play.  I squealed out my pain and sucked in hard through my nose, readying myself for the next.  When he whipped my breasts with the nettles I was surprised by how little sting there was - it was almost a caress, and he knew it.  He lifted my breasts again until I squealed and moaned.  Eventually he dropped the frond and pulled my top down. He put his arms out and I stepped into them and he hugged  me.  I shivered from the rain and the cold, but breathed deeply in his arms and felt safe.  He told me I had done well.  He told me he was impressed that I hadn't cried.


Back in my car he instructed me to put my bra back on and then told me I deserved to cum (he had denied me all week).  In my car, tucked away from the road, I reclined my seat, lifted my skirt and spread my legs.  I closed my eyes and he used four fingers to bring me to orgasm - an orgasm that didn't seem to want to stop, but that never crashed and left me feeling spent.


On the drive back, and over another two coffees, we talked.  We talked more of his life and we talked about mine.  We talked about how things would be as his 'toy'.  More and more I realised that 'toy' would experience many of the extreme kinks which piqued her curiosity.  More and more I realised that 'Iris', who pays 'toy's' bills, would break to the point of being unable to function.


Then I remembered my choice.  This wasn't a mistake; this could become a mistake.


When we parted, I knew I wouldn't see him again.  But for five hours he showed me so much about myself.




I wanted to get this out of my system. I wanted to be able to remind myself about this afternoon, after the memory of it has faded.


Life is about weighing up risks, not about rolling a die.



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Erotica - The pinch


She stood, naked, in the small cubicle.  Her clothes stuffed untidily into her gym bag and her costume and goggles waiting on the wooden bench.  Her eyes were closed and the coldness brought goosebumps to the surface of her skin, and caused her nipples to harden.  She tried to filter the voices out of the sounds assailing her ears, to focus only on the sound of water: splashes, showers and the thumping of displaced water as someone jumped into the pool.  When this feat was achieved she took her nipples between her finger and thumb, squeezed firmly and breathed deeply in through her nose.  Instantly the chlorine smell flooded into her body.  It seemed to blast it's way round her internal being, the catalyst that awoke one of her fondest memories.  She almost felt the tug back in time to another cubicle at another swimming pool.


This time she stood a few inches shorter, and a black swimming costume covered her body.  Her nipples though were still affected by the cold air, they were clearly visible and had not gone unnoticed by the young man stood in front of her.  He reached out and pinched, smiling at her gasp.  She arched her back, trying to force them into his fingers again, wanting them to be pinched again - harder.  But he took her hand instead and placed it low on his stomach.  She flexed her fingers, feeling the light covering of hair and his rapid breathing.  Then he bent his head down and kissed her, pushing his tongue into her mouth and sealing the gap between their bodies from mouth to groin.  She instantly forgot the sounds around her: the sound of her younger brother and sister playing in the pool with his younger brothers and sisters.  She hadn't wanted to babysit them, she hadn't even wanted this family holiday.  Seventeen was too old to sleep in a room with siblings, with an interconnecting door to your parents' room.  There was no fucking way she was coming next year; she was going to do this though, over and over again.


She realised her hand had moved to the front of his trunks and she squeezed his hard cock, smiling into the kiss when he groaned into her mouth.  She forgot about wanting her nipples pinched again when she felt his fingers wriggling inside the tight fabric of her costume and rubbing against her clit.  She felt wet there, but she was wet all over from the pool.  She jumped, her mouth leaving his when he pushed his finger inside her.  He smiled and told her it was okay as he leaned her against the back wall of the cubicle.


And, he was right, it did feel okay.  In fact it felt amazing as he moved his finger in and out of her.  Too soon he stopped and she watched as he pulled his cock out of his trunks. It was hard, pink and shiny and she really wanted to touch it has he stroked his fist up and down it.  But he stepped forward instead, pushed her costume to the side and pressed it to her cunt.  He kissed her again as she felt him steadily push inside her.  She tried to push back against him as she felt her cunt stretch around him.  Suddenly, with an internal pop that made her gasp he was inside her completely.  She put her hands on his chest and made him still as she adjusted to the full, stretched feeling.  Then he began to pull out of her, not far, before thrusting back in.  At first it felt uncomfortable, then she began to feel a warmth spreading through her.  It rippled through her body like waves, a fresh wave with each thrust.  When the warmth reached her breasts she heard herself say "Pinch me!"  But he didn't hear her, instead she felt him cum deep inside her.


She opened her eyes, dressed and went to her meeting in the pool.  She had requested it be here.  She didn't know what would come of this meeting but she knew, like 25 years ago, that she would not be washing the chlorine off her body afterwards.

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Erotica - The lube


The cheap conference chair was not helping her enjoy the butt plug.  She shifted a little and momentarily closed her eyes when the movement cause a spasm to ripple through her cunt.  A text at lunchtime had instructed her to insert it and she had now been sat for nearly 3 hours.  She was uncomfortable, horny and so wet she could feel it soaking her knickers inside her jeans.  Every time she folded her arms her fingertips stroked over her hardened nipples - she did this often.  The frustration from last night had been driven home that morning, as she had eaten the banana which still smelled of his cum.  And it had grown and grown all day.  She was desperate to see him, to feel his hands on her.


Finally the session ended and she almost jogged the half mile, through Bloomsbury, back to her hotel.  He was not in her room this time, but she knew he was not far away and she quickly prepared herself so that she was waiting as instructed.  She stripped off her clothes and folded them neatly into a pile on the floor.  Next her long blonde hair was secured in a high ponytail, then she placed matching bands at regular intervals along the tail; creating a heavy rope of hair that thudded against her back when she moved.  Her makeup was light - her green eyes framed with mascara and her lips very red.  She put her 3 middle fingers inside her cunt intending to spread the wetness over her clit and inner lips, but quickly realised that her frustration, arousal and fidgeting had already done the job for her.  She cleaned her fingers with her mouth and then got onto all fours in the middle of the bed; her arse facing the door and her head facing the net curtains - the only covering over the 2nd floor window.


It was less than 10 minutes later that the door opened and she heard him walk in.  She was aware of him standing behind her, inspecting her exposed cunt.  He placed his thumb onto the end of the butt plug and gently pushed, whilst two fingers of his other hand slid between her lips, up over her clit and back again.  They paused at the entrance to her cunt for just a moment before plunging inside.  She breathed deeply through her nose to stifle a moan, knowing she had to remain silent during his inspection.  He slowly added another finger and rotated them inside her and her breath hissed out through her teeth.
   "Up." He said.  She rose onto her knees and turned to face him. "Open." His wet fingers filled her mouth and she sucked greedily, cleaning her juices off his fingers.  "Lean back." She spread her knees apart and leaned back on her hands.  Her large breasts were thrust out towards him and she held her head up, looking him in the eye, as he grasped each erect nipple between his thumb and forefinger and squeezed, pulled and twisted. She watched as his dark head bent forward and she felt him take her right nipple into his mouth.  She groaned as he used his teeth to clamp her nipple before sucking and flicking it with his tongue.  Then he bit and sucked harder and she threw her head back and groaned loudly.  Pain in both nipples, one from twisting and one from biting, shooting straight to her core and making her cunt throb.  When he moved to her left nipple and did the same she felt his fingers enter her again; they curled and stroked the special place on her front wall.  Faster, firmer, the pain in her bitten nipple blending with the building pressure in her cunt.  She was panting and whimpering when he looked up and said "eyes".  Her head snapped up and she looked at him as the pressure exploded and her body spasmed again and again, as her cunt gushed over his hand and the bed.


Her orgasm was still rippling through her as he withdrew his fingers, slick with her cum, and said "turn over"...

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Erotica - The banana


She was late.  The conference session had run on, she hadn't even got to speak on her amendment and she had forgotten her task this morning.  And now, because she was late, he would be waiting in her hotel room and she would not even be able to consider whether to do it and pretend she had done it at the proper time.  The item would be sitting there, in plan view, selling her out.


Thankfully no one rode the lift with her so she used the mirrored walls to check her face and hair.  Long blonde hair she hadn't had time to blow dry this morning looked a little dishevelled, but her face glowed with anticipation and her cheeky green eyes sparkled.  A short walk later and she was stood outside her hotel room door, getting ready to knock, still vaguely hoping that he was late.


He was never late.
   "Come." His deep measured voice sounded from inside the room.  She stepped through the door, head bowed, turned and closed it.  Then, still facing the door, she stripped naked; starting with her feet and moving upwards.  Only when she was completely naked, and her clothes were in a neat pile in front of the door, did she turn and raise her eyes to meet his gaze.


He stood on the other side of the bed in the usual dark trousers, light shirt and tie. Today though, incongruously, he was holding a bright yellow banana in his right hand.
   "What were you supposed to do with this, sub?" His question was calm but it still scattered her thoughts.  She felt her cheeks colour and her heart pick up pace.  He closed the gap between them in three quick strides and lightly slapped her cheek.  "Don't make me wait for your answer, sub." He didn't raise his voice but the imperative was unmistakable.  The low burn from his hand on her cheek did nothing to focus her mind for a few seconds then, finally, she managed to put together the fact that it was Tuesday with the memorised routine.
   "Sir, I was supposed to wipe the banana on my cunt and then eat it.  I forgot my task. I'm sorry.  Please be kind." She knew it was hopeless.  She rarely made mistakes and, when she did, he took full advantage.


   "Kneel and open your mouth." For a moment she thought she had got away with it, then he said, "Get this nice and wet, sub."  As he slid the unpeeled banana into her mouth and to the back of her throat she looked up at him, as she had been instructed to when she was on her knees with her mouth full.  He fucked her mouth with the banana for what seemed like an eternity, her humiliation growing with every stroke.  Humiliation made worse as she felt the wetness that had been building all day begin to drip onto her thighs. "You want my cock, don't you sub?"


   "Yes Sir.  Please let me have your cock." She begged, faint hope raising it's head again. "Let me taste your cum Sir, please."


   "Get on the bed, sub." The words were barely out of his mouth before she was scrambling onto the bed, eager to assume the required position.  She hung her head over the edge of the bed, drew her knees up and spread her legs wide.  Vulnerable and exposed she hoped that Sir would spank her cunt and clit; that he would want to feel her groaning and whimpering around his cock as he did it.  He told her to open and then shoved the banana into her mouth. "You do not deserve my cum today, sub. You have disappointed me. I am going to leave my cum on this banana, then I am going to leave.  You will hold it in your mouth until the door closes then you will place it on this shelf.  You will peel and eat the banana tomorrow, but you will not lick it or wipe it on your cunt.  I will see you tomorrow night.  You will not cum before then.  Do you understand, sub?"


   "Yes sir. Thank you for correcting me." The words were muffled around the banana but she knew he had heard.  He brought his cock out, wet with precum, and she watched as he stroked it in front of her face.  Faster and harder until it pulsed and, with a grunt, his cum landed thick and heavy on the banana.  She moaned softly as the smell of his cum filled her nostrils.  He went into the bathroom and cleaned himself; something else denied her tonight.  Then he left his sub on the bed.  Untouched.


After the door closed behind him she followed her instructions carefully and then got in to bed; frustrated, miserable that she had disappointed him and resolute to do better tomorrow.

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Erotica - The door

How much longer?  She wondered, as the plates for main were cleared and conversations started in pairs and trios, debating the apparently thorny issue of whether or not to have desert.  She checked her phone again to find a message asking her to relay her current drinks total - three small wines.  She decided that coffee and a liqueur would sort the two problems occupying her world at that moment.  They would be sociable but not overly lengthy to consume and the liqueur would provide her with the additional alcohol she felt in need of.  In the event the restaurant gifted a limoncello to everyone in the large party and she gratefully consumed the two unwanted shots as well as her own.  She downed her espresso, made her apologies and left.

A brisk walk was in order because of her forgotten coat but she welcomed the cold air penetrating her shirt, it woke her body up from it's slumber.  It was a short walk to the hotel and all she thought about was the fact that, tonight, he was staying.  She knew her nipples were hard when she walked into the lobby and sent the text 'Bar or room, Sir?'  The reply came almost instantly, polite but firm: 'Wait for me in the bar please, sub'.

She sat in the corner, without a drink - her instruction had been to wait.  She got her phone out, not wanting to miss any other messages and, to her horror, the other women from the restaurant appeared in the bar.  They couldn't possibly not see her and, sure enough, they made their way over.  Quickly filling the small alcove that she had hoped was going to be a space for some very arousing subtle play.  Where's your friend, they asked, clearly curious about the absence of the excuse she had given for leaving early. She opened her mouth knowing that her brain would fill it with something clever.  Then she caught sight of him entering the bar, saw him assess the situation in seconds and saw him smile wickedly as he took a stool at the bar (directly opposite her seat) instead of coming over to her.  Her brain shut down as all the blood in her body rushed to her core and she realised her knees were squeezing together involuntarily.  She heard herself say "I don't know. I expect he'll be along later."  The other women sat down making sympathetic noises and she blinked, looking at them not him, and realised she had missed the only opportunity she had had to throw it back at him.  To say, he's at the bar perhaps he's a bit intimidated, I'll go and get him.  She leant back and crossed her legs, her top leg immediately rocking trying to relieve the tension in her cunt.

After a minute her phone beeped.  She looked towards the bar before she looked at her phone; she could see him grinning. 'You haven't got a drink, sub. Cum to the bar and get one.'  Slowly she got to her feet and made her way to the bar, focusing on her posture. She couldn't help it, she had to stand near him.  He ignored her attempt at eye contact, but she could see him assessing her reactions as she paid the barmaid.  She felt naked as she carried her drink back to the other women.

Several texts followed over the next forty minutes: 'This is immense fun.' 'You stay - this is non negotiable.' 'Stop fidgeting.'  Each one accompanied by a clear view of his obvious delight in her growing frustration.  She found it increasingly hard to engage in the conversation around her.  Finally a message appeared: 'I am going to the room, sub.  You will come up in 15 minutes.'  She watched him leave, held her frustrated arousal in check for another 10 minutes, then made her excuses again and left the bar.

A short ride in the lift and soon she was stood outside the door of 210.  She knew what was going to happen in this room, she knew why she was here, but she didn't know how it was going to make her feel.  She was horny, brave and scared as fuck when she opened the door and stepped through...

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Erotica - The club

She stood on four inch black patent heels outside the innocuous looking door of the fetish club, somewhat relieved that she had negotiated the uneven pavement without incident.  She glanced at him and pushed her nerves deep down to allow a grateful smile to play on her lips; his firm hand in the small of her back had been all the support she had needed.  He had got very good at anticipating her fears and supporting her development and she was very grateful to him for that.  Now here she stood, outside a building that housed a desire she had harboured for years, played with in her mind but never dreamed would actually be fulfilled.
   “Mask on, coat off” he ordered quietly.  She watched him pull the black suede mask over his thick hair and settle it comfortably over his eyes. The soft brown of his eyes became instantly darker, more dangerous, but the usual smirk was still there.  For a moment she let her eyes travel down his body.  Well covered in a tight black t-shirt and black trousers. Well covered but clearly defined.  The familiar wide, brown leather belt sat provocatively on his hips and she stared, licked her lips and remembered how it had felt around her neck in the cave.  From out of his pocket poked a loop of thin brown leather. It matched exactly the narrow brown leather collar around her neck.  Her fuchsia tipped fingers touched it reflexively, feeling the cold metal of the small eyelet, and she knew immediately that he had a lead in his pocket for her.  She placed her own matching mask on and enjoyed the feeling of anonymity it created.  Her smile deepened as she thought of how she had covered her face and was now going to expose her body.  As instructed she shrugged off her long coat and passed it to him.  Instantly her nipples hardened in the cool air behind their fine black lace covering.  The lace was barely patterned and totally see-through.  Black satin ribbons held the cups together over her heavy breasts, but her nipples already protruded through.  He reached across and rubbed his thumb in a circle around first one then the other, making them harden even more and her lips part. He pinched one and a gasp escaped her mouth.
   "I have the clamps" he whispered, showing his teeth in a grin for the first time.  She watched his eyes explore her body, the way hers had his.  She placed her feet shoulder width apart and clasped her hands behind her back, but kept her chin up and focused her eyes on the opposite pavement - empty at the moment.  She was aware of him tracing his finger down the clasps of the black corset.  She remembered, from dressing herself, how it had pushed her breasts up and out and accentuated her waist and hips; exaggerating her large hourglass figure.  She felt him adjust the zip on her long, black suede pencil skirt - drawing it up from just above her knee to just below her hip, exposing her black stocking top and a suspender belt hook.  She felt air access her naked cunt; still just about hidden behind the flap of skirt.  He placed his hand on the small of her back again and knocked firmly on the door.

The club was loud and busy.  Very quickly any feelings of self-consciousness vanished. There were many shapes, sizes, ages, genders and many exposed more flesh than her. People stood talking, mainly in pairs, but sometimes in larger groups.  She saw subtle touches of exposed parts and overt collars and leads.  And, on one woman, her lead was attached to a labial piercing, but there was no sexual play taking place in this room.

Suddenly she felt rather than heard a small click.  A gentle tug made her realise that he had attached the lead to her collar.  She followed him through the crowd, taking the opportunity to admire the movement of his shoulders and hips as he cut a path purposefully through the crowd.  Eventually they reached a door.
   "If you want me to stop just say 'red'.  Not 'shit' or 'stop' or 'sorry', ok?  Just 'red'.” She returned his grin and nodded.

Inside the small room was a circular platform.  On the platform was a table with things on but she couldn’t see what.  Her eyes took in the couple sat together on one of the benches on the opposite side of the room and then settled on the metal hook projecting down towards the centre of the platform.

   "Wrists!" His voice made her jump and she refocused her attention back on him quickly.  Her offered up wrists were placed in leather cuffs and attached together with a short chain.  He lifted the chain up to the hook.  She felt her arms, torso and legs stretched to the limit.  Her heels lifted and she was balanced on her toes.  His hand glided down her arms, the sides of her body and then onto her breasts.  He teased her nipples until they were erect, pulling and pinching.  His head bent forward and she felt need hot and heavy in her belly as his tongue licked at them.  Heat flared in her cunt as she felt his teeth bite each nipple and pull; she groaned.  She felt a harder pinch that awoke memories as he placed the heavy metal clamps on both nipples.  Her groan was louder and she felt wetness between her legs as he hooked his finger in the loop of thread attached to each clamp and tugged.

A voice from across the room snapped then both out of their play.  She watched him walk across to the couple.  The man said something she didn't hear and she saw K shake his head and say something.  Soon he was back with her.  She didn't ask; it wasn't important.  The couple stayed; it didn't matter.

She felt the zip move on her skirt and then the material slither over her skin and fall to the floor at her feet.  Her arse and cunt were now exposed, framed by her black suspenders.  He clicked the vibe in her plug and she felt the vibrations, instantly strong. He pulled the clamps again and the pain blended with the vibrations.  Her breathing was becoming ragged now and nothing existed except the sensations inside her.  One hand twisted the clamps and then his fingers pushed inside her, curling and rubbing at the front wall of her cunt.  Soon she was panting, desperately trying to draw air into her lungs.  The warm glow of arousal that had been spread throughout her body since the moment she had stepped through the innocuous door, now crashed down between her legs.

   “Not yet.” The demand in his voice was unmistakable and she clenched hard and whimpered, trying to stop the orgasm that she balanced on the edge of.  His fingers pumped in and out of her faster and faster and her whimper became a low sob that squeezed out between her teeth as she held onto the orgasm that he didn’t want yet.        “Cum for me now” he breathed right into her ear, as he gave the cord a final cruel half twist.  She closed her eyes and screamed out her breath as she released the clench and let the orgasm surge out of her.  She felt both his hand on her face as another wave crashed down and then out of her.  She couldn’t stop it, she could only breath, until she began to notice his hands touching her skin and the bite of the clamps once more.  She felt his wet fingers on her lips and she opened and sucked them clean greedily.
   "Good girl” he said.  Gently he removed the clamps and released her wrists.  He walked her over to a bench, smoothly scooping up her skirt on the way.  Wrapping it around her like a cloak, he pulled her onto his lap and tipped her head onto his chest, under his chin.

Sometime later she looked around and realised her first audience had reached five.              "Thank you" she whispered, smiling when she felt his grin.

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Erotica - The belt

After stripping me of my clothes, he takes my hands one at a time and places the palms against the wall at shoulder height.  Then he speaks for the first time.


   "Don't move." His voice is quiet but deep and strong and I don't even consider disobeying.  I feel cold air caress my exposed skin as he steps back.  His hands leave the back of my hands and travel along the skin of my arms, over my shoulders and down my back; warm, dry and firm.  I'm enjoying the sensation on the swell of my arse when suddenly it disappears.  Before I have time to register the loss it reconnects with a swift, stinging smack.  The sound echoes off the walls of the cave and masks my gasp of surprise.  My body jumps but I manage to keep my palms firmly planted against the wall. Four more follow quickly, all in a slightly different place and my gasps turn to groans as I feel my skin warming and my cunt moistening.


I itch to take my hand off the wall and touch my clit, to move my fingers in and out of myself but I remember his words and I flex my fingers against the wall to remind myself of what I must touch instead.  He has stepped forward.  The rough fabric of his jeans rubbing my warmed skin and his hand snakes around my stomach, dips down and presses my swollen clit.  Another groan escapes my lips and then two of his fingers push inside me, rubbing and turning.  I push my arse towards him, trying to grind onto his fingers and moan softly as I feel a pressure building inside me.  Too soon his fingers leave me.  Then they are at my lips.  I can feel how wet they are.  He rubs firmly and I open my mouth to receive them.  I suck hungrily at them and taste nothing but myself.  Then they are gone again.


He takes hold of my hips and pulls them further away from the wall, forcing me to arch my back.  There's a soft swish of air and then his wide, brown leather belt lands on my arse.  My first sound is a gasp, the pain a surprise and not immediately felt.  By the fifth I am screaming, out loud and in my head.  Nothing occupies my thoughts except the feel of the belt on my skin, but I don't want him to stop.  I can hear his heavier breathing and three more land.  My last scream ends with a low sob and my head falls forward as I fight to stay on my feet and keep my hands on the wall.


I feel his body, naked this time, press to my back and his hands hold my hips, holding me steady as his cock slides smoothly into my soaking cunt.  He starts slowly; withdrawing almost to his tip and pushing back in.  As my body starts to move with him and my arms are again able to brace against the wall, he thrusts harder.  His hips connect with my sore arse and create a mixture of exquisite pleasure and hot pain.  I can't stop my orgasm from building and crashing inside me long before I feel the familiar throb of his cock.  He lets me release it, wave after wave; my cunt pulsing around his cock.


I am spun around, my hands finally leaving the wall and his hands knot into my hair and force me to my knees.  His cock is hard and wet with my juices and some of his as I take it into my mouth.  I run my tongue up and down the shaft as I work my lips along the length.  I take it as deeply as I can, looking up at him looking down at me.  He frowns and then grins cruelly and his hands pull my hair, forcing his cock further down my throat.  He pumps several times, very deep, then I feel it pulse and warm, thick cum shoots right down my throat.  I gulp and lick, wanting every drop, and continue until he withdraws from my mouth.


Still on my knees, I see the belt in his hands.  This time he threads it around my neck and pushes the buckle to my throat, creating a collar and lead.  A gentle but firm pull raises me to my feet and he leads me deeper into the darker part of the cave.  I follow, leaving my clothes and the light behind me.


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