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3/5/2023 1:07:23 PM   View Comments

What I am looking for in a new partner?


I identify as a Master who lives for consensual TPE M/s dynamics. I have been in the lifestyle for over 20 years. I am not a switch! I have experience in a lot of BDSM and SM practices and what I do not know I love to learn. Here is some information about me that you may need to know first before you decide if I am the one you wish to serve.


If I sound particular and demanding-like, that’s because I kind of am. I don’t need quantity. I desire quality. I want one or two of the good ones; one with a whole actual, entire, functional, language-enabled brain who knows how to use it. One with a bit of passion and integrity about him. Anything worth having is worth the work and effort to make it happen. Building trust takes communication and continuous effort. It is something you must work at to keep and it is also one of the hardest things to regain once lost. That level of complete trust is what makes Master/slave dynamics work. But trust is needed on both sides. The Master has to trust the slave just as much as the slave has to trust the Master.


Ok.. so here is what you need to know about Me:

  • My preferred terms of address are MsPebbles or Ma’am. Anything else is not acceptable until you have earned it.
  • I am a married cis woman with one child still living at home. I also have relationships with others. You need to be ok with not being the only person in my life.
  • I am demisexual,demiromantic, and bisexual.
  • I am a non-smoker, a social drinker and a lover of wine.

My hard limits are sissification, age play, humiliation, degradation, scat, brat taming, race play, extreme breath play, death fantasy and bull/bbc culture. I will add to the list as I find things that I will not do.


What I need in a dynamic is communication, honesty, transparency, respect, loyalty, effort, consistency, and service. Someone who enjoys pain is a plus but so is someone willing to explore new things.


I am not just dominant in the bedroom. Having sex with me is not a guarentee for you. So if you think this is going to be just kinky sex with a woman in charge, please move along, we are not looking for the same thing.


I am a compassionate, friendly, happy, relatively “normal” human who seeks compassionate, friendly, happy, and relatively normal men or women. What I mean by this is, while I am dominant and seek true power exchange with the right man or woman I also seek cuddles, conversations and yes I am going to say it … INTIMACY. G I know right?


As a Dom I like control, A lot of it. Shocking right? I love s-types who are naturally and deeply submissive and who desire to give themselves freely and fully to me on My terms. I am looking for a sub/slave who is willing not just to get down on his knees, but also to be emotionally real with me. This involves communicating clearly about your emotions and who you are and what you need, not necessarily about all that you want. I want to dominate a mind and a soul, not just a body.


Enough about me (I know, rare words indeed from a dominant). Let's turn the spotlight on you. What is it that I look for in a potential slave?

3/5/2023 1:00:11 PM   View Comments

I seek someone that is looking for more than kink, is ok with a poly household. Someone who seeks to develop a deeper emotional relationship. This has the possibility of becoming a 24/7 TPE M/s Dynamic over time if we are compatible.


I seek a non-smoking slave. It is a hard limit of mine. If you are a smoker and have a deep desire to stop, we can talk about how that could happen.


Talking about limits, I want to first know what your hard limits are. You must know mine. Because what you won’t do is just as or more important than what you want to do. If you have a hard limit that is something I require to be fulfilled in this dynamic then we will not be compatible. Just as if you need something to be fulfilled in this dynamic that is listed as my hard limit. If we agree on the hard limits the rest is icing on the cake.


I prefer someone local to the Hampton Roads community but my local search has not gone well over the years. Therefore, I have not closed the door on those who are not local to the Hampton Roads area. If you contact me and are not local you only have one chance to make a good first impression and catch my interest. Also be prepared to make a zoom call and make a drive to just have a vanilla meeting at least once or twice to see if there is a connection.


I do not seek a live in slave at this time. If you are not local you will still need to find your own place if we find we are compatible.


Your fantasy of completely naked service 24/7 is not going to happen here.


The qualities I seek in a s-type are honesty, trustworthy, loyalty, respectful, patience, dependability, smart, has high integrity, morals and values that match my own, consistent, organized, knows the value of being on time, and a good communicator.


I prefer masculine men who choose to serve me because they want to relinquish their power to someone they admire and trust to lead them, not the beta worm who thinks they are a worthless worm. Nothing is more exciting than a man choosing to kneel at my feet and offering all he is to me to use in the way I desire. I prefer those who value their submission more than those who think they are worthless. 


I look for those who take time to take care of themselves as I also watch what I eat and try to maintain myself physically. If you are not quite where you WANT to be and are not opposed to bettering yourself we may still be a match in the beginning. Your effort will determine if the relationship continues.


I look for someone who desires to be my ultimate fantasy and will do whatever it takes to achieve that. I need someone who will do whatever needs to be done in the moment to help me accomplish the things I need or want done. Experience is a plus, as is being a masochist, but with desire and the right mindset anything is possible.



I usually prefer those a bit younger than myself but I do not close the door to a fit older silver fox either. 


(send a picture with your message if you wish to catch my attention faster)


IF you are in a relationship with someone else and hiding this side of yourself or cheating, do not bother. I am no ones dirty little secret.


I prefer a sub with a bit of experience and understanding in who they are and what it is they seek. I am not opposed to working with someone with less experience if they have the right mindset. If you are really conflicted about your kink, while I respect your desire to try things out, you need to seek some assistance on settling these issues before you message me.


I agree each slave is unique and each dynamic is tailored to those particular people. But each dom has things that they like across the board no matter the slave. Every slave has their own set of wants, needs, limits and likes, its all about communication and getting to know each other.


I prefer someone comfortable in their sexuality and I look for someone either pansexual or bi-sexual for my own personal fantasies.


I seek someone interested in chastity both mental and physical. I like tease and denial. Sexual frustration is a game I want to experience more of.


As I said above I love control and alot of it. I also expect complete transparency but I also give transparency.  Some things I might expect from those who are mine while they are are not physically with me:

  • 24-7 location sharing
  • home security camera access
  • bath room use control
  • Alcohol consumpution control
  • Workout/fitness accoutability
  • good morning and good night messages
  • Bedtime schedule if needed
  • Daily pics
  • Asking permission for things you want to do.
  • Clothing chosen for you
  • Telling you what cologne to wear
  • Daily or weekly journal 

What elso do would you want to give up control of? 




10/14/2017 9:21:14 AM   View Comments
Happy Birthday Month to ME! 
Oct 20th is my birthday. 
Do stop by and wish me a happy birthday!


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