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1/16/2018 10:19:14 PM

The myth of "No Limit" or "No Safe Word" subs/masochists


I suspect there are real "No Limit" or "No Safe Word" subs/masochists out there but I have yet to meet one. I get contacted a couple dozen times per year by subs and masochists stating they have no limits or do not want any safe words. My reaction these days to myself is "ya sure".


First I send them the list of videos below and ask them if there is anything in the videos they would not do. 80% of the time these supposed "no limit" masochists come back with a list of things they won't do. The needles through the balls being the most often listed. Keep in mind nothing in the videos causes real injury. For that 80% so much for them being "no limit" masochists.


For the other 20% that say no issues they usually keep talking to me asking me to describe in great detail what I would do to them. I stopped doing that because so far none of these "no limit" masochists have ever shown up for an appointment. When they ask for detail I just tell look at the videos. I know describing what I will do to them is a waste of my time because this is just a cyber fantasy for them.


So while there may be a true "no limits" slave out there based on my experience when someone claims it they either have no idea what real BDSM is or they have a fantasy they are never going to act on...


List of videos sent to Male "no limit" subs/masochists...


List of videos sent to transsexual and sissy subs/masochists...


List of videos sent to female subs/masochists...


Never have had a female claim they are a no limit slave




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