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Journal Entries by chastityslaveIL:
12/21/2016 12:04:41 PM   View Comments
I've been a little lazy in my hole training as of late. I'm think I need to buy a time controlled lock box to put the keys to the 4 pad locks that secure my butt plug harness.

9/27/2016 10:35:17 AM   View Comments
It has been far to long since my little cock was locked in chastity. I have rectified that this morning and am now locked as I should be. Time to start training my hole once again as well.

6/1/2016 8:15:55 AM   View Comments
As the plug invades my hole I can't help but feel how right this is. Constantly feeling my hole being stretched makes my cock leak uncontrollably. Trying to push it out is pointless as the strap of my harness holds it firmly in place. Every time I bend over the strap pushes the plug deeper into my ass, feels amazing. The dull ache in my ass is a constant reminder of my place. Once the ache surpasses it tells me it's time to go bigger!

3/6/2016 3:29:33 PM   View Comments
So needless to say I broke down and cut the lock awhile back. The orgasm was wonderful. I am now locked back up where I should be.

11/29/2015 4:14:35 PM   View Comments
So it's been a few days since I locked myself with a lock I do. It have a key to. Yes I could get the good ole master key out, bolt cutters, but I don't want to. I think this was a sign and I should accept the consequences of my lapse in judgement.

11/27/2015 1:11:32 PM   View Comments
I have just discovered I lost the key to the lock I used on my chastity device. Guess I'm going to be locked up until I find it or cut the lock.

11/30/2014 10:14:00 AM   View Comments
I was quite young when I first became interested in BDSM, I just didn't now it at the time. I would constantly fantasize about girls in my class tying me up and tormenting me. When I began noticing these fantasies were turning me on I suppressed them. I didn't know at that time that I was being sexually aroused and these new feeling scared me. A few years passed with out playing these fantasies in my head. I often found myself playing with my fake handcuff collection. Around this time I got the interment and that just opened up my entire world. It started with looking up pictures of handcuffs and other restraints. This quickly evolved into finding pictures of people in bondage. And the rest was history.

11/29/2014 3:05:52 PM   View Comments
I always considered myself straight. I had absolutly no sexual interest in men. It wasn't until I was contacted by Dom on another site that my thinking began to change. He was very kind and polite and admitted from the get go he was probably not what I was looking for. His first message to me asked me to think about what he had to offer before simply dismissing him. He offered to give me my first view of BDSM equipment nothing more than that. He offered to be nothing more than a mentor, someone to talk to and learn from. It took me a few days to respond but I ultimatly did and am very glad that I did. After a few weeks of talking we finally met. He had quite a bit of equipment and had a lot of knowledge. It wasn't long before I found myself caught up in the moment, hands tied above my head, collar locked around my neck, mouth gagged, cock locked in a CB2000, and blind folded in this guys house. It was an absolutely great experience. I did not know what was gonna happen. I had a safe word for if things got to intense. I was spanked with a paddle and had my balls whipped with a small flogger.  
My hands were eventually released from over my head and attached in front of me. I was led outside to his deck where he asked me if I was ready to push my limits. During our previous conversations the topic of sexual service was brought up. He told me from the get go that he was not looking for that but would be interested in sexual service if I found myself wanting. When he asked if I wanted to push my limits I fell completely into my role as a slave and gladly took his cock in my mouth. I couldn't believe I was doing it. It it felt right. Even though the initial thought scared me knowing I was satisfy another person was a complete turn on. It was the first time in my life that I felt complete.  
Unfortunate do to distance and him finding a live in we only met that one time. I am still not sexually attracted to other men but would serve another in a heart beat. It's not about attraction for me, it's about the service.


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