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8/17/2022 1:52:26 PM   View Comments

Honestly not sure that what I'm looking for can be found on this site. I'm going to keep trying- I just wonder how closely anyone else is paying attention...

2/10/2018 11:57:39 AM   View Comments
Arright, *LOOK*. If you set an appointment with me, keep it. Don't keep changing the time, and *definitely* don't fucking "tbd" me until the day of. I have a life, I have responsibilities, and if you assume I'm going to just wait around for you BEFORE we've even gotten to know each other, boy have I got a surprise for you!

2/7/2018 5:00:01 PM   View Comments

It's been literally years now since I've had a collar on my neck.
In that time, I've had good experiences and bad, found good people and bad with which to develop and learn.
Just like anyone, each experience has refined my definition of not only myself, but of what I am looking for in a partner. I'd never be able to write out a comprehensive list of what I'd expect in a good partner (because sometimes you don't realize something about yourself until be becomes obvious), but for the sake of making it easier on you (You, being a prospective playmate), here's a list of things you should and should not expect from me.
A comprehensive list would take forever, so this is just a list of things as they pertain to myself in terms of the kink lifestyle. If you want to know other things about me, please ask!




- Genderqueer. I present myself in a variety of ways, and one should not expect a consistent repetition of the same look, unless I'm being put in a uniform as a condition of my collar. I don't typically sweat pronouns.


- Pansexual. I genuinely DO. NOT. CARE. What your equipment is. If we have chemistry, I will make it work.


-Polyamorous. I am in a wonderful relationship with my devoted Primary, who is as supportive as they come. Yes, she is happy to confirm that she supports my Polyamorous exploits. No, I am not seeking playmates for her. She's her own woman, if she wants to play, she'll ask.


- A Doll. I love ification, and I love to be set up and used by my Owner or playmates. Can I choose my own outfits and makeup? Absolutely. But I'd much rather be a surrogate for your fantasies!


- Employed full-time. Expect me to have the schedule of a responsible adult. I will not be seeking to move in, or spend most nights with you.


- Experienced. I've been in the scene for over a decade now, and this has granted me the insight into the kinds of arrangements I am looking for. If I've reached out to message you, I've spent the time to read your profile and writings, and concluded that you might be an excellent partner. If you are interested in playing with me, please show the same courtesy. Reading this note is an excellent step!




- A Sissy. A Sissy's femininity is rooted deeply in the denial of their masculinity, often including cuckolding and chastity. While I am VERY into humiliation, my femininity is something I embrace as part of my overall identity, and not something I am humiliated of. This is NOT a dig on sissies. I am just not one of them, and if my inbox is any indication, not enough people understand that.


- Indecisive. My fluctuating nature is based on introspection, exploration, and reflection. If I have changed since we last spoke, it was not a change made lightly. Expect me to be direct and honest. Communication is Paramount to us reaching understanding.


- Closeted. If I am to take your collar, I need you to be able to be as proud of my service as I am of yours.


- Polyromantic. I'm not here to fall in love.


- A Hardass. Look, I get that there's no such thing as a perfect partner, so for things that are not going to be full-on deal breakers, TALK TO ME. I know I made this list seem kinda binary, but you reading down this far, you should know that I'm not inflexible. If you think we'd be a good match, talk to me.


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