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Journal Entries by Jewelcrafter:
7/17/2015 9:41:53 AM
I wanted to personalize the interest and experience list to better describe my own personal position and hopefully avoid any confusion. Below I'll list what the experience labels mean when applied to me.  
Hard Limit! - This is something I will not do. Ever. I have probably never tried it, but also have no intention to ever try it. It either scares me, disgusts me, offends me, or I simply detest it. It's not up for debate.  
Hate It - I might have tried this, I might not have. It doesn't turn me on and I just don't like it. It probably doesn't scare me, I just don't like it and have no plans to explore it any further than I may already have, if I have.  
Dislike It - This is a bit two sided. On one side this is something that I have likely had an interest in and discovered I really didn't care for it. On the other, it is something that I haven't had an interest in but MIGHT be willing to try. This is something that I might be willing to do every now and again.  
Curious - I have an interest in this but either have little experience in it or have yet to try.  
Tolerate It - Similar to Dislike, but it is something I have done or had interest in that I found I don't care for but am willing to do on occasion.  
Like It - This is something I have an interest in, but have yet to experience or have only a little experience in.  
Love It - I have done it and I know I like it and enjoy it. I want to do it again.  
Live For It! - I have done it, I enjoy it, and I want to do it lots more. This I want as part of normal activity.  
Expert - I know what I am doing, I do this a lot and want to continue doing this a lot and learn more about it to improve myself on it.  
Average - I have done this and researched this. I have some practice and am comfortable doing this.  
Beginner - I have tried this on a few occasions or done research on the activity. And research doesn't mean reading or watching porn. It means reading up on how to do it and do it right. What is involved in it. My knowledge, however, may be limited.

7/14/2015 8:29:03 PM
I updated my profile and spent some time cleaning up my interests list. I looked at it and saw how cluttered it was and decided to clean it up. For everything but the BDSM sections I changed it to either Like It or No Opinion with no experience level. Because seriously, either I like it or I don't and I really trimmed it down to things I do on a more normal basis.  The BDSM lists got a major trim because I am going to go over that more thoroughly. I just left a few things and changed everything to either Like It or No Opinion for now. I'll add a new journal with more details about the the interest and experience levels me to me so you have a better idea of what I mean and don't get too much of a surprise when you see something.

10/30/2013 8:01:03 PM

Well, this was interesting. At home minding my own business when my phone dings letting me know I have a text. Lo and behold it is from another dating app (I won't use the name, but it was one of those popular legit apps). Apparently I had caught some lovely lady's attention and seeing as how I hadn't used the app in awhile I was surprised. I sent a message and we exchanged a few quick messages before she gave me her number to text her. I say okay, let's see. She's just looking for friends anyway and nothing serious or a quick fuck.


Well, after about 15 minutes or so of talking she mentions that she doesn't like the dating app she found me on much. (It is free, but advertises premium memberships for better search results and whatnot) She sends me the link and I haven't heard of it before. I follow it to find its to one of those quick hook up scam sites. I'm just like, ah, I see where this is going. Before I can even finish typing my message she responds with her phone battery is dying and to add her if I join that site. I'm like, sure no problem.


 Yeah right. Phones come with chargers. Plug it up. I go back to the app where she found me and no surprise, her profile is gone. Create an anonymous email and make a false profile for this scam site just to see if she does have a profile there (curiosity, what can I say?) and she is nowhere to be found. Wow, can't even follow up with the scam. After checking the registration page more closely after logging out, I discover it does not have an option for girls seeking guys. Just girls seeking girls or girls seeking girls and guys. So apparently there are no straight girls on that site, only lesbians and bi girls.


 Since they start you off with a free account that doesn't let you reply to any messages without buying a membership, I thought about just filling out the profile to send real girls looking for me at more legit sites, but decided against it. Probably few legit girls on there if any. It would just direct spam to my inboxes anyway. Ah well.


 Anyway, have a happy Halloween.

2/23/2013 10:43:24 AM

I've been reducing my pop intake to next to nothing. When I stop at a Burger King or McDonald's, which I am also trying to cut back on, I order a water instead of a pop. I usually order a medium meal and ask for water in the cup instead of pop. That is what I say. Water in the cup instead of pop. They still try giving me bottles of water. I'm paying for a 32 oz drink. Why do they insist on stiffing me with an 18 oz bottle? And when I try to explain it, they just look at me like I'm crazy and a few have actually told me they are not sure if they can do that. Seriously? There is a water button on the machine. Use it.

2/13/2013 3:17:57 PM
Yesterday was so hectic. I didn't have time to do any of the things I had planned. I should have just stayed home yesterday. Ah well, the cat needs medical attention so overtime until the little guy is better.

12/21/2012 6:56:19 AM
Sweet! New work schedule starting January 20 something. I'm coming to first shift baby! Ah, night sleep, sun light and a night life. Can't wait.

12/19/2012 6:49:43 PM

That was odd. The changes I made to my profile earlier were not there. Since I couldn't find the copy I saved I had to make a new addition. Oh well. Probably just forgot to save it.


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