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Journal Entries by diablita01:
7/16/2022 8:54:16 AM   View Comments

Apparently i let my anxiety and lazy ass get the better of me. I let myself go and now just burst down crying as i tried a new bikini. Is there a nice not so nice Dominant who wants to help me get back in shape pretty please? 

1/9/2014 8:42:16 AM   View Comments

I'm the luckiest girl in the whole wide world because I have a wonderful fiance whom I love very much and who takes good care of me. I also have my daddy who's teaching me to be a good submisive. 




I'm on this site for nice conversations with kinky people like me but I'm not looking for a dominant. 




Have a good day all pervies ^_^











9/24/2013 5:42:23 AM   View Comments

Morning all! I thought of putting a little update here since so much  has changed in my life. The most important is I have mah Daddy SirHero now! ^-^ Even though he's really strict, he's also very caring and know what's best for me. How lucky I am to have him in mah life now! ^-^ 


And just to make you all girls jealous, here's the sweetest thing he said to me  yesterday: 




''You are the brightness in my day. When I see you look at me ready to serve. I become filled with pride. When you smile at me my worries and doubts are whisked away because I know I've made a good choice. Even when we disagree about none D/s topics. I know once we talk. Things will be ok after it. Even when you are a brat. You are special to me and I know not only you will grow with me but I'll grow with you.'' 






He wrote me that after he punished me to cheer me up because I was so sad I had displeased him that much. I sweet daddy! ^-^ 




Ok! Have a beautiful day all pervies





1/7/2012 9:31:25 AM   View Comments

Morning everyone!




I hope you all had a wonderful first week in 2012. I did :)




This week, I had to wear my collar at home. It felt great to be my Master's submissive for a whole week non-stop. You can bet, sex was awesome.  ^-^ I'm the happiest little sub right now because Master used me all week long, several times, everyday. And I was good enough to have rewards ^-^ yummy.




I also met  a new friend from here and we had a blast yesterday. ( You know who you are) :). In my profile I say I'm here to find friends...well its about time! *giggle* Seriously, it was fun and I'm glad that we all get along. :) Let's plan something again soon! For those who wonder, we just went to a restaurant and had a good time there with other friends..noting sexual. ..but it was STILL pretty fun and hilarious! haha.




In a word, my week as a complete submissive at home was awesome. I was punished a few times for being bad but was also rewarded for being good. I got to spend a LOT of time with my  beloved Master and I'm grateful for that. ^-^




So, this morning, I still have my collar on and will be Master's good gatita for a few hours again. I'm a bit sad because it's our last day of vacation which means we have to go back to work and I won't get to wear my collar and play as much. *sigh* Let's have another week of vacation soon...











12/30/2011 9:18:08 AM   View Comments

I just had to say this...Who's going to a niiice hotel for 2 days with her Master? MEEh!!!!!!! :) 






I am the happiest little sub EVER! 


this is going the best new year eve!




Haapy new year all! 





4/15/2011 11:45:45 AM   View Comments

I miss my life with Master when we used to live alone together so much. I miss giving in to him, miss to feel his control over me, miss putting my life into his hands and just do my best to please him..




Few more months and we'll be together in our home again. <3




Your gatita,





2/4/2011 10:13:16 AM   View Comments

Today is one of these days where I'm alone at home and wish Master was there. I miss him , I miss to please him, I miss obeying to his orders ..or not, I miss wearing my collar.




Long looooong day :(








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