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9/18/2015 3:10:52 PM
Google img search. It solves a lot of problems before they even become one.

2/23/2014 5:01:21 AM

Been on this site for a while now. Made a few different profiles and yet have still yet to find someone that understands what I want. Most the Dom/ Dommes here say to server under them and expect an answer by the snap of a finger. Get this and understand this to all who call themselves Dom/Dommes. Submission is a gift without a sub you are no Dom. Understand that the sub controls the relationship and can make something stop when they need it to. 




What I want is a relationship one that can be D/s and one that can be vanilla there is a time and place for everything. I don't want you to rape my wallet stop asking Findoms. I don't want to be nothing but a slave. I see my self as a sub I will always speak my mind and if you can't handle that then walk away now.  I want to slowly develop a bound with the one that is worth my time and effort. START SLOW I never rush into things. We would talk online a lot before I'd even want to consider a RL  face to face meeting. I want to be loved and cared for I want them to understand SSC and aftercare. The things that happen in the mental state of a sub can be more painful the the worst beatings. If you call yourself a Dom know this understand this the mind is fragile and even the littlest thing can hurt more then a whip or paddle. a Dom is incharge of caring for the psychical emotional and mental health of their sub. if you don't believe this then don't even bother looking at me.


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