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2/21/2018 9:05:03 PM   View Comments
Someone has tried to video chat with me a dozen or more times the past few days. I can not video chat, why don't you write something instead? It appears to be a glitch in their system, so what is new. The whole system seems to be messed up.

1/31/2018 1:08:11 AM   View Comments
If you check us out, say something. I do not bite. At least not at first.

1/14/2018 10:28:44 AM   View Comments
I am seriously wondering as to why I give a shit or even try to make a connection on here anymore. If it ain't scammers trying to rip me off. It is fakes, flakes or wanna bes. Now, I can add con artist to the list as well. I have had so many, that started off so well, only to stop communicating without any word or reason. I have always said, if your not interested, say so and I will wish you well. The only ones that can say that is not true are the scammers that I have belittled or exposed. And that count is, literally, quite high.

I had another encounter with a fake, flake or possible scammer last night. Someone claiming to be an initiate for a sorority AlphaPhi something, claimed that they wanted their initiate to spend a weekend, possibly more in complete and utter control of another individual. Namely, me. But since I have had to deal with these losers before, I told them that, first, they could not handle what I brought to the table. Second, that I was not looking for a one night stand or simple play sessions. That I was looking for long term, but they still wanted to talk. So, I decided to humor them and see where it led to. As expected, it went no where. Then this morning, they all of a sudden changed to a male slave. All I can think of, is that this was some sort of initiate prank and that they had no intention of following through on it. So, I was not hurt or harmed by their crap. But be warned, there are so many fakes, flakes, wanna bes and scammers still out there.

1/6/2018 3:10:02 PM   View Comments
As I have stated before, getting frustrated with all the wanna bes, fakes, flakes and scammers on this site. Have made contact with many on here and then come across a few who seem to be very real. Unfortunately, they end up showing their true intentions and either stop communicating or disappearing altogether. Again, if I make contact or we start talking and your not interested or no longer interested. Please have manners and say so. I will not bitch you out, cause I know and understand, that what I seek is not for everyone. But do not start up a conversation, express interest and then up and stop talking. It is rude.

Also, again, not interested in male subs or slaves. Keep getting asked if we would consider such things and we are not interested. Period.


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