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Hetero Female Submissive, 36,  DFW, Texas
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Collared by SirCM on August 15, 2008
Registered submissive on Slave Registry: 543-848-463

Sometimes Sir likes others to join in our fun. You must local to be considered. I know that finding other women to play is like finding a unicorn, but perhaps there are some out there in the DFW area. Men, on the other hand, tend to be easy to find. Keep in mind that Sir is always in charge, and I belong to him. At those times we seek another man to play, it is to assist Sir in reminding me of my place as Sir's girl.
I belong to my Sir...completely. I'm his girl.

I am so lucky to belong to such a wonderful Man. We walked in the clouds together. This seems like a dream, but better than I ever imagined. Thank you, Sir...for everything.

Sometimes you meet someone who can see inside you...all the good and bad, all the hopes and fears, the things you hide from everyone, even perhaps yourself...all of you.

Sometimes you don't even know what you've been needing and then you happen to stumble upon it, or he stumbles upon you. I am so grateful to belong to my Sir and give thanks every day that he found me. I was lost and didn't even know it...but then he found me.












 Submissive Female



 5' 4"

 135 lbs






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Journal Entries:
11/12/2012 9:24:09 AM

my Sir has asked me to find 2-3 men to assist in my training to become a more useful slut for Him.  This includes training in being an excellent domestic hostess as well as a party favor.  This round of training isn't immediate - it will take place in the next couple weeks...possibly after Thanksgiving.

Although i am His slut, Sir gives me some say in the men that He please, send a face pic but no cock pics if you don't already have one on your profile. Tell me something interesting about yourself and why this would interest you. It's easy for a girl to find guys but i would prefer to find interesting men if they're going to play a role in training me well for my Sir.  I know everyone thinks that they are Doms who will respond, but keep in mind that this is Sir's party and if you can't follow directions, you probably won't be the right person for this situation.

Thank you for your interest and if you're chosen, thank you in advance for using me and making me better for Him.


Sir obviously reads all my mail.  Please be respectful.  I am His and am doing this for Him.  When you write a message to me, think of it as an initial screening interview and Sir, not his girl, is who you want to impress.  Obviously, there are many men who would like to fuck an attractive Asian woman, so if that's all you've got to tell me, you will be culled immediately.  If I don't respond, you weren't what He was looking for. 

2/16/2012 6:31:35 AM
Please visit my new blog at: Sir has asked me post to it daily...i appreciate your comments and feedback. His

3/2/2010 1:24:55 PM
New pics and entry on my blog...finally.

11/20/2009 9:30:42 AM
There's a new post up on my blog.

11/16/2009 10:45:07 PM
I posted an update as well as a few new pics on my blog.

11/15/2009 1:00:15 PM
my Sir has extended a limited time offer...please visit my blog for more details

11/10/2009 8:15:23 PM
I posted some new pics to my blog (on profile)

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