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Thank You for reading my profile.
Questions i am asked most are Married i am can accommodate sorry i cant part with money i dont bi curious i am and happy to explore limits!
I used to have another profile with face photos but being married that was a bit risky! Although inexperienced happy to try most things including bondage and pain and if it appeals to be Your slut!

The photos are me (some recent taken in January 2019) - hope You like them and might want to see me in real life one day - weekdays obviously best although I cant accommodate for obvious reasons! i am happy to get to know genuine Masters Mistresses and couples and be what You want me to be - happy to meet locally (Berkshire) during selected weekday daytimes. Hard limits (sorry!) no minors, no permanent marks and no money.

If interested leave a message or reply to mine - happy to text and meet once we get past that initial conversation.

I thought i would edit the last entry as adding a new one does not appear to work!

November already! I have had conversations with some very kind people here although remain frustrated at how many other people seem rude and find it all too easy to use the block feature without getting to know me. I remain very interested in being a naughty sissy slut to someone who might appreciate my behaviour and is happy to use me and explore my limits. I realise that i am among many similar people here but willing to be your slut and serve.

It is the summer again and i am feeling as slutty and masochistic as ever.

Thanks to all of you who reply to my messages and provide support and encouragement.

I hope to continue to hear from friends current and new and am happy to consider serious offers to serve and if appropriate move to being your full time slut.

The year is soon coming to an end and i continue to be very grateful to my friends here who are happy to converse with me even though i am not readily available to meet and serve as their slut. 

It is also disappointing that some people do not take the time and trouble to reply to my messages and immediately block me as i intend them no harm or want to cause distress. 

I am happy to consider becoming a slut for anyone who is happy to have me and as previously stated more than happy to consider a full time opportunity although wouldn't bring any money with me so might be dependent on you unless i become a sissy slut whore! 

I lolo forward to continued conversations with friends old and new here and for any opportunities that come along. 

We are well into 2022 now and although Covid is less dangerous it hasn't gone away. 

I have come to realise that my desire to be a slut doesn't always accord with people here as many just block me when i sendsend a polite message which i find disappointing. 

I am genuinely seeking an opportunity to be a sissy slut whore and in the right circumstances move to be 24 7 in a household

I have met a few lovely people here and even visited them and know that the right opportunity awaits so don't hesitate in contacting me and getting to know me

I go by the name of slut jo to my friends so happy to be addressed as a slut and know my place in life as lower than the lowest.

Thanks for taking the time to read my journal and i look forward to hearing from you. 


It is good to see the journal function back!

I have to say that i have found a few very kind people here who are happy to have conversations and are very understanding of my slutty side. 

Sadly there appear to be many who don't respect me at all and resort to the block button after one message. 

I never block anyone as we need to be respectful and honest with each other. 

It always disappoints me when i try to be friendly towards people here and they see fit to block me! Perhaps because i am married but that shouldn't be a reason for a block?!
Happy New Year to you all and a special thank you to those who have spoken to me here in 2017. I look forward to more conversations in 2018 and in meeting special friends.
Back from my holiday and hoping to be of use as You sub/slut/whore!
Soon to be away until mid September but please message me so i can reply on my return and perhaps serve?!
i have met a few interesting and genuine people here but to date have not met so hope to do so soon and serve!
Just to let you all know i am bi curious so happy to serve a Mistress or Master or both! Please be aware that i am here to please You and available to visit weekdays in the Berkshire and surrounding areas! Happy to chat by mobile to prove i am authentic and look forward in chatting to friends old and new.
Thank You for looking at my profile - please note that as I am married my availability is limited but I am happy to serve/suffer for a Mistress or Master and learn from You!