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I am back after taking a break for a while.  Please consider that I would love to be a me
Hetero Male Dominant, 52,  Atlanta, Georgia
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I am back after taking a break for a while.  Please consider that I would love to be a mentor, guide, advisor, confidant, and partner on this journey into deeper darker desires.  I am a busy professional so I will not consume your time with nonsense.


If nothing else, I hope to connect with those that share my interests and add a few special friends to the memories of my life....


Major items that have shaped me

Raised on a farm so I like the outdoors

HS and College athlete so I am height weight proportional

Former military so I like discipline and structure

Vivid imagination so I savor the mental aspects of the D/s exchange

Insatiable desire to learn more so I am open to explore

Submission is a gift to be honored and treasured so I do just that

Life is too short so I treasure the moments

It's better to be happy so I like to laugh


anything else just ask.


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Journal Entries:
3/20/2017 3:05:47 PM

He sat in the chair sipping his drink and watched patiently as she undressed for him. As instructed she took her time, removing each article of clothing and then folding it neatly on the dresser until finally all she had left on was her panties. Again she did what she was told, stepping out of the panties and handing them to him she then took a step back and stood quietly waiting. He inspected them as if he were a textile buyer holding them in one hand running his other hand over their silky smooth surface with special attention given to the decorative fringes. He turned them over and touched every square inch until he arrived at the crotch area and then asked her, "Did you make these wet right here?" She felt flush at the thought of his discovery. He held them up to his face and said, "mmmmm, yes this smells like your sweet wet slit!" Again she felt flush. "Whatever should I do about this?" and then he stood and walked in a slow circle around her.

After what seemed an eternity he guided her to the nearby table and bent her down face first. As it turned out the table was just right for her. He held her down by a fistful of hair with one hand while his other hand rubbed her ass softly. First one side and then the other. Then his hand dropped further as he forced her legs apart at mid thigh then traced lightly inside her thighs back up until.... "Ah there's that wetness that soiled your panties." He held her down firmly as he fingered her wetness alternating with an in and out motion followed by a downward curling of his fingers searching to make her gspot swell at his touch. He could tell she was beginning to respond to the attention he was providing. Her breaths were deeper, yet broken with shortness at times.

Suddenly, smack! His hand landed hard on her ass. Once, twice, again and again alternating sides until she could feel the warm sting lasting. He seemed to know how much she could stand before his fingers returned to play inside her warm wet slit. He kept this up for a good while, alternating between spanking and fingering her. On occasion he would take her by both wrists and kneel to lick her doggy style. Lapping up her wetness while he pulled her on his tongue by her wrists until he thought she was ready for more spanking and fingering.

His hand was stinging which was a good indication that the spanking should end so he rolled her over on the table and positioned her so her head was laying back off one end. Next he blindfolded her and told her to relax as he rubbed oil on her breasts and then on her pussy. He took his glass dildo, oiled it and guided it inside of her. She arched her back slightly as he pushed it into her. It was short with a plump head and a glass ring at the base. He showed her where to find the ring and instructed her to take control and fuck herself with it while he watched. As she did that he put a nipple clamp on each breast and then took up position at her head. He guided his cock to her lips and told her to take it in her mouth and suck. mmmmm, what a lovely view watching her working the dildo in her pussy and playing with her clit at one end while He slid his cock down her throat at the other. He held her firmly by the throat in case she wasn't completely choking on his cock and fucked her mouth!

He was nearing climax, but did not want to cum yet. Thinking of preparing himself for that 4 hour long fuck session she wanted one day. So he removed the nipple clamps and blindfold, then maneuvered her onto the bed. He instructed her to continue playing with her clit as he took control of the dildo while licking her sweet wetness. mmmmm it wasn't long before her hips were pushing harder on his mouth and she was shuddering in blissful climax for him! He waited for her tremors to subside and slid his glass toy from her pussy. He held her close and cuddled while reminding her what a good girl she was as he soothed her cute ass with soft strokes...

3/20/2017 3:03:51 PM

Tonight would be her first night with Daddy and he wanted to make it very special for her. Tonight would be hers alone and that was all he could think of. He had prepared a bubble bath for her with soft candle light all around the tub. While she was soaking in the tub he showered the bed with rose pedals just for her. He poured two glasses of wine and joined her in the bathroom to talk while she soaked in the bath. They talked about the events of the day and he took every opportunity to calm her nerves as he could sense her anticipation. He hoped the wine would help too as he reminded her that she was his special little girl and tonight he would show her just how special. He urged her to finish her wine and then they would begin.

He helped her from the tub and dried her gently and then guided her into the bedroom. He had some rope nearby and as he instructed her as he began in the middle of her back, around and under her breasts, back around and over her breasts, then over her shoulders between her breasts and then finally back over her shoulders ending where he began in the middle of her back. He inspected his work and made sure the ropes were snug but not constrictive. Next he maneuvered her to lay back on the bed where he tied her wrists to her ankles then simultaneously from wrist to elbow against ankle to knee. Again he checked to be sure the rope was snug but not too tight.

He kissed her softly on the mouth then traced his way with kisses on her neck and shoulders, then on to her breasts and down her tummy until he arrived at her moist warm slit. He started low and parted her pussy lips slowly with his tongue. He could feel her shudder slightly and moan softly with that first soft lick of her wetness. He repeated that offering slowly and deliberately, occasionally sucking softly on her clit until her could feel her hips moving against him ever so softly. Then he lifted her and rolled her over face down while returning to lick her wetness. He slid one finger inside her and then another and rubbed until he felt her gspot swell. He continued rubbing inside her with his fingers as his tongue found and rimmed her ass.

She was moaning a little louder now and he could tell her breath was coming in short spurts as he continued. He grabbed a fist full of her hair with his free hand as he fingered and licked her pussy and rimmed her ass. He pulled hard on her hair as he rubbed vigorously on her gspot and sunk his tongue in her ass. He wanted to make his little girl feel special and he wanted to make her cum for him like never before. Just about then she began to convulse with orgasmic delight as he worked his magic on her. It was then that she moaned loudly and exclaimed “I am cumming for you Daddy! Oh Daddy! Oh Daddy!” He loved to hear that and he worked hard to prolong her climax as long as he could until he was spent.

He released the restraints on her arms and legs and pulled her closely to calm her. He could feel her slight tremors of delight as he stroked her hair and kissed her on the neck and shoulders. That’s Daddy’s good little girl he reminded her. Daddy likes to make his little girl climax for him!! He held her closely and snuggled with her endlessly occasionally tracing soft circles around her nipples and touching her gently all over until they fell asleep in each other’s arms. He rested well with his little girl in his arms making her feel special and warm. Perhaps in the morning he would take her for his pleasure, but tonight was all for her, hers alone and none other… Daddy loves you baby girl.

3/20/2017 3:01:05 PM
I thought about pushing you down on your knees and instructing you to do only what I tell you. First I tell you to place your hands on your thighs and do not move them from there. Then I take off my belt and wrap it twice around your neck so there is a length remaining on each side that I can hold. Next I unbutton my pants, pull down the zipper and step out of them. My cock is nice an hard and I stroke it some while you watch. I remind you not to move or do anything until I tell you. I rub the tip of my cock across your lips and trace your face with it, sometimes slapping your face with my swollen shaft. Next I tell you to lick just the underside of the tip like it was a lollipop while I watch you. Then I tell your to take my cock in your mouth and suck. I use the belt around your neck to pull you towards me as more of my cock slips into your mouth then I relax as I pull back. I like using My belt to control your offering. After some time I tell you that you can now use your hands to stroke me while you lick and suck and I also unleash the belt and grab fists full of your hair as my pace quickens. mmmm, baby that is just right! I can tell my naughty little sub enjoys sucking cock and I enjoy watching her, but she is bringing me dangerously close to climax and I am not ready to cum yet. I pull you to the bed and settle down between your legs while holding your wrists to pull you onto my tongue I lick your sweet wetness and suck on your clit. mmmmm, I am going to do this until you cum and I wonder if I can make you cum again and again? We are certainly going to find out and anyway I am not going to stop until I have my fill!

2/27/2017 6:28:25 PM
she inspires me to write about her... My want, My hunger.

I woke to thoughts of sitting in a chair with you across my lap rubbing your bottom and then smack!  A nice crack of my hand on your ass mmmmm.  First one cheek and then the other alternating back and forth.  A combination of soft soothing strokes mixed with good sharp slaps watching for my hand prints to appear in redness.  I know you must feel my cock swelling as it pokes upwards into your ribs.  Now and again I have to shift my weight to relieve the tension as my hardness is trying to break through my pants.  Sometimes I slide my hand down until I find your soft wetness and part your pussy lips with two fingers rubbing upwards.  I can feel your breath shorten and hear the soft moans deep in your throat.  Then smack I return to spanking you.  This goes on for some time until I see your cheeks have gotten rosy red.  I lift you up off my lap and guide you back to the nearest wall.  With one hand firmly on your throat my other hand explores your wetness.  I hold you there looking into your eyes as my two fingers are sunk inside you and rubbing your gspot.  Sometimes I take my fingers out and lick them off watching for your reaction.  Sometimes I rub and then pinch your swollen nipples to be sure I am getting the desired results.  Now and then I have you lick your pussy juices off my fingers and/or share in the taste of your sweet wetness.  I can tell as you are pushing down while my fingers are rubbing inside you that it would not take much to make you climax so I return to the chair and place you over my lap to spank you some more.  This goes on until you are lost in space and time.  I wonder what we will do next, but for now I am just enjoying the moment having you right where I want you, right where you belong.... mmmmmm


2/27/2017 6:25:41 PM
Taking her out tonight, and then taking her in public...

He picked her up at the appointed hour and she was ready as requested.  She feared being late because even though she enjoyed spankings the punishment kind were not so much fun.  He opened the door for her as all gentleman do and she slid into the passenger seat.  He returned to the driver side and in a moment they were off.  The restaurant was nearby so there was little conversation and she kept wondering about his specific instruction to wear the skirt that he liked an none other.  It seemed odd, but she enjoyed pleasing him so she did as he asked.  The valet took the car and he escorted her into the restaurant opening doors, holder her chair, all those little things she craved as she smiled knowing chivalry was alive and well.  The waiter took their drink order along with an order for appetizers and departed.  You look lovely tonight my dear and I see that you wore the skirt I requested.  You are such a good girl!  He know how much she loved to hear that and he loved to compliment her with it often.  Then he leaned over and whispered to her, now I want you to excuse yourself go into the bathroom and remove your panties.  Then I want you to return and hand them to me.  This request caught her off guard, but as all good girls would she did as she was told.  As she returned to the table she thought my goodness I hope no one knows or worse sees the panties I have clutched in my hand!  She squeezed her hand tight to conceal the evidence, returned to the table and handed them to him.  He held her chair and smiled knowing he had made her blush.  Next the waiter returned with the drinks and appetizers and took their dinner order.  As they began eating he slid in a little closer and ran his free hand under the table, between her legs and pulled her skirt up to find her wetness with his fingers.  She winced a little with excitement as he massaged her pussy and clit with his hand.  She knew the table cloth concealed what he was doing but still she blushed at his daring.  I am going to do this the whole evening he told her and I want you to remain calm, finish your dinner as if nothing was happening and if I make you climax you must conceal that as well.  He did this all evening and even rubbed her more vigorously whenever the waiter was near.  Sometimes he would remove his hand and conceal what he was doing from all but her with his napkin and lick his fingers while he grinned at her with devilish delight in his eye.  He thought he made her climax once for sure and maybe more but it was hard to tell as she was doing her best to appear calm.  She was amazed at how nonchalant he remained and yet the whole time he was fingering her with zeal under the table.  Finally the waiter returned and asked if they would like to order dessert to which he responded no thank you we have some dessert at home that we need to finish.  As he handed the waiter the bill with his card, he asked her if she would like to go home and make some of that cream pie he was so fond of.  OMG did he just say that as she looked to see if the waiter reacted.  She thought for sure he must know and blushed even more than before.  As they were walking to get the car he reminded her what a good girl she had been all through dinner and when we get home that cream pie is going to be special tonight!!

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