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11/28/2022 6:25:49 AM   View Comments
== Results from == 
100% Primal (Hunter) 
100% Dominant 
94% Rigger 
91% Master/Mistress 
83% Sadist 
79% Brat tamer 
70% Experimentalist 
58% Degrader 
50% Owner 
41% Vanilla 
41% Pet 
34% Rope bunny 
23% Non-monogamist 
14% Degradee 
14% Exhibitionist 
11% Voyeur 
10% Daddy/Mommy 

This describes me pretty well in my old age, I love the chase but little else now.

11/18/2022 7:10:08 PM   View Comments

It seemed my last journal on sadists really struck a chord with many here, and lots wrote to me to chat about this subject. So I thought I would elaborate on this subject further. It seems many people could easily fall prey to a person like this, the ignornace surprised me.


I had one especially naive sub write to me and this is what he thinks even after being told otherwise. Quote" Meanwhile sadist people I met before and really enjoy giving pain they r kind and treat other people fearly even there slaves" End quote. Which was proof to me he actually never met one.


As a sadist one has to be very careful if you even choose to engage? Why one asks, well this is why. Real sadists only enjoy exceeding what the recipient can take, they are often ego driven and narcissic. It's about them and their get off. Thinking a sadist is a nice person, is like thinkling a kidnapper was nice because he gave you candy to lure you to the van. He's not nice, he's simply doing what it takes, putting on the mask of niceness to get the end result he craves. The same goes when he meets a potential slave, he will turn on the charm and you will feel so special that you will not hesitate to submit.


You will agree on all kinds of things including a safeword, and once he begins he will work on eroding everything that was agreed. Because in order for him to get off he has to violate what you agreed. If this does not happen he does not want you.


So in his mind this is the dangerous path he takes with your hide and mental well being. He will change all the agreed rules on a whim, you will fear him as you can never know where you stand once he gets dominion over you. You are not a partner or lover to him you are an item. Every time he exceeds what you can take, you become ever more an of derision, and the further he pushes the envelope with you, the less he feels and thinks of you. This just compounds as time goes by, and you are in real danger of getting very fucked up or even killed. That is a clinical sadist, not some old fat dude or woman in lingerie weilding a big sex toy. Sadists dont write novellas of what they are going to potentially do to you online, they just want reality, don't let it be you.

11/14/2022 6:29:28 PM   View Comments

I find it infinitely amusing when I see written on many profiles here. "Im a sadist, and Im looking for a massochist." Real sadists actually would never be attracted to a massochist. Because as a sadist you only get off after you exceed what the person can truly take, it's so boring to watch someone love pain, you want them to truly fear it for your get off.

10/28/2022 8:26:03 PM   View Comments

Will no longer be doing anything my partner has a brain tumor, chat only!



No one born between 1981 to 1996 thank you.

10/8/2022 6:52:38 AM   View Comments

Why can they not have an Asexual orientation here. The reason I have done BD/sm all my lifetime is because I can stay in control and never have to do anything sexual, but people dont seem to get it!


for the dimwits!


Asexual is a person who has no sexual feelings or desires, or who is not sexually attracted to anyone!

9/14/2022 4:45:14 AM   View Comments

I see so many here wanting someone who will be kind and loving, but cruel? How does this work? Do you all just really want a narcissist pretending they care for you or something? These traits dont live together in one individual!

8/26/2022 6:11:15 AM   View Comments



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