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Journal Entries by DFWslavemike:
5/27/2022 8:19:16 PM

Hello to all the wonderful Dominant Women here!


i want to share that i am commited to finding a wonderful partner and owner and also commited to being the best slave possible for You!


i am also a real person and a truly submissive gentleman here in the DFW area and welcome Your communication.


Please know that my face is withheld from photos due to a somewhat public career.


Also, even though the photos depic sissy or CD inclinations, i am flexible and do not feel the need to crossdress as i am a fairly normal guy in guy mode but sometimes enjoy some sexy panties :)


i look forward to hearing from You!

7/7/2017 7:02:03 PM
Would "Dommeone" like to own me? i am tired of being Owner-less and am also tired of the fake/wannabe "dommes" on here. i am for real and passionate about this lifestyle. i look forward to hearing from You!

6/25/2017 7:35:45 PM
Can someone explain what an "honor photo" is, please?

5/3/2017 5:14:14 PM
Looking for a real Domme to serve in real time, real life and be owned as Her little toy, pet and property to use for Her enjoyment, pleasure, entertainment and amusement.

1/17/2017 10:07:00 PM
i am Ownerless and do not like it. i welcome Your thoughts and questions if You have an interest in owning a loyal and devoted slave with an attention-to-detail, service-oriented mindset.

9/11/2016 11:16:51 AM
slave's new panties are finally here and they look and feel a-mazing!! Perhaps slave can post a pic if anyone cares to see.

9/10/2016 8:01:50 AM
This slave is still seeking to be a little bitch to a most powerful and demanding Domme. it was born to accept Your most extreme humiliation and degradation as it is so easily controlled and enslaved by Your most precious words.

9/4/2016 9:03:32 AM
slave is still looking for a worthy Domme to serve, worship and submit completely to. Could You be Her? slave hopes to hear from You and it welcomes any questions You may have.

1/17/2016 9:50:49 PM
slave just wants to be a good little slave boy for someone :)

1/1/2016 5:37:26 PM
Oh, and it would be ideal if this slave is ultimately be owned in a 24/7, TPE, FLR :)

12/31/2015 6:55:17 PM
It sure would be nice to start the New Year at Your feet, and at the end of Your leash :) slave welcomes You to contact it if this sounds like a good plan.

12/28/2015 5:03:52 PM
Seriously wanting to be of service to either a loving Domme and or a cruel and or sadistic Superior Woman. This slave is flexible and can accept many forms of commands/orders, activities, punishments, and hopefully the occassional reward :) slave hopes that if You are even the slightest bit interested in learning more about it, that You would summon it as it is kneeling awaiting Your email.

12/19/2015 8:38:35 AM
It's the weekend and there are so many sports on tv... football games - both college bowl games and NFL, there's basketball - college & pro, and there's hockey, too. This slave is so wanting to be Your little footstool as You sit, relax and watch! it will even serve You drinks and massage Your feet or do whatever You so desire :)

12/16/2015 5:51:21 PM
This slave is so very submissive and feels so humbled and unworthy in many ways that it does not want to bother You by contacting You first. it sees and reads many great deions on here and can only hope that one day it can be at one's feet serving and worshipping the Woman that chooses to have it in Her presence.
So for now, this slave will be kneeling in Your honor and will patiently await Your further questions of it or Your commands like a good little slave should. slave truly hopes that ti will become the owned property of a wonderful, loving, creative, educated and even sadistic Woman.
Thank You, and slave looks forward to hearing from You.


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