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Hetero Male Switch, 34,  Nova Scotia, Canada
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Last Online:


 Male Switch

 Nova Scotia 


 Willing to Relocate

 5' 7"

 185 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Online Romance


 Fine Dining




 Art Galleries

 Bar Hopping

 Coffee Shops

 Flea Markets





 Curious About:

 Antique Shows

 Musical Theater


 Renaissance Faires


 Bird Watching


Truth is, I made this account because I have two sides of me. The first is the sane smart guy, with a good job, good education, who takes care of himself (Im not where I want to be yet, but Im getting there fast), looking for a relationship with an amazing person, to share laughs, crazy good sex, adventures, understanding, corny inside jokes, cuddles and hot chocolates, talk about stuff till the wee hours of the morning, etc. I work out, Im not where I want to be yet, but Im making real good progress and should reach my goals withing 2-3 months.However, for reasons I and most of my friends dont grasps, it seems this guy is not wanted by anyone. Im probably too white breadvanilla at face value, and come across as just another average joe, or too much of a city guy for the people in this town. So this is to see if my second side cant get some attention, and maybe let that evolve into something serious, rather than try for something serious from the start. Whatever happens, Im not a douchecanoe, and I hope you arent either.And before we start, yes Im aware theres half a million other (and probably hotter) horny guys out there all competing for your attention. What makes me so hot sh*t that I deserve yours? Ill get to that.So what am I into? Nearly everything. What really tickles my fancy is to be whatever it is you crave at your deepest, and blow your fucking mind. Been a while since someone ate you out properly? I can go at it for hours. If you want a selfish lover who takes charge, but still spoils you, I can be that. If you need (or simply prefer) to be in control, fine by me I do appreciate being allowed to put my creativity to use as a sub, however. If you want to be chained up and owned, Im up for it. Want to peg a guy and keep him in chastity? Im in. If you want a freak thats all over the place without worrying about domsub labels, Im your guy. Very little is off the table, and everything is at least up for discussion. Worse case Ill just say its not my thing, but I wont make fun of you. Or maybe youre just looking for someone to try something with without being judged for it? Id be down for that too. The point is lets do something *you* want. In other words, Im not really looking to get my dick wet, Im looking to give and share an experience. Again, Im not crazy, I just believe that sex shouldnt be boring. And if some of this sounds too crazy for you, then lets do something less crazy that youre more comfortable with. And if you want to try something, but decide you dont like it, theres always the safeword. And then we can just do something different. Dont be shy, say hi! Worse case well have a nice chat, best case well have a great experience.Final notes Id rather have one partner than many. Pictures available on request. Id put some up, but as a professional, I cant really be all that public with these interests of mine. You can expect the same professional discretion in return. Not interested in helping anyone cheat, but not opposed to open relationships as long as everyones cool with it. STI check mandatory (both of us) for unprotected sex. Im based in Truro, but pretty much willing to travel anywhere within 2-3 hours. Im often in the Halifax and Moncton areas.

Last thing is Im not interested in being a pay pigsugar daddy. Im not averse to talking to findommesfinswitchesfinsubs who have interests beyond pay for play, however.

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