Vertical Line


I just want to fuck. No attachments. Before you read any further know you must be local to SD. I do not travel. Now, normally I would not do this. But I've found myself in a rather annoying situation. I need a man who knows how to treat and handle a beautiful young woman. May that be a dominant personality who leads the way, or submissive who listens very well. Let us make a few things clear. I do not want to be dominated. Nor do I want a human puppy dog following me around. I am in no way looking for a dominant or submissive. I am seeking good kinky company. At the most a good body call. Upon first meeting you should be prepared to show recent updated paper work that proves you are clean. STI/D free. I am into safe sex gentlemen you will wear condoms, preferably latex free with spermicide. Age is almost just a number, and looks are not everything but know they are something. I am not advertising for strictly one way pleasing. It’s a give and take game for me...I take more than I give just as much as I give more than I take. I have pictures, they’ll come as we move along.

Please, please, please have some kind of picture other than one of your dick! And no cheesy pick up lines