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I would classify myself as straight because I'm really only attracted physically to women. I d
Male Submissive, 38,  Peterborough, Ont, Canada


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StraightMale Dominant
Age: 55, Height: 6ft 0in (183 cm), Weight: 260 lbs.
Location: sf bay area, California
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 Submissive Male

 Peterborough, Ont 


 5' 5"

 135 lbs






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I would classify myself as straight because I'm really only attracted physically to women. I did categorize myself as bi-sexual because the thought of being Dominated and forced to service an Alpha guy is a turn on and I would be willing to do so.
I'm fairly short, H/W proportioned clean and disease free. Not overly endowed.
Looking for humiliation, degradation, objectification, being called names etc.. so don't feel you need to be nice.
I could see myself showing up in the morning at your place with the paper and your morning coffee then crawling under the table to make sure you enjoy both of them.
I'm not looking for recip, just to service.
Online exchanges welcome.


I am married.  I am not available for any sort of live in commitment.  I would consider a part time Dom/sub relationship.



Journal Entries:
3/18/2018 9:16:02 AM
Staying alone at the Delta Chelsea Toronto, Friday March 23rd and Saturday March 24th, if anyone wants to drop by.  Check my profile and see if we would match.  Looking for Doms only. 

7/7/2016 7:58:59 PM
I can be a bit proud.  I'm also very shy.  If you are someone that would like to see me beg there is one sure way to do it.  Have me wear a blow up butt plug..  With my arms tied behind my back and your hand on the pump it wouldn't be long before I would do whatever  you said.

4/21/2015 9:17:39 AM
Working today by myself.  I'm wearing a butt plug.  Love serving customers with it in and them not knowing. Makes me feel very humiliated.
If anyone feels like degrading me please send me a message.

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