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7/5/2022 12:53:57 PM

I feel that making this note is important. 


1 I currently have a long distance pet dynamic, we have been in our dynamic for a few years. 


2 If I suddenly decided marriage was important, I would marry a woman. I want to make a note here so monogamy males can have some foresight. 


I am fine with people being monogamous, I am not mono, my pet is not mono. We are both free to date, have other dynamics, etc. 


If I were going to settle into a one on one, I would most definitely find myself a wife. I do not want a slave husband, I have no interest in marriage at this time, but I have been engaged to men in the past and the only thing Iearned is I don't have any interest in marrying a man. 




If you are seeking to be a slave husband and some government document is important to you, I promise we are not compatible. To be fair, I really do not feel the government needs to be involved in any of my relationships. 


I may be open to a spiritual marriage, but alas, a contractual one is not in my foreseeable future. 




P. S. My current pet is a cis male, he finds his own dynamics, any dynamics I am seeking would be one on one, not inclusive of him. If you two choose to enter some arrangement, that is between you. 




Yes I am Dominant, but I am not controlling. I need my freedom, and I do not believe in caging others, at least outside of dynamic arrangements.

6/14/2022 7:23:58 AM

Keep wanting to update my age, but it loves to threaten with that approval process, so I am 39, since this comes with a date, the math should be easy from here in 2023 I will be 40, etc. 




Hopefully we will be able to update something as simple as age without waiting for the approval process someday. 

2/26/2022 7:56:11 AM

I am Pan, I like girls and boys and everyone in between, or not. 


I actually prefer females, or feminine souls. I am very much a tom boy myself, I know nothing about make up or fashion, etc. I want a farm, neither helps to run a farm. 


So if you are a female seeking a female, or a male seeking a female, or Non Binary or Gender fluid, if you are open to a poly Domme, if you are seeking a Sensual or non-Disciplinary dynamic. I am seeking real life dynamics. I will chat online, but I cannot keep an online dynamic going, I need to be around people to know how to properly engage, manage, etc. 


If you are not willing to eventually relocate to Minnesota, if you are seeking something online, if you are seeking Monogamy, these are reasons to not message me. 


I do lean towards pets. Service subs are welcome as well. I am fairly open since I am poly, no one dynamic need encompass all of my interests. 

2/3/2022 12:27:42 PM

Just a few clarifications, I have little interest in pain, giving, receiving, watching, so if you are seeking pain probably not a match. 


Future partners might be into giving, receiving, but I still have no interest in spectating. 




As for sexuality, I am all for my partners having partners. it really does not bother me. I will probably not be watching or joining in on some regular basis. If I and they decide to have some group play it would be a one off until the next time I and they are interested in group play. 


I am not a voyuer and I get no pleasure or thrill from porn, watching people. I will very likely never participate as a watcher/viewer/voyeur. 


Any group play would be negotiated at that time for that specific activity. I do not do force, totally fine with role playing CNC, but there will be thorough discussins before hand. 

12/9/2021 10:58:45 AM

Please do not message me and then block me before I can respond. 


Good luck in your search, but that is really just silly behavior. 




Hi are you interested? 


Me try to respond.


Error message, message not sent, user has blocked you. 


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