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Hetero Male Dominant, 48,  North Carolina
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 Dominant Male

 North Carolina

 5' 9"

 210 lbs



 African Descent



Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female


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I am looking for a submissive female between 30 and 55.  As Daddy

I want to dominate you, to own you and to have you do as your told, especially in the the bedroom. But I am more of a nurturer than a sadist As your Daddy  I will put my baby girl’s needs at the top of my priorities. I will do everything I can to help my baby girl be the best she can be. I will spoil you with attention but won't let you get away with being a brat. Sometimes this means I will need to punish you, not for the enjoyment of the punishment, but because it is for your own good. You will be Daddy’s little girl and I will do what I can to make you feel special and cherished.

As my  baby girl

I expect you worship your Daddy. Do anything(we can discuss boundaries) to please me because you know that I will take care of my baby girl and protect you.

I will make my baby girl feel safe, needed and secure so you trust your Daddy and submit to me completely. My baby girl puts Daddy’s needs first and pleasing me is of the utmost importance. In return I will fulfill your needs and discipline you when you need it.

Both Daddy and baby girl put each other's needs above their own. We need to be open and honest about our sexual needs and kinks.
 As Daddy’s little girl you're the center of my attention(especially during play dates), and you will be mine. I am not into ageplay, I do like to engage in BDSM activities that involve more pleasure then pain.

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Journal Entries:
12/9/2016 2:42:36 PM
You are dressed as requested in a revealing short black dress  showing off your curves, with a black lace body stocking that is like a top with gartered lace bra or panties and in high heels. Your setting in a corner both of a low lighted restaurant just as I instructed. Your waiting patiently, as waitress hovers around you asking if your ready to order and or are you dining  alone. I previously told you not to order anything until I arrive and to say as little as possible to anyone. I will order the drinks and food for us when I arrive. I arrive at the restaurant  just in time to see and hear you berate the waitress for hovering over you. "I am waiting for someone  don't come back until my dinner date arrives," you say in a very rude voice. Just then you look up and see me approaching with a stern, displeasing look on my face, and instantly you bow your head. I look around the restaurant, it has a  darkly lit interior and is somewhat  crowded. Your sitting  in a corner  booth in the back of the restaurant. Looking seductively submissive. Hey babygirl... did, I not instruct you to wait quietly and patiently? And I arrive to see you, and hear you treat and act so rudely to the waitress.  What do you have to say for yourself? Sorry Daddy. You meekly say. You will be, I say with a sinister smile on my face, you know your in trouble. Is that how you were taught to treat other people, babygirl? No Daddy, you say, I am sorry, you say. I did not mean to be rude or talk begin to say, however. I stop you short and say no excuses. I slowly slide into the both sit down next to you close, but not touching you. The waitress  comes to take  our drink order and I apologize for your behavior, she smiles and says that everything  is okay and I place our order. As she walks away, I begin to place items on the table, and tell you, I am going to punish  you right here at this table for your rude behavior. Here, Daddy? you say, in questioning tone. Are you questioning my decision babygirl? I say, in a slightly  raised voice! No, Daddy, but in front of everyone Daddy, you ask? Who is Daddy? I say, You are, you say, Ok babygirl then, these are the rules..  if you cryout for any reason it will be 20 lashes when we get home. Do you understand me babygirl? Yes, Daddy  you say, if you draw attention  to us in anyway 10 lashes babygirl , do you understand babygirl? Yes Daddy  you say, as you slowly nod your head. Any object I place on you is to remain where I put it,  if it falls and hits the table or floor, it's ten lashes, I understand Daddy, you say without prompting. As I begin to set the items on the table, I tell you that everytime the waitress comes to our table your are to take your left hand and rub your rude little  pussy. You give me a thin smile, your eyes twinkle, and your face brightens. The first object  I sit on the table is a wooden handled metal tipped sewing tool pattern cutter,  next I set 4 red and white sewing clips, then 4 pattern sewing weights, and finally a 6 inch sewing gauge. You eye me quizzically, not knowing my intentions with these random sewing tools.

11/27/2016 5:55:26 AM
I am not goinig to tell you what I'm planning to do; simply one day as  we're out for a drive I'm going to park on a deserted road and inform you that your behavior needs to be adjusted. I will get out and go around the back of the truck and lower the tail gate then go to your side of the car and help you out. I'll walk you to the back of the lowered tail gate and pull you very  close to me and look into your eyes and give you a short hug and a kiss. You'll be wearing a short wrap-around skirt I told you to wear. You stand still as I untie and pull your skirt off and place it on the tailgate, then reach and pull down your lacy bikini panties and slip them down over your bottom. Will you do as I asked you to do? Yes you moan softly. I tell you to step out of your panties and give them to me. I place your underwear on top of the skirt on the tailgate  of the truck. Then w/o  hesitation , I grasp your left arm and firmly, move you around to my right side and quickly, with my other hand grab your ass cheek and pull you  up, over and onto my my lap. As you land across my lap, the reality of what is about to happen to you sets in! Your moans snd crys are about to shatter the silence of the early evening along the  deserted back road. In your slightly confused state you realize the sudden sharp explosion of pain on your ass cheeks. The shock is so total you have no idea what to do at first but then you begin squirming and fidgeting around on my lap. As I smack your bare ass you let out some sharp grunts and gasps. I spank each cheek from middle to the bottom and from side to side, in an alternating rhythm increasing and lower the intensity of each smack. Once your ass has been well covered, I stop admire my work and start all over again. Finally you find your voice and cry out that your sorry but, at the same time you twist, wiggle and kick while trying to get your right hand back to protect your ass. I grab  your right wrist, and pin it to your side and pull you in, good and tight. The spanking continues, as your wiggling and kicking intensifies, your squealing will become yelling, but I won't slow down, you can try to break my grasp, but its in vain as i am to strong for you to get free you realize it's  futile. You try to get your left hand back to protect your bottom but I just spank harder and lower on those burning cheeks. Suddenly I stop, you think it finally over. But I tell you don't  think you're  going  to get off the easily. I start spanking you again as your lying over my lap. Through your yelps of pain my hand finds it's target on your red and burning ass. The way your ass bounces as my hand makes contact begins to arouse me. You continue to squirm until you feel how aroused I have become, or because I've spanked the fight right out of you. I stop, and rest my hand on your red hot bottom. As you cry, and sob convulsively like a little  babygirl, my babygirl, big hard wet open sobs that shake your body from head to toe, huge waves of sobs that you can't control.  But unfortunately for you we're not done. At this point I began to lecture you and ask you questions.  When I don't  get an answer to a question or if you take to long to respond then again I smack  your burning ass, to get an answer. Between the questions you try to wiggle and jiggle  your ass, as you listen and wait for the next question you gasp, moan and sniffle. I explain to you, if you continue to misbehave, in an unexceptable manner then you will be spanked as often as  necessary, to correct your behavior. But In the future I'll warn you first. I pull you, to your feet and face you towards the bed of the truck and tell you bend your knees and place both your hands on the tailgate.

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