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8/2/2015 11:42:07 PM
Hello what do you say about this??  
Hello Miss Lenchik,  
This is your history teacher Mr Vernik and you best friend's step dady. My owners Miss Gal and Master Dan allowed me to share with you my true status.  
i live as a sissymaid slave to the superior couple. After Miss Shilo divorced me I became thier sissy maid. i beg you to use me as your sissymaid slave at your upcoming birthday party and show me to everyone from school, family and Miss Shilo family.  

7/21/2015 9:33:01 PM
My sissymaid tidi is crying all day.
As usual he went for his weekly maid service to Miss Gal, my nice neighbour and a former student of sissy who caught him and handeld him to me.
She realy been hard on the wimp and he back talked her so after spanking sissy infront of her friend who just wanted to see sissy dance while she picture him, she wanted to do the worst shame ever for a loser teacher and husband and man.
I couldnt resist her wickdness and my man went along so sissy is in biggg trouble :)


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