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1/1/2022 5:48:19 AM

Happy 2022 



10/22/2021 7:49:25 AM



journal entries work again.  

3/26/2016 9:46:06 PM
For anyone who is doubtful they will meet the right person, listen to me: you will find them. But in order to do that, you need to do three very important things. The first, is to accept yourself. Accept yourself for exactly who you are. Not what anyone else thinks of you or rates you as. The second, be truthful. Be blunt, be straight forward. Say what you want and go for what you want. The third, without a doubt, is take chances. It is not enough to love yourself and want to love someone else. In order to find love, you absolutely need to push yourself past any boundaries and stop being afraid. Love means taking chances and following your damn heart. It's the only thing that will help you learn, experience and discover exactly what you want. It's the only way to find not what you think you want, but exactly what you need.

12/31/2013 11:34:51 AM

Happy New Year to all




Hope 2014 your dreams cum true

8/21/2013 2:44:22 PM

Curious , if any one can tell me ,  what the fake profiles are doing with my e mail to make money ? 





7/1/2013 2:39:46 PM

You may ask one question, one chance, one honest answer. You can ask me one question (TO MY INBOX ONLY!). Any question, anything, no matter how crazy, dirty or wrong it is. No catch. But I dare you to post this on your status and see what people ask you!... My dare done! Now I dare you.


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