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5/1/2017 9:21:21 PM
so tired of talking with those that talk a good game but are actually fakes. If you say you are a certain way or want certains things ,be true to it all

2/19/2017 8:40:18 PM
Have emptird out my messages in hopes that someone serious will appear in the next one I might receive,,, if you have messaged and got no reply,,please resend

1/6/2017 9:33:00 PM
Way too many fakes on here now, even advertising other sites openly with fake pics.
It's a shame really ,that good sites let things like that happen, but, I suppose the bottom line is money they get for letting them flood the pages.

12/12/2016 3:10:42 PM

7/4/2016 9:48:18 PM
Listening to blues music,, example,,

6/18/2016 10:20:44 AM
Why do people lie? If you can't be truthful here behind a screen,especially on this site, you will never be truthful to anyone in real life

5/13/2016 10:17:14 PM
RANT !!!!
Tired of all the lying ass females on this site, you women are just as bad as the so called wannabe Dominants you claim you always find.
All you women do is lie, you say you want certain things ,certain treatment, even say you want older or mature experienced Dominant men, then you never answer a message sent ,whether read or deleted unread, or if you do answer and start talking you disappear in two days time ,

So don't squawk about men, you phonies are three times worse.


4/15/2016 8:17:55 PM
This must be the week or month for fake profiles and pics.

3/7/2016 2:42:17 PM
Well, I have read many profiles that females have posted about male Dominants that just seem to disappear after talking with them for days. Just to let you know, it happens to Dominants as well.
I had the chance to talk with a person that wanted to be a slave. We talked for hours for days, and everything seemed to be a great fit and fall into place. Alas, I have not heard from her in days and my messages have been ignored.
Funny she was the one that wanted to meet face to face, yet when I set the day and place, POOF!!! She hasn't been heard from again. 
Crap like that makes things suck on this site for those of us that are real.

2/15/2016 9:21:24 PM
Seems the largest percentage of females on here are now " babygirl,,little,,kitten,,into age regression "  etc etc.
What happened? Are there no more real mature feminine women anymore?

5/20/2015 3:26:30 PM
I find it amazing that people state what they want or seek, then when its truely offered, they run.
Seems everyone wants someone they can't have and not someone they could have.

3/21/2015 8:09:26 PM
Ever notice how demanding those that claim to be slaves are getting?
Kind of kills the whole concept 

11/21/2014 6:13:41 PM

The Owner of this Realm was mentored to control my Dominant gene in the ways a Master should by His grandfather
while in my mid-teens
My Grandmother was Grandfathers slave til he died, she wept,some 27 yrs later when Grandmother died,
I wept,She was buried wearing His collar,
I have 2 daughters that are Owned by Masters in Fla, I wish them happiness
Feel free to PM anytime....
seeking a special female for my tastes in BDSM, sex, and some taboo
seeking a serious person
no players


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