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Experienced Bi Fem Top, & Sensual Sadist

UPDATED! I am now seeking a male with a view to a LTR FLR. Please do not contact me unless that is your intention or if you are much younger. I have no interest in adult babies, diapers etc. What I do seek is someone who is a gentleman, outwardly alpha in everyday life with a slave heart, emotionally intelligent and articulate. Mutual interests outside of kink also desirable. If wishing to converse please write more than one line, if you really want to capture my attention.

I have been inundated with messages and will only be replying to those that fit my needs and who seem interesting. USA subs - I am not here to indulge in casual chat, nor will I reply unless you are considering relocation

Experience not required, just a willing and imaginative mind.

Thank you for your interest

Not so much a journal entry - a short story but based on reality. No I have not stolen it from another Fet site, check the photos its all me and my own writing.

Part One

I am waiting as you walk into the room, wearing a leather corset over a tight leather pencil skirt and knee high boots. I smile as you come to a sudden halt before dropping to your knees in front of me, head lowered and eyes on the collar laying in my lap. A deep, high padded collar with a ring on the closure, a collar that ensures a posture with head up and eyes straight ahead.

I fasten the collar around your neck, using a couple of fingers to check the tightness before closing a padlock and locking it in place. The collar keeping your head high, you try to lower your eyes in deference. I tell you to look at me, my eyes never leaving yours as I unbutton your shirt and push it off your shoulders. I gesture and command you to stand, undoing your pants and pushing them along with your underpants to your ankles. You step out of them, kicking off your shoes in the process. You stand naked in front of me, eyes ahead, and your shaft hard and bobbing in front of my face. I slap it out of the way before standing and clipping a leash to the D ring at the front of the collar. I pull downwards and simply say ‘knees’. You comply immediately dropping to floor and crawling along behind me as I lead you towards the bedroom.

Once there I command you to stand in front of the bed, I slide my hand along your chest, scraping my nails over your nipples before pushing you backward until your knees hit the bed and you fall onto it. I continue to push until you lay in the middle of the bed. I fetch the sets of the wrist and ankle cuffs, padded and lockable. I attach them to your pliant arms and legs, placing your limbs into a spread eagle position pointing to each corner. Your eyes widen as you hear the clink of metal chains and you glance over to see me using a carabiner to fix a length of chain to a bolt hidden in the corner of the bed. I continue until each corner has a length of steel chain, a strong medium weight capable of holding you in place. Each chain is then in turn attached by a padlock to each cuff. You lay shackled to the bed, spread out for my use or abuse, able to only move the inch or so I had allowed. I place a pillow under your head before covering your eyes with a padded leather blindfold.

I lean down and kiss each cheek before biting your lower lip. “You are now at my mercy, to do with as I please, your pain is mine and your pleasure is mine too. This is your last chance to beg for release before I gag you”. You remain silent and still. I touch your face “ask me now, last chance”, your reply is simple “I am yours my Mistress”. I proceed to gag you and slowly kiss my way down your chest before you feel the bed lift as I move off and away.

You can do nothing more than lay still and listen, without your vision each sound gains more significance, each movement of air against your skin causing you to wonder where it came from. You hear me moving in the bathroom, hear the sound of running water and little noises you cannot identify. Straining to hear every sound you startle when the bed dips as I noiselessly join you.

I am silent next to you, you can feel the leather of my skirt touching your thigh. Your naked vulnerability and anticipation has left you aroused, the tip of the phallus glistening. You feel my hand close around your girth causing you to freeze and tense, my hair brushes your thighs before you feel my mouth closing over the glans of your shaft. My tongue flat, not sucking, long slow licks covering the entire head. My hand moving up and down, gripping and twisting… you notice a heat building in your cock, a hot sensation centred on the head and you start to squirm and mumble into the gag. You feel my head lift and my mouth slides off your cock. My hand still as the shaft is lifted to upright, the sensation of heat turns to chilling cold and you realise that the cold is my breath blowing slowly over you. My mouth once again lowers, the heat of my mouth a relief from the chill and as the licking resumes once again the heat builds to a burning intensity. The second time my mouth is removed and the icy cold breath caresses and soothes the heat you notice the strong aroma of menthol and the realisation dawns that my tongue had been coating the glans with toothpaste not licking it…

The cycle of lick and blow interspersed with sucks, heat and cold continue until all the paste has dissolved. The warm mouth and soft teasing tongue torture you with one long lick before withdrawing.

The bed moves again and you hear the sounds of a dispenser being depressed and flesh rubbing together, the familiar jangle of silver bracelets informing you that the flesh is the hands of your Mistress. Once again a sensation of cold hits the head of your penis and you feel something dripping along the shaft. The flat open palm of your Mistress rubs in firm small circles over the very tip and you realise the cold liquid this time is a silky lubricant. Both of Mistresses hands are covered in the liquid silk and gliding over the shaft and glans, the grip firm to the point of pain, constantly moving, twisting, rubbing, polishing the glans, squeezing, the movements fast and constant, the sensations overwhelming. The shaft starts to swell, the sensation of impending orgasm building, you alternate between holding your breath and panting as the anticipation builds and the crescendo rises…

As suddenly as the movements start they stop. A firm grip holds the base of the shaft tight and still and you groan with frustration as the building release is paused and then recedes, your shaft starts to soften as the disappointment registers, and the glorious promised release at the hands of your Mistress is withdrawn…

The room, the bed, you, are totally still, a pause as you wait wondering what is coming next. Then the hands surround your cock again, more lube is squirted over the head and hands and the process resumes, rubbing, stroking, twisting your cock pull and mauled, teased and torments, exquisite agony, pleasure and pain until once again you feel the impending orgasm start to gain momentum. As before all movement stops, the hand turning into a vice gripping tight to the base strangling the orgasm… You feel long hair brushing against your stomach and chest and the breath of your Mistress as she leans close to your ear. “Your orgasms are mine, I decide when and if you are permitted release, nod if you understand” You nod vigorously hoping that if you are compliant and eager enough that your Mistress will allow you release.

You continue to endure the same repeated cycle of delight and disappointment for what feels like an eternity, time losing all meaning in your world of darkness and sensation. You resign yourself to the inevitable, giving up hope of any form of release physical or sexual until such time as your Mistress decides to release you.

Again you feel the need arise, your testicles tight and full, the sweet agony of need coursing through your body. The hand once again descending to the base, you groan involuntarily at yet another release about to be denied then you feel the mattress shift again, the soft touch of long hair brushing your thighs and then the warmth of a wet mouth swallowing your cock, the hand instead of gripping tight, glides up and down, the mouth licking and sucking. You strain desperately trying to stop the inevitable – the mouth pauses, you hear “come for me , give me your seed” before the crescendo peaks, the outer world ceasing to exist as your release pours from your body…

Part 2 Owning

You lay naked, breathless and boneless still spread-eagled on the be

Where to begin? 

I had thought to update my profile but knowing that can temporarily make my account unavailable I decided to write here instead.

Firstly if you are under 50 I am not interested.  Apologies if this seems ageist but I am seeking a Long Term FLR which leads to at the very least cohabitating.  I would prefer to do so with someone who has experienced some of the same history and changes and not feel I have to explain every reference.

I have been neglecting to reply of late, mostly due to starting a new job with a steep learning curve of new systems and processes let alone getting to know my colleagues and the team members I am managing.  The last thing I want to do after days full of Teams meeting and training is sit down at my home pc and write!  That and being forced to take in a lodger has not left a left of privacy.  Lodger has now left and I am reconsidering if I want to share my home with vanilla people...

 I am also reconsidering staying on here at all. I am beginning to think my quest to find an outwardly alpha sub male also seeking a FLR is akin to looking for a unicorn.

So many start off saying the right things and then suddenly go quiet when things start to approach meeting. 

I am a pretty open person and approachable - for some that does not marry with their mental picture of a domme.

I am not shouty or demanding, I just expect to be listened to and will administor consequences for failure to do so or to carry out instructions.  I am not in Domme headspace 24/7 but always assertive.  There will be times when I want to be comforted and cuddled, to feel cared for...  if this is not how you envisage a Mistress then move along please.

Actually just move along if not seeking the same goal. I don't want a play partner, or offers to pay me for my 'services' unless its in a professional capacity (qualfied hypnotherapist) and no I don't do erotic hypno for a fee, if I did it all, it would be for my sub.

Enough for now