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3/20/2018 12:17:55 PM   View Comments
BDSM Dating Checklist

Ive decided to create a BDSM Dating Checklist, that seems to be such a rare sight when communicating with someone online.
This checklist is guided towards those seeking to relocate for a 24/7 live in position.


Greet, One another with an initial Contact, Treat eachother as Equals and with upmost respect.

- Treet eachother as equals. (Bdsm should be kept for the later periods of communication, or left until meeting in real life)
- Respect one another regardless of your differences.
- Sharing what your seeking for. (Both the Sub and Dom/me)
- Sharing your interests, needs and desires (Both the Sub and Dom/me)
- Sharing your Limits and hard limits (Both the Sub and Dom/me)

Begin finding a compromise where the both of you can compliment a matching Dynamic that works for you both.

- Begin talking about NON related BDSM stuff.
- Talk about said home of where 1 party will relocate too.
- Talk about Living accomadation
- Talk about Finances to establish Stability of living such a lifestyle choice.
- Talk about Common Vanilla interests and hobbies for general bonding purposes

Begin aggreeing on terms that both parties will abide by when beginning and living the lifestyle/dynamic with each other.

- Agree to Meet in a Safe public space.
- Meet and begin bonding AS EQUALS in public.
- Agree To meet again, but this time with publication of a Contract and Collar, to conclude terms. The Collar signifies the start and ownership of said dynamic.

The Contract is something you both should take seriously with and talk about your own unique structure upon how it will work.
- A contract that will include a small list of agreed Limits and hard limits.
- A contract can include amendment dates. (dates in which BDSM will stop for further discussion and debate, to alter and change the dynamic)
- A contract should maintain your agreed safety and lay out your trust for each other.

Begin relocating, and Start living your lifestyle with each other, and HAVE FUN.


This is a system i abide by, to allow me to find out the inns and outs of everything i need to know as a Submissive, to not only keep myself safe, but keeps everythign open and transparent, to avoid skeletons in the closet later on down the line.

3/20/2018 11:26:27 AM   View Comments
"Is it wrong to express yourself as a submissive?"

To communicate your own interests needs and desires. after all. we're all human and none of us here would be into BDSM if we didnt have these specific needs and desires.

I often get told by a dominant that im thinking only of myself, when infact it has nothing to do with that at all. An interest is merely that. an interest. it doesnt dictate that me as a sub doesnt wish to serve or worship a dominant, as i do. Very deeply and sincerely.

People seem to forget that this is a dating site, amongst all the findoms that plague these places, who simply want your money in excuse of the use of Bdsm.
As a Dating site, people should be putting bdsm to one side and leaving it until you meet in Real life. there are far more important things to be spoken about before a dynamic starts.
both the sub and dominant should communicate their thoughts and feelings, as equals.
Beyond that, both parties know where they stand with who their talking with, and so allows the next step in finding a compromise where a functioning relationship/dynamic can function benefiting both parties needs and interests.

Unfortunately though. there are far too many dominants out there who very rarely communicates their needs yet interrigates the sub with judgement.

If for example i was to state that i liked being kept in a cage, or in hardbondage. The dominant takes that quite literally as if all i want to do is live in said cage or bondage, which is very narrow minded. those activities only act as a very small aspect of a wider dynamic where most of it is serving, worshipping and making said dominant happy.
And dont forget a relationship is about the happiness of both dominant and sub. not to use and exploit a sub, just to make you the dominant happy.

11/18/2017 10:26:40 AM   View Comments
Whats my Dream?

My dream is to effectively develop a dynamic into a full lifestyle living
as a real genuine Pet, and slave combined. To be Permanantly collared, and
eventually be Branded and tattoo'd to signify my status as a slave.
To be broken in and trained in a hardcore and taboo manner, where eating from a doggy bowl,
without use of cutlery or hands, and to effectively live in, and sleep in a hard variety
of bondage.
the complexion of the 2 dynamics of slave and pet would mould into daily life, where doing
chores around the home, can switch on a dime to being used as my owners foot stool, to
being kept on all fours snugged up to my owners feet at an evening.

As a taboo concept of my own ideal lifestyle. id have pierced nipples and septum, for bondage use,
but also under very strict protocol to worship and serve my owner for a life time.

Id love to be trained to take a whip, and live a simple life, dictated by my owner in everyway.


10/24/2017 4:41:12 AM   View Comments
Hope you all are looking forward to Christmas. Not long now. :)

Im still Seeking for my owner.
If anyone is interested in a 24/7 dynamic, and is looking for a slave / pet and pony. please message.

Im only here to date however so please understand that firstly im seeking to get to know you, without any form of online bdsm roleplay. Just 2 individuals getting to know eachother and fingers crossed we will be a match.

Iam looking to meet and if its possible, to relocate to begin living the lifestyle.
I would be actively seekign to find a small job on the side, but wish to find someone who would wish to live this lifestyle as a way of life, less so anything casual or just in the bedroom.

I also do run a small BDSM community on "Discord" which offers voice chat, which is far better than typing in text format. This could be an opportunity to get to know me more, and build up a connection before meeting.

Hope to get a message from you soon.
slave/pet and pony
Curtseys/ Meows and Naaayy :D

2/3/2017 12:00:14 AM   View Comments
30th birthday today.

8 years of searching continues. :O

1/17/2017 11:02:42 AM   View Comments
Running a growing BDSM community, for those seeking to date, enjoy the social aspect, listenning to music, gaming, you name it we have it.
Our community is on Discord a chatroom/voice program/app.

If anyone is interested. let me know. x

2/28/2016 4:22:55 AM   View Comments
Please No -
Cyber sex.
Financial online domination.

Just a little pet, slave here to simply get to know someone, leading upto meeting and dating in Real life, for a full on BDSM relationship lifestyle.

I have skype for voice chat if appropriate leading upto a real life meet.

UK only please.

2/4/2016 7:10:40 AM   View Comments
Another birthday been and gone. 29. :)

2/3/2015 1:50:17 AM   View Comments
Its My Birthday.... :D
28 today. whoop whoop.

2/3/2014 2:25:35 AM   View Comments

My birthday today. :D


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