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Very Dom Black Master with a brain, is looking for a slave(s) that ether knows their place or sincerely wants to learn where that place is. Im a fair butt firm Master, and I have that rare ability to do know when to turn it it off and be vanilla in certain situations. Like family outings..... Understand that being a Master to Me is NOT the same as just being an abusive asshole all the time..... I DO have a sense of humor...twisted,..butt good humor....

So Know this right now, I fake NOTHING......I will expect nothing less of u. So Be Real or be-gone..... I design and make My own kink furniture, Im in the process of turning it into a side business, so yes,... As u will find out, I am a highly inventive and creative individual.......

While BBWs are a personal favorite, if u are willing to be honest about what u crave, u WILL get what u seek, butt ur limits will be honored, butt tested. u just have to give Me and my thick 8 what I demand... THE thing most important is how much u want to and will serve a true Master. True enthusiasm to serve will make up for experience anytime....And sex is NOT everything.

One of the things u quickly learn about Me is I am an incredibly patient Man. I am SO willing to teach what u really are willing to learn. I believe once the mind is opened, it can never return to its original size or closed status..... personal growth is a good thing. u have to have AND use ur brain around Me.

I want the COMPLETE TOTAL POWER EXCHANGE from a female (or tg) slave who is able to give all of herself in the pursuit of pleasure in the bedroom and be stable, comforting, and totally submissively obedient outside of the bedroom to the Master who owns her. This is a LIFETIME TPE relationship Im looking for...

I no longer have the social restraints I once had so u can be out at an appropriate time as My property in the public eye. u will not be My little secrets. But also I dont exchange personal pics on this site, and I will NOT ask or trick ANYBODY to go on a pay site to do so.

I have experience in using many things to stimulate u, from vibes to whips and Riding Crops, (ask me about old southern whippings!) butt if u want just to give up control and do what the nicely hung Black Man tells u to do, Ill be more than ready and hard for u. Being poly or open to exploring it... IS A MUST.

All females ...ts or gg....must like spontaineous attention, being touched, and u find ur being sexually accessable to ur Master at all times when ur around him, is a turn-on....
I will ask u to do a few simple tasks to weed out the wannabes... I want someone who IS serious about their enslavement and whatever else Wwe agree to. I am for real about this,... u must be too. I am responsible for others I own and train, and take it to heart, I will be so with u too.

I am SERIOUSLY looking for the slaves who are willing to be honest and REAL about themselves. Are u ready to truly surrender and serve? If so, READ ALL JOURNAL ENTRIES BEFORE EMAILING ME. So u know what IS expected of u.....


By the Way, if ur one of those slaves who want Funds so that a proper slave can relocate to her new Master after only a 4 minute (...and or even less!) time of chatting, then ur going to be really disappointed with Me, because Im not EVER going to send money to someone I dont have complete trust in......and ur going to jump through a few hoops to get that much trust.....

See My New Tumblr Page.... itssirtoutoo

And New BDSMLR page coming soon... itssirtoutoo

other sites will be posted as I start them up...

anything I personally write applies to ALL subs slaves, same with most posts.... ask Me any questions u like... just remember...

life is about Passion, Thank u for sharing Mine.....


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3/31/2018 7:43:02 PM

      Congress just passed HR 1865, "FOSTA"

, a bill seeking to subject websites to criminal and civil liability when third parties (users) misuse online personals unlawfully.  This was snuck through so that nobody would know and fight it.

       Any tool or service can be misused. Craigslist has already dumped all "Personals",.. Even email is vulnerable,... So IF what I read of the bill is implemented in the many ways it can be and probably will....

I fear the greatest misuse of internet personals will soon be this law.

       They are looking to stop sex trafficking - they don't care if even thats what u want to do and are not a victim, they will go after CS,... they WILL USE u to destroy CS and any other website ur on.  These people ARE SERIOUS.  And if what u have on ur profile is,...

"Relocate me"
"sell me into slavery" 

is just what they are looking for to start on u and everyone else.

Change ur profile.  And tell and warn anyone else.  And this November, Kick anyone who supported this law out of office,....especially republicans who are the primary sponsors of this law.

2/15/2018 10:06:37 AM

Over the years, I have seen subs casually throw themselves out there and then wonder why nothing happens, or spend a lot of time sending or getting one-liner responses or just cock pics or after getting with a “Dom” they only get used for a quick fuck or 3, and/or discarded for the next conquest.

Submissive's / slaves, here are two of THE most valuable questions you need to ask urself:

1. What kind of service am I willing to offer?
2. What skills, talents and qualities do I possess that could benefit Him?

I actually know what Im worth, - do u really know ur worth enough to know what ur role is?  

I, for one, am not going to waste my time anymore on anyone who acts like I should be grateful that they are interested, or that I was interested in something I saw in ur profile that appealed to Me enough to write to u.

As a sub, and even more acutely as a slave, - u are NOT My equal. No matter how good u look or how good of a fuck or how sexy u think u are. It matters not even if u are financially better off, or have a higher level of education than I have… u are NOT My equal.

I am a Dominant Man.

Just open any dictionary and look up the EXACT definitions of “Dominant”, and the EXACT definition of “submissive” or “slave”. Match the definitions against each other for the differences and define and understand those differences. Does anywhere in those definitions does the word “equal” or its derivatives appear anywhere?


Lets just get this all straightened out and clear, the person exerting control is called the Dominant; the one being controlled is the submissive. Is that simple enough??

Parties negotiate the degree and limits of the control being exercised. Submission is not taken from an unwilling person but is surrendered as part of a negotiated exchange of power between the two partners.

So….under no definitive circumstances or subsequently by definition are u equal to a Dominant. - u are not,…quite plain & very pretty darn simple.

Now that doesn’t mean I get to run u over or act like I already own u from the start, but u acting like Im supposed to act different (not Dominant, like Wwe are the same.) than I am makes no sense and gives u, - a false sense of who Wwe are to be to each other.

u want a 24/7/365 Master, then that’s who I should be, upfront and honestly. u should be ur submissive/slave self as well and just as much upfront, honestly AND respectfully.

Once again this not Domination during a simple discussion of mutual interests and compatibility, but u as a sub/slave finding out from the very beginning if u have an actual Dom ur talking to, or just an asshole disguising themselves as a Dominant. Or worse yet, a vanilla guy just looking for another way to find some warm body to fuck.

If ur going to get all insulted or put off because a Dom refers to subs as “u” and u think ur demanding to be referred to as “you” makes a Dom seem more intelligent to u, or not lazy, or whatever other reason u want to give, - u are totally missing the mark for why ur searching for a real Dominant in the first place.

And that’s for u to be put in ur place. The place u know u, as a submissive & more so as a slave,.... belong.

It’s time for u to simply know ur damn role.

My challenge to all of you submissive’s & slaves out there, is making a better effort at and to, knowing ur role.

What exactly does “know ur role” mean? Let Me break it down for u.

ur role is what you are willing to offer to a (and in this case, Black…) Dominant. This is something that should be offered up front whereas a Dominant would know what ur intentions are and what assets u have, to bring to the table (to Me.) as the Master of this potential relationship.
Show Me u know ur role. And the respect u desire in the beginning will be easily enabled in ur negotiations of compatibility and if u have a meeting of the minds, ur eventual surrender to ur Dominant.
Let Me also clear up an issue with many of u. To start, here’s a definition for u.

GIFT: A thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present.

Notice a “gift” is someTHING, …….. “A thing.”

Not someone that’s given TO someone. A gift is an (external) thing that’s given willingly to someone without payment, a present.

So when u are telling Me that ur submission is a gift, ur telling Me that ur submission is an external thing that is not of urself that u don’t have an investment in other than what ur willing or feeling like handing Me.

By contrast, see the word “surrender”
Intransitive verb: To give oneself up into the power of another: To YIELD

Notice again, there is not an “equal” component to it. And again, its not an impersonal thing. To the contrary, its VERY and intensely personal. Remember this is an exchange of POWER here…. THE TOTAL POWER EXCHANGE is what this is all about.

I as Dominant Exert My power,….  u as submissive, relinquish and SURRENDER ur power.

Personally, this IS MY 24/7/365 life as a Master. I as a Dominant, am not “gifting” u any part of Me. I, as Master, am accepting the RESPONSIBILITY of controlling another human being and shaping that human being into a satisfactory addition to MY life.

It takes weeks, months, years of training to getting subs/slaves into being the assets to Oour lives Wwe need u to be. Surrendering and submitting to the respect Wwe as True Doms deserve, and u will get the benefits & rewards u earn.   And hopefully, u feel & get the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that comes with that.   

If ur only giving a external part of u,…a “gift”, while u expect ur Dom to give more of Themselves than u are…then that’s not going to work well from the very beginning. The trust necessary to form a real bond is made much more difficult than it ever really has to be.
u pitch a hissy because ur not happy or u keep running into “fakes” & “wannabe’s” and u lament the lack of “real” Doms on the websites u chase after Doms on. Or u for some lame reason expect Doms to chase u on,….. And u refuse to look at the common denomination here?….guess what?....its u.
Yes u…...u don’t know ur own role in this lifestyle.

“Gifting” ur submission is not what u should be doing,…”Gifting” is not ur role. SURRENDERING to a Dominant IS ur role.
u need to change ur mindset and how u look at this lifestyle. Again, know ur own role.

If u aren’t as dedicated & real as the Dominant u seek, guess what? ur only going to attract or appeal to the very fakes & wannabes u aren’t wanting to be with long-term. Or what Real Dominants there are, - will not deal with u for long.

So to recap…..
1.) KNOW UR ROLE. – know what u have to offer the Dominant u seek.
2.) STOP “Gifting” ur Submission, instead, - SURRENDER Within the honest Negotiation of POWER EXCHANGE With ur Dominant.

Hopefully I have made Myself clear on this Journal and the other what at least I expect of u to start with,... I may not meet ur needs as a submissive, I may be too much, I may be not enough, - I understand that, I don't want to be everything to everybody.  

......and I also hope that u take away from these two journals a more constructive way to live this lifestyle better than maybe u have before.....

respectful and constructive comments are welcome.

Yours in the Exchange of Power, u

3/12/2012 6:26:38 PM

     I keep coming across subs & slaves who seem to think that they are going to move in with me and just be a part-time or play sub/slave and somehow Im going to change My goals to suit them just to have a partner...sorry, wrong answer.

Im looking for a needle in a very large haystack,... and I DO well know it...  so Im asking u.... up front..

 What are the differences between a bogus or bedroom submissive and a genuine one?  ....Really?   Its not My intent to be insulting, (yet!)   BUTT which are u?

      To me, the difference is a matter of character and nature. Some people play a submissive role.  But some of us find that TPE submission reveals ur truest selves, ur deepest, most authentic nature.

Submission is NOT about what u DO. Submission is about who u ARE.

The acid test comes the first time a Master directs you to do something you really don’t want to do.

      Many slaves are willing to play a submissive role temporarily—as long as she trusts that the Master will do exactly what she wants him to do to please her. There is nothing wrong with that.  But it isn’t submission, it’s just cooperation.

     True submission is complete surrender.  Of course u want pleasure, and a good Master like Me wants that for u when u've earned it.   But Total Power Exchange submission means completely letting go of ur own will, and trusting Me, without setting ur own pleasure or wants as a condition for doing so.  For a true submissive, that very act of surrender IS the pleasure—that intoxicating rush of letting go and giving all of urself to Me.   Whether its just u or there's more than u serving Me, ur level of service and devotion to service should not change because My Domination over u shouldn’t and will not change.

     You may think it sounds passive and easy to surrender your will. TRUE Total Power Exchange is far from easy. It is a conscious choice u must make, over and over again, that requires a great deal of courage and inner strength. Saying yes to Me means that you must be strong enough to say no to everyone else, including yourself.  True submission means having true power, and then giving it away.  u must own ur own power, before you can give it away.  Therefore Im not looking for a doormat, but if u are, expect to be treated as the doormat u wish to be within MY limits. (and I DO have some limits.)

     An order IS an order....Whether its comes from Me to u from across the room, across the street or across the Atlantic....True submission is complete surrender.

 Saying "no" to an order is not submission, and certainly not surrender, not online, not in person, not in chat or IM & not on a phone call....once u agree to be owned, even on a temporary basis, ur to follow every order I give, or u find a respectfull way to ask not to do it.  Im not of the mindset to ever tell u to do something, "just because"...I have a purpose for telling u to do it. I will never mind telling u why if u respectfully ASK.

 ....Im not a play Master, Im not looking for play slaves...


"Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom...Mastering others is strength, Mastering yourself is true power."

     This IS MY 24/7 life as a Master, If I cant Control Myself then I cant control u... So really? Total Domination isn’t about what I DO. My Mastery is about who I AM.  I will expect u to be of that same mindset as a slave or at the LEAST truly willing to learn to be of the same mindset as a slave.   But be honest and real about it....BECAUSE I FULLY AM.

 Now if thats a bit much for u.... I understand....

 Because Im going to be blunt force real with u from the very start.




(Thanks to a lovely sub for letting me use & add to a post of hers)

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