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Hetero Male Dominant, 50,  Central, Illinois
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herfreedomtaken - photo 6

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Ive become jaded. I cant explain why. The thing I do know is I like extreme use. Ill use your body for pleasure. Every hole in any way I see fit. If you take it like a good girl then Ill return the favor. Other than that, there is not much to say. If you have a question, just ask.

P.s. I dont really do couples. I have no interest in men and yes I will find a way to steal her with no remorse.

Pss. I dont get the hateful side of people. Mutual respect should always be there.












 Dominant Male



 5' 9"

 200 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Switch Female

Sub/Sub Couples


 Lives For:


 Blindfolding you

 Body Worship


 Breast Play


 Canes and Crops

 You wearing my collar

 Corner Time

 Rear End Play



 Intellectual Discourse

 Libertarian Politics





 Ice Hockey

 Sky Diving




 Hard Limits:






 Gourmet Cook

 Woodworking Expert

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Journal Entries:
2/9/2023 7:14:59 AM

She admitted to me that her boyfriend had lost interest in being a cuck.  But she didn't want to give up the things I gave her. She showed up Wednesday night as planned. We sat and talked for a few hours about her once and needs. We started with light flogging that got heavier and heavier her ass turned a bright red. I play some lube on my finger tip and pushed it into her ass. Her hips bucked as she moaned and whimpered. It was at that point I whispered in her ear are you ready for my cock in your ass, she reached back and grabbed it and murmured "it's so thick though".  I told her that if she had any concerns that maybe we shouldn't do it she hesitated for a few minutes, grinding her ass against my finger. She then whispered "please take it I need you to take it".  

As I slowly entered she start to cry out.  I had no intention of ruining her first anal experience.  I held still for a few minutes and then gave instructions on how to relax her muscles.  She took a long deep slow breath and nodded. The deeper I slid inside her tight supple ass she started to moan and her body immediately shuddered.  I started pumping slow and vigilantly as orgasm after orgasm took over.  I finally pumped my hot cum deep inside her hungry ass.  We spent the night talking about her relationship.  She called him and asked if he would reconsider if she let him fuck her ass.  She's a sneaky one.

2/6/2023 12:17:21 AM

It Started With Dinner


We had met online several weeks ago and started chatting.  She was very forward with her kinks and limits.  It was refreshing to meet someone so open to having consensual fun.  What I wasn't aware of was that she talked a big game, but had little to no experience.  She was still part of the 50 shades crowd that got a little too curious. After dinner, we settled back into my place.  We had talked about a lot of things she was interested in trying.  I had her undress, her vulnerability immediately stood out.  She had never been with someone dominant before.  She took my lead without questions.  Tied up and blindfolded I admired her beauty and fit body.  I started by simply getting her off.  G spot massage sent her over the edge quickly.  Squirting uncontrollably she came over and over again. I could sense she was sliding into subpace on orgasms alone.  I removed the blindfold and place her on her knees and chest down on the bed.  Her willingness to please was evident.  I whispered in her ear, how far are you willing to go tonight?  She had watched sounding videos and the thought of having it done turned her on.  I warned her that it was a big step starting, but she insisted she was ok.  I lubed the 3mm rod and placed it at her entrance.  As I slowly started to insert it she whimpered but never said "red" or "yellow" the two safe words we discussed over and over.  after getting about 3 inches of the rod in I watched her relax.  I was impressed that she had allowed it to proceed so deeply.  I then grabbed a small rubberized egg vibe and turned it on low and placed it gently against the rod.  Her moans became deep and deeper.  Her breaths grew rapidly.  Her body shuddered.  She immediately went flat.  Her breaths were heaving as I gently slid the rod out and unbound her wrists and ankles.  Drawing her up into me arms I slid the mask down.  Her eyes were red and puffy.  She stared at me blankly her lips quivering.  "You are ok sweetheart" I whispered in her ear as I held her tightly.  Her breathing slowed. I showered her up and gave her a cup of hot tea.  As I drove her home the next morning I looked at her and asked "Shall we play again"?  Her smile was warm and welcoming as she responded "You can do anything you want sir, Im yours". Wednesday night she will have her whole world opened up, her boyfriend will get to watch the video when we are done.   

2/5/2023 11:38:11 PM

BDSM relationships are 10% physical and 90% mental and emotional.  If the chemistry isn't there then it won't last or be mutually beneficial. 

1/30/2023 8:47:46 PM

I think a lot of people see my screen name and a scared off by it.  I don't believe in stripping a partner of their freedom.  More so opening them up to new freedoms.  Exploring themselves. Its the emotional side of kink I want to capture in someone.

1/18/2023 5:55:24 AM

From now on I’m giving up kink for good. Now it’s purely for evil.

1/18/2023 4:51:48 AM

Kindness goes a long ways, but if you can make her cum her brains out until she's like a jiggly bowl of jello she'll appreciate the kindness even more.

1/11/2023 1:02:56 PM

I updated my age, so Im not sure when my profile will get approved again.  

1/5/2023 4:41:23 AM

If marriage is your thing, I think that should be every end goal in a kink partnership.  Nothing says taking ownership like marriage.  Finding that one person who fits everything you need and desire.

12/13/2022 5:20:05 PM

I was asked, what do you do when a slave or sub doesn't respond to your messages. The answer is quite simple. You do nothing. It's all about respecting someone's wishes if they choose to not respond that is solely their choice and that ultimately needs to be the final decision people in a dominant roll. Need to learn that.

10/25/2022 6:46:39 AM

I'm always up for casual conversation. Maybe some light flirting. It should always be about having fun and putting a smile on someone's face.

9/13/2022 7:52:49 AM

Doms like to be persued too.  Get my attention.  It makes it more fun.

4/27/2022 12:02:34 PM

I had a play session with a beautiful young lady almost 15 years my junior.  I explored her body in ways she never imagined.  She left a trembling mess of emotions and cum.  I thought she had ghosted me.  Never heard a peep for 9 days. She called me last night asked to come back. She was trying to process what I did. She said she liked it all so much that it scared her. Its good to know she is emotionally free. Welcome to the kink life sweetheart.  Session two is tonight.

4/13/2022 11:01:30 AM

I'll never understand slaves looking for a lifetime commitment.  You are cherished, but you are there for pleasure and entertainment. Nothing more. If you want romance and love, you are a submissive.

4/6/2022 10:32:30 AM

Having a slave is like owning a classic car.  They require maintenance in order to keep them in pristine condition.  Occasionally you have to lube them and use wax too.

12/27/2021 8:31:35 AM

Im starting to see people popping up again. I don't think we can ever step away. For some of us this is part of who we are. Not a day goes by that we don't think about taking control or giving it up. It consumes us completely. It's finding the right match with someone where that chemistry an trust takes over and you can't stop it.  For me it's creating a situation where you can't stop me emotionally from taking what I want.  

12/8/2021 8:21:12 AM

Trying to find a match on here is almost like trying to find a unicorn and a galactic cruiser setting off for middle earth.  It's like none of that shit exists.

11/23/2021 9:13:54 AM

Journals are back!  

4/20/2015 6:17:04 AM
You can never trust anyone who even thinks about cheating. Once a cheater always a cheater. I learned that lesson the hard way. Now who needs a spanking?

2/26/2015 8:31:39 PM
Im willing to wait for her as long as it takes. That's what love is. I want the kink we allowed to fade. The love we felt.

2/22/2015 8:55:44 PM
She still takes my breath away.

1/5/2015 5:47:09 AM
I log on, I have no mail. I log off. Im not looking for someone because I have someone I truly love in my life. I do miss the interactions with old friends.

9/12/2014 6:09:51 AM
The season this year were: Bone Chilling Bullshit Cold for 3 Months 7 Months of Spring 5 Days of Shitting Blazing Humid Sweaty Balls Summer Now Cold Wet Crappy Fall WTF!

8/30/2014 11:49:16 PM
So happy where my life is at right now.

7/12/2013 10:20:40 AM
I just read a profile for a slave that read "I do not do oral, it disgusts me". I'm am thinking about buying her twelve cats for her apartment because I'm pretty sure she will forever be alone.

7/12/2013 10:07:56 AM
Standing in the grocery store, I had a college age girl turn to her friend and tell her "I like his voice, it makes me wet". Her friend stood there and giggled with her. As I took my change and bag I turned to her and said "Thank you". They stood there in shock because they didn't think that I had heard them. I don't get what it is about my voice, but I hear that it's "Sexy" all the time. I don't get it.

7/9/2013 6:39:55 AM
To many Doms on here this is a predatory site. Trying to find the girl of their dreams and take her. For me it's about finding someone to connect with. That one person who is consumed by me, and will do whatever it takes to earn my love too.

7/8/2013 3:41:45 PM
It's ok if you haven't found your soulmate yet. They are just busy fucking someone else.

6/17/2013 9:44:47 AM
Moving to Phoenix in the fall. New sub/slave friends are always welcome. I need tour guides for the East Valley!

3/30/2013 1:42:50 AM
What is up with all the cartoon pictures on your page. This is ansite to meet people and make connections. Ain't nobody got time for that!

2/27/2013 8:35:12 AM
Girl this ain't your drivers license. We all know you don't weigh 110lbs. Unless you are 4'3"!

2/24/2013 4:49:47 PM
You have no limits? Really? So if pushing a girl out of my car at 70mph is a turn on you are cool with that? Just be yourself. No need to fake it. BTW I'm only turned on by intelligence.

2/20/2013 6:42:23 AM
Sometimes you have to take a step back and look at the big picture. What you want, what you need.

1/18/2013 9:16:33 AM
"Harder" is not a good choice for a safe word!

1/16/2013 5:41:08 AM
An open mind is an amazing thing. An open heart is even better.

1/9/2013 6:51:35 AM
Good conversations are always fun. It doesn't have to be about kink. Currently discussing dryer sheets.

1/6/2013 5:11:13 PM
Was gonna bring sexy back. Just didn't have the motivation today.

12/27/2012 6:44:41 AM
Just be yourself. Unless you are a superhero and then I totally understand the secret identity.

12/21/2012 3:07:15 AM
We are all still here : )

12/20/2012 11:13:57 AM
The only B word you should ever call a woman is beautiful, cause bitches love to be called beautiful!

12/12/2012 11:14:51 AM
I dont see a problem with pornography really. I believe it's educational. If it wasn't for porn I probably still wouldn't know how to spell "amateur" correctly.

12/12/2012 7:18:36 AM
I don't think I could ever be in a poly relationship...that sweet kid who would share his toys in kindergarten, totally not me. Those were my fucking lincoln logs...!

12/11/2012 6:16:47 AM
It's another relaxing no pants day! If you wanna just meet someone new shoot me a message. Im pretty harmless on days like today.

12/2/2012 3:28:08 PM
The vanilla life is treating me well. Just back to check in with friends. : )

11/11/2012 8:09:30 PM
Taking some time away. Keep in touch everyone.

10/10/2012 6:30:31 AM
It seems as though everytime I meet someone in realtime and have a play session all goes well, in some cases amazing. Then nothing. No texts, no calls...hardly any contact. Being a dom I like being pursued. I like to be wanted and needed. If you can't make the effort to send a simple text it makes me wonder if you are worth my time.

9/16/2012 9:28:19 AM
When someone is in the hospital it leaves you feeling helpless that you can't help. It would be a lot more comforting if I could be at her bedside to caress her forehead and offer her comfort.

9/6/2012 11:27:01 AM
I'm not going to ask for your submissiveness or demand your servitude. I want you to want to give it. Only then do I know its real.

9/4/2012 8:43:04 AM

Usually i don't bitch and complain about profiles on here but I have an exception.  Like almost every other profile I read the relationship had to end because of a Dom's medical condition.  Holy christ is there some type of dom related disease going around or are you all being submissive to 90 year old men??

9/4/2012 7:31:47 AM

At one point in time I almost thought about giving up on the BDSM lifestyle.  Then thought to myself somewhere, someplace, someone isnt giving up on me.

9/1/2012 1:31:44 AM
Tonight..................amazing. (it was vanilla and fun and involved friends and incredible live music). Live, laugh, love!

8/27/2012 6:19:48 AM
Its gonna be a lazy Monday. I'm deeming it an official "No Pants Day".

8/4/2012 3:10:20 PM
Had a great evening out with friends. The best part was the close friend out with us that whispered in my ear at 2am "I need a ride home....and I'm not wearing panties". No sleep for me.

7/29/2012 1:06:35 PM
Nobody likes a bitter person. Smiles are contagious.

7/24/2012 9:24:55 AM
Doing P90X doubles with the extra cardio in the evening. I think I understand what subspace feels like now ; )

7/20/2012 11:32:29 AM
I find it intriguing when a slave leaves their likes and dislikes empty on their profile. Knowing that when she finds the one who completes her....she will accept anything.

7/14/2012 3:01:24 PM
Sometimes playing in a band is fun....unless your RV breaks down an hour from the show and the rental RV is still two hours away. We will have to unpack and repack all the gear and then unload it again. I'm glad we are only going out for four days. Cause the beginiing of this mini tour sucks!

7/13/2012 12:48:11 AM
Sometimes you meet someone who consumes your thoughts. Though I've only chatted with her and she's taken she is in my mind. I think about how her day may be going, what she's thinking about, if she's wondering the same of me. I think about what it would be like to have her as my own, to own and cherish. Playing with her body like a toy and giving her what she needs and desires.

7/12/2012 6:32:05 AM
I'm not doing P90X to get healthy. I'm doing it so I can look super fucking sexy when I'm naked!!

7/12/2012 12:36:32 AM
Tomorrow is gonna suck. I've lost 25lbs in the last 6 months in order to live a healthier lifestyle. In the morning I'm starting P90X....its gonna hurt!

7/11/2012 9:16:41 AM

I was just asked why I added someone as a favorite/admirer?  Well here is your answer.  Occasionally I view this website from my phone.  In order to come back and view your profile some more and read your journal it's an easy way to bookmark it.  I'm not creeping on you (ok...maybe a little) just trying to make it easier to read more and learn more about you.

7/11/2012 8:46:32 AM

So I added a face pic, not a great one but it is one. If you wanna see more, just ask.

7/9/2012 6:07:10 AM
Of course I'm kind of sadistic, but if I can make one person smile each day. It feels nice.

7/8/2012 1:19:25 AM
How do you measure happiness? How do you measure passion? How do you measure comfort? Life is what you make of it.

7/7/2012 4:47:54 PM
A female friend mentioned she was reading about "50 Shades of Grey". The more she went on the more I was laughing inside. A best selling novel about BDSM? I just nodded and said that good huh? What was once taboo is now the norm. Finally.

7/5/2012 3:52:46 AM
I can completely understand the concept of a female domme wanting tributes or payments. Right now I would kill for somebody to bring me a McGriddle from McDonalds. Fucking starving and lazy this morning. Hope everyone had a great 4th of July, if you didn't don't rain on my parade. Mine fucking rocked. Now will you stop reading and bring me a McGriddle.........please and thank you!!

7/5/2012 3:27:45 AM
Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry......and I'll give ya something to cry about.

7/2/2012 10:04:17 AM
I don't complain on here much but I'll never understand the "Master wants me to find somone to train me properly in protocols and how to behave". Wouldn't that be his job? I mean I honestly have to call - cough cough- Bullshit on that profile!

6/26/2012 2:31:49 AM
If you don't like strawberry ice cream we can't be friends.....and chances are you will never be my sub or slave.

6/26/2012 1:48:15 AM
If you are a slave or sub looking to be shared I'm am not the one for you. I guess my momma didn't teach me to share like a good little boy.

6/26/2012 1:27:29 AM
I see a lot of posts from slaves and subs wanting to be molded and learn for doms and dommes. The key part of this life for me is also learning. If I stop learning as a dom then it is useless for me to continue in the lifestyle.

6/24/2012 1:37:50 AM
If you viewed my profile and have a question feel free to write me. I'm an open book and completely friendly. I'm probably the most laid back Dom you will ever meet.

6/19/2012 12:13:10 PM
Wow! Bashed for not having a profile photo of my face and being called a fake. I didn't even send the poor thing a message. Here's the scoop folks. I work for a small company in a small town. Very christian based. Its my dark secret that only three of my vanilla friends know. I like to keep it that way.

6/17/2012 2:41:13 AM
Two things happened tonight that really made me realize how good my life is. The first was an email from a sub claiming that I sounded like a fake on my profile. That no real dom would act like I do and put their emotions out there on display. It solidified the fact that yes I am a dom by nature...but I'm not an asshole. The second was getting to spend the evening with a great friend (who is a domme) sitting on the porch enjoying a glass of wine in the rain. Relaxing with a beautiful woman and feeling the simple affection of someone just relaxing with their head on your chest and feeling is an amazing thing. Sometimes it's the simple vanilla things in this world that need to happen in order to keep your head on straight.

4/25/2012 3:51:57 PM
My best friend kissed me the other night. It took three days for her and I to discuss what happened but I'm glad the elephant is out of the room. It was confusing and yet felt so natural at the same time.

4/15/2012 9:11:32 AM
People give up too easily sometimes.

4/10/2012 2:23:34 PM
Just saw a subs profile with the main photo being her car....either that or she was a Transformer.

4/6/2012 4:47:23 AM
Sorry internet has been dead for a few days.

3/29/2012 12:46:16 PM
I'm really turning into a homebody. Making plans for dinner tonight and can't decided between Indian and Thai. Any suggestions?

3/28/2012 6:42:18 AM
Had an amazing birthday including one of the funniest evenings I've ever had laughing about old times with my little sweetheart and her best friend growing up. The things you don't see or know about when you are a parent is crazy!! It was funny though.

3/27/2012 6:38:33 AM
So if you wanna make me smile on my birthday send a pic with a big smile. Doesn't have to be nude. Just smiles (ok nude would be awesome too. Haha). I would never normally ask for nudes.

3/27/2012 12:38:59 AM
Its my Birthday!!!

3/26/2012 6:51:21 AM
Having an amazing time with Miranda here. Its so good to have my kiddo here. I really have missed her and she has grown into an amazing young woman with a 4.0 gpa and is now engaged!! She was upset that I did a criminal background check on him (he's clean). Ill always be protective of her. She's like my own daughter. She is still just like I remember. Yesterday we had breakfast and then went back to the house to relax. She still likes to snuggle up on the couch like she's that little kid I remember. I joked that we may be past that point in life where its acceptable to be snuggled up like that and her response was perfect "Dad I just feel safe right here with you and that will never change". She will always be my princess and I get to give her away at her wedding. Life is good.

3/21/2012 6:28:46 AM
I'm so excited! My favorite college junior is coming to visit for a week. Before you all start judging Miranda is like my daughter. I dated her mother (a slave) for 5 years and raised her from age 11 to 16. She is my princess and I love her with my heart and soul and for her to spend her spring break here brightens my whole year. She knows I am a dom and she conducts herself accordingly.

3/20/2012 8:25:20 PM
No new "who's viewing me". That's no fun.

3/15/2012 1:21:30 PM
.......and yet again my kindness is mistaken for weakness. Not that I really care. If you don't take the time to know me you don't deserve me.

3/13/2012 1:39:29 PM
Spending quality time with my son is what it is all about. I pride myself on being a good father.

3/10/2012 6:53:22 AM
"S" has been a fixture in my life for the last 5 years. I am the godfather to her children. I offer her advice when needed and she was my slave for three years. She left her last master after he told her she couldn't have any contact with me. Why would someone call her a fake and insult her because we have such a relationship. A fake is a dom/person who thinks there are certain rules you must live by to be part of this life. I'm done are free to go about your business. : p

3/9/2012 9:26:46 AM
I know a lot of sub and slaves that are tired of the three email exchange I want to own you will be mine doms. What's even weirder is the three email I want to be yours now slave. Trust me ladies....I'm not that needy.

3/9/2012 7:26:48 AM
Today is one of those days where I have decided I'm not leaving my bed....its comfy. take me away.

3/8/2012 6:57:50 AM
Got home from work this morning and was still extremely horny. Called "L" up and requested she come over. She has been a long time friend. When she walked in I offered her something to drink. Being the good sub she is I got straight to the point and told her I was horny and needed a good release. She quickly disrobed as we went to my bedroom. She already knows how I like it so she laid on her back with her head hanging off the side. I gripped her throat and fucked her precious lips. I love seeing the head of my cock bulge out her throat. After shooting my load down her throat she quickly cleaned me up and got dressed. She said her husband would be home soon so she needed to go. Then softly said "I can't wait to kiss him". I love my sub friends.

3/7/2012 6:33:26 AM
I just want to take a moment and clarify something. I absolutely enjoy the humiliation aspect of the lifestyle and I take it to extremely dark places. I also enjoy spoiling someone like a lady. Fine dining is something I enjoy and travel. Why wouldn't I take my slave with me to enjoy the evening. She had better be educated also because I hate boring conversation.

3/6/2012 6:17:13 AM
During one play session a few years ago I was doing forced oral when her mouth was drying out. Holding her mouth open I spit in it and smeared it around with my hand gagging her in the process. Yesterday she text me saying that looking back it was the single most humilating thing she has ever felt and it still gives her chills thinking about it. That makes me proud I was able to give her that feeling that she needed.

3/5/2012 8:40:21 AM
If you stop by my page say hello. I don't bite and I'm an open book. You won't get the "bow before me" bs or anything like that. If I'm going to collar someone and make them mine its going to take when I do have you...its all of you.

3/3/2012 7:07:39 AM
Sleeping all night was amazing.

3/1/2012 5:45:40 PM
If you can't laugh every once in a while you can't live.

2/29/2012 8:58:54 AM

I thought I would throw this out there (hang with me on this I'm bored today).


Top 5 things that turn me on.


5. Tears


4. Pleading for mercy


3.  Forced oral


2.  That look of fear in a slaves eyes when she has no idea what is coming next.


1.  Complete emotional breakdowns after a session.

2/29/2012 8:43:15 AM

Holy shit she has like 400 friends.  Are you the Tila Tequila of Collarme?


2/29/2012 8:35:49 AM

"You wanna go back to my place and play rape?......No?!  Well that's the spirit!....let's go!"

2/26/2012 3:20:00 PM
Some girls get pedicures. As a Dom I get my shoes shined. It shows class and looking good always makes me feel good. I think the first thing I look for is that a slave can dress to impress. If I have to take you somewhere you had better look nice. (Italian boots are best)

2/25/2012 7:54:01 PM
I met someone very sweet last night. I hope to talk to her more again very soon.

2/18/2012 12:41:32 AM
If you want to discuss the lifestyle contact me here. I'm an open book and sincere about finding what we need.

2/18/2012 12:39:20 AM
Sometimes you just wonder to yourself "why can't I find the woman who lives to serve me?". Its a tough question....sometimes they live 1000 miles away...sometimes they aren't ready.

2/17/2012 9:59:59 AM

Hope everyone had a happy valentines day and still have the marks to prove it.  I have decided to get away this weekend and head to Mardi Gras in St. Louis.  Nothing says mended heart better than a half million drunk people and girls flashing their rock hard nipples (it's always cold during Mardi Gras in St. Louis).  We hop on the plane tomorrow morning and will be back Sunday.  if you get really wasted in St Louis don't call me to if you are sober and are down for fun, I'm sure I can sneak away.


Best Wishes Everyone



2/13/2012 11:24:52 AM
After a long conversation with "e" today I have decided she will not be coming to visit for her trial period. I don't think she is ready emotionally to take the journey that would become her slavery. Physically she loved every moment but leaving her family for a commitment like this is beyond her grasp. Ill still be looking after her because right now she feels completely lost and like she doesn't have a place in life. Hopefully we can get her past it soon.

2/12/2012 1:05:56 AM
"E" did not show up this weekend out of concern that she wasn't ready to be a complete slave. She is planning on coming next friday. Its more of a test visit again.

2/9/2012 10:12:07 AM
"E" is learning her lesson the hard way today. When I say no it means no. Asking again over and over is not appreciated. A slave answer after being told what to should be "yes sir". I post this because she is now learning what her future holds and is accepting it well. In other positive news its always great meeting new people on here and having fun and stimulating conversations. Those who stop learning fail at life.

2/9/2012 9:27:34 AM
Sometimes begging is pleasing to the ears. Sometimes it gets annoying. The difference is how you handle the situation. In this instance training was administered. The tough love kind.

2/8/2012 8:35:26 AM
"E" has also been inquiring about two things. Firstly her being used by "N". I told her that when it comes to her use by "N" I will be a bystander watching and enjoying. If the need arrises I will join. Secondly is fisting. Many women of small stature are terrified of the idea of someones entire hand being inside them. It's not accomplished over night and takes lots of preparation. I use latex gloves when doing it and substantial amounts of lube. This is to ensure safety and keeping her vagina healthy. She won't be in subspace when it is started (she will when it ends) because I need her input as to how it feels. After her first anal experience I doubt she'll give much input though. If you are interested in fisting and don't know where to start feel free to contact me. I always willing to listen to questions and give input.

2/8/2012 8:13:51 AM
After leaving Tampa the other day (whichs sucks because its cold up here). I informed her that she was not allowed to touch herself until she arrived here this coming weekend. She called me this morning distraught. Since our little anal escapade the other night her rear has felt a little achy and for the first day sleightly stretched. Due to this feeling she has been wet and horny since I left. I'm still making her wait.....and knowing what it is doing to her feels good. As it should. Best wishes everyone, J

2/7/2012 6:32:10 AM
Someone left a pair of her panties in my pocket while I was in Tampa. It is a very sweet gesture. She will be up here for her trial stay this Saturday. The fun part is in the hotel she had to stay quiet. Here she can be as loud as she wants. She did mention how she would like a little more physical punishment. The trip to Florida was strictly to get to know her even though we were a bit naughty. It should be a fun visit. She will also meet "N" while she is here. "N" is one of my best friends and a switch. "N" is also very masochistic.

2/6/2012 7:14:14 AM
I may have created a little monster while in Tampa. She has never experienced an orgasm from penetration. I allowed her get on top and then gripped her hips and slowly grinded with her with the head of my cock putting pressure on her g spot. After a few minutes her body shuddered and shook without permission. She begged for forgiveness through the tears I told her we weren't done and the consequenses would come later. After her fifth orgasm I told her it was time for her to accept her fate. Knowing the most she had ever had in her rear was two of my fingers I told her that she was to lose her anal virginity. She was so worked up she patiently got on all fours. I told her she was going to push against me and accept me inside her. Needless to say after a small amount of work I was buried in her. She is now a complete anal slut. its fun to be with someone so insatiable.

2/5/2012 9:13:43 AM
Had an amazing weekend with "E". Its a blossoming relationship that we will let grow. On the vanilla side we click on multiple levels. I really enjoy that side of it. She is a true slave and will be collared and taken after her visit with me if she can handle the distance from her family.

2/4/2012 2:41:51 AM
I have to say...Tampa night life is amazing. We had fun getting to know each other. She finally said "You don't seem like a dom". My response was simple "I haven't taken you yet". When we arrived at the hotel we walked in the door to the room I informed her to strip and kneel. I didn't want to do it because I'd rather be patient. She knelt there as I got ready for bed. After I was comfortable I had her get on all fours on the bed for her inspection. She was soaking wet and shaking....from fear. She is very petite and her skin is flawless. She had claimed to still be an anal virgin. I lubed my fingers and she was able to take two quite easily. She winced and whimpered a bit but was aiming to please. I then allowed her to touch herself in order to cum. She then begged me to let her make me cum. Her oral skills are quite lacking so I went ahead and took control. Her eyes watered and she gagged through the entire face fucking. I can say that she is truly submissive and we shall see how the next two days go.

2/3/2012 7:57:32 AM
So far so good. The flight was ok. She picked me up at the airport and I was greeted with a huge hug and childlike excitement. Got checked into the hotel and we were able to just relax and talk. She asked me if I was really interested because I hadn't asked her to get naked or attempted to touch her yet. I suggested we grab a bite to eat first. As we ride to get something to eat I can see the excitement and hint of fear in her eyes. This afternoon should be fun getting to know her as a person more. I think she had a preconcieved notion that she would be a slave as soon as we met. We shall see.

2/3/2012 7:57:28 AM
So far so good. The flight was ok. She picked me up at the airport and I was greeted with a huge hug and childlike excitement. Got checked into the hotel and we were able to just relax and talk. She asked me if I was really interested because I hadn't asked her to get naked or attempted to touch her yet. I suggested we grab a bite to eat first. As we ride to get something to eat I can see the excitement and hint of fear in her eyes. This afternoon should be fun getting to know her as a person more. I think she had a preconcieved notion that she would be a slave as soon as we met. We shall see.

2/2/2012 7:02:47 AM
Already got a negative email about my trip that I want to address. I was asked how I could take a slave after just one weekend? My answer is I am looking for a slave....not a girlfriend or wife. If she seems emotionally stable and I find her attractive then her journey begins. When someone mentions "consideration". I think of it as a waste of my time. I know what I want and will take over immediately if necessary. If you have other questions let me know.

2/2/2012 6:32:22 AM
Flying to Tampa this weekend to meet a slave that had contacted me on FL. Kind of a meet and greet. No play planned but she has been informed that if all works out she will be moving up here within the week and her freedom will be taken completely. Wish me luck. As always if you are interested say hello.

2/1/2012 6:31:33 AM
Would really like to meet someone in shape or sleightly overweight who is looking to get in shape. If you can't run a 1/4 mile you probably aren't the one for me. (I know I'm going to get hate mail's only a 1/4). I'll get you into shape.

1/31/2012 7:12:22 AM
.....or maybe I should be more up front in what I am looking for. I want a young lady (of any age as long as you feel young) who needs to be pushed and forced and punished. Who is willing to give her all to make me happy. Drop me a line if you are interested.

1/31/2012 6:42:37 AM
I am thinking about ending my search. I honestly believe I'll never find what I'm looking for on here.

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